Now mr nitin kapoor is with us, hello, sir. How are you im good okay? First of all, can you please introduce yourself director of sarah electric, auto private limited so and uh we manufacture e rickshaws and uh l5 l5 means the autos and all in electric, so uh we started in 2011 with irikshas. The concept of eriksha is brought by our company in the country, so yeah, so so its the first one in our country. Yes, so e rickshaw came up with mayuri only in the beginning and then now this has become such a big industry, okay, so uh. But yes, we have uh, you know our products have also evaluated you know and they have uh changed from year to year and now the the technology, what we are using is much advanced than what we start. What we started with so uh. Currently, we are having uh 16 more than 16 models – 16, yes and uh. Here we have displayed five models: three in l, three and uh. Two in l5 means three diksha category and two in auto category automatically correct: okay, auto innocence patch in your vehicle right correct. Yes, okay, so you said uh here we are having five models. Can you name it like yeah? This is this is this? Is this is e rickshaw in passenger category? So this is a four seater vehicle and uh uh this. If youll talk about so this can take the payload off around 400 kgs.

400K. Yes, so so means easily. You can uh. Four passengers can take a ride in this right and this is a low speed vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers an hour, and it runs with uh uh lithium ion battery okay lithium. What is the chemistry of it? Uh? It is lfp uh based uh lithium ion battery with the five kilowatt of power. Okay and uh. The motor used here is uh 1.2 kilowatt okay. So what is the price of this vehicle uh this vehicle? You know if you talk about uh x. Showroom price is around 1.79 1.7. Do we get any kind of subsidy from government yeah? We do get the subsidy like from fame. We get the subsidy of around 40 000 rupees and uh state to state. Also subsidies vary like uh. Delhi. Government gives the subsidy of 30 000 additional 30 000 okay to the customer, which really helps the customer uh to uh. You know yes to buy the vehicle, so are you across the fan, india, or the only way yeah? So no! Yes, we are pan india, so uh currently riksha is has more penetration in northern and eastern india, okay, so but yes, slowly and gradually it is moving towards south as well. So but if you talk about uh present as if now you know, north india, east india and the middle india uh, it will talk about, has the major penetration – okay, slowly and gradually it is penetrating towards south as well.

Okay, so you are expanding your business to south india. Yes, i know what is this, so this is uh. This is garbage loader, so all uh, mcd and dmcs, and all municipal corporations of different states. They place us the order for this and uh. You have a tie up with government yeah so through tender, orders and all and we get these orders and we manufacture it for them and uh what is its capacity, so the capacity is of around 350 kgs of payload, but this is designed in such a way That it can even take a heavier weight till 500 kgs till 500 yeah, and this is also a low speed vehicle with a maximum speed of 25, okay and uh. The again the battery used here is five kilowatt in lithium. So all the uh, you know technical parameters remain same in all suspension. The difference is only in the suspension, because this has a softer suspension and as it is taking the lower payload higher payload, so the suspension uh is little different right. This is only so. What will be the warranty terms and conditions for all these vehicles? If you talk about battery and uh motor controller, we give the warranty of three years and for chases also. Yes, we give the warranty of uh three years right, but for other parts it is wrong. One year right, actually, i have a doubt so india, now we are seeing some kind of electric vehicles, uh uh fire against right, even in four wheeler.

Also, we have seen one, but you havent, heard about im sure you havent heard about any fire. That thing happened through uh because of the battery in irikshas. No im, not uh, asking that what im asking is how youre going to make a change in the eevee industry? What kind of precautions that you are taking to our dust and that kind of see ill? Tell you ill tell you: yes, we definitely take a lot of precautions on that, but uh from the beginning itself. We we started uh, you know manufacturing these vehicles with. Let us set batteries so lead asset. Batteries are very safe, uh batteries, but but once we uh, you know shipped shifted to lithium ion batteries. Also we came. We came up with the batteries with lfp cells, lfp cells, uh. You know they have less chance of catching fire in comparison to nmc cells. That has been used in two wheelers as of now, but the only uh reason why two wheel industry was using nnc cell was uh because of its compact size, so, but still now, two million industries also working on that and very soon. I think theyll also come up with some better uh improved uh batteries, so that these incidents should not happen in future right. Okay, so can you explain about that? This is this: is the general uh you know loader uh used as for the commercial purpose from cargo? Yes, for for uh, you know transporting the goods from one place to another place, so this is also again on this ericsson platform.

So same uh, technical parameters remains almost same, and this is also low, speed vehicles, but only designed to take the goods onto it. Yes, okay, so what will be the price of these um uh? You know the prices are somewhere around 1.8 lakhs of rupees. Yes, after subsidies, okay, yes, we get the subsidy on this and then to the customer. I think uh. If you talk about, i think its more or less about 1.75 or what so it it. It is a cost to the customer about it right. Okay, so most of the people who wants to buy these one are middle class uh right. So do you have any kind of options like emis or not? Yeah? Of course you we have the tire with uh. You know a couple of finances: okay, so they finance our vehicles and uh. You know emis in all. Installments, plus, the finance is very much easily available for our products right. Okay, so we are also having two models. Yes, so these are newly introduced models, so these are l5 like in key autos, and these are uh uh high speed vehicles, okay, light freezing, yes, and these are the heavier and the bigger vehicles and the payload capacity is also uh higher than ericssons. Actually, i have a doubt uh in this segment. We have a mahindra trio right already there in the field correct, so whats the difference between you and them um, you know, uh more or less.

The vehicles are same, but yes, our our platform, uh for the vehicle, is a little different than there. Okay, because we have used our own technology. We have the experience of uh 12 years, okay, thats so, and ours is the oldest company in the commercial vehicles. Okay, to have that much of experience right, so we have utilized our experience in that and made certain uh. You know changes in the vehicle so that it should be more viable and comfortable for the customers to purchase okay. So what are the specifications of this vehicle? Whats, the cost and whats the worst ill tell you. We have not disclosed the cost as if not so. We will very soon well be disclosing the cost as well, but this vehicle runs on uh 11 kilowatt uh battery, okay and uh. The motor power is five kilowatt: okay, uh with the supporting uh controller and uh. This is the six liter vehicle and the maximum speed is uh around 45 kilometers per hour so and warranty is limited to three years only for every vehicle that you are manufacturing right. Okay, i think it is, and this is the loading version of the vehicle, so both are made on the same platform but uh. The only difference is that it is for carrying the cargo battery, but the slight change has been done: uh in the suspension, okay, uh, because uh the passenger vehicle needs more of comfort. Yes, so the suspension is little different.

What kind of suspension that they have? We have used see the suspension here is little harder than that. Okay, so because it has to carry the load. So we have made certain changes regarding the suspension. That is the only difference right. Okay. So what are your future developments in the ev industry? Uh? You know uh very soon, well be coming up with uh two winners, also okay thats, where that would be yes so and uh. We also have the plans to come up with the four wheeled uh commercial vehicles also, but that will be uh somewhere around then end of next year. Okay, so within the next year one year, two years, you will be going. Yes, we will be coming up with the four winners also as well as in two weeks right. Okay, thank you, sir. Thank you very much for your time and valuable information, so thats all for now guys if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos.