We have no benefit of recommending one over the other here. Youll find everything from small sized evs all the way up to large sized suvs, and if you want, a review of any of the vehicles mentions, do check them down in the description below so to kick off this round off were going to talk about compact electric Vehicles and here theres, the fiat 500 electric, its supremely stylish in and outside of the cabin, and while it is not very spacious and has got limited, rear, occupant, space and boot capacity, we think its a great vehicle, given that it has around 140 to 160 miles Of range now its worth mentioning that the vw e up and sea at me, electric are both excellent alternatives, although they can be a little bit hard to find, depending on where you live, or have indeed been discontinued. Now, as for another alternative, theres, a smart eq42, which pretty much halves the range but is also quite compact, making it very much ideal for those people commuting within busy city centers, speaking of which we absolutely love the citroen amy, which is among one of the cheapest Electric vehicles out there on the market, it has roughly 40 miles of range and a top speed of 28 miles an hour, but that should suffice. If youre doing a short commute. Moving up a class we get onto hatchbacks and our favorite to date is the cupraborn. Its very similar in many ways to the vwid3, which well also thoroughly recommend.

However, the koopra has a little bit more of that sporty flair and a snazzy interior and exterior design. As for its range, the 58 kilowatt hour model that we had tested netted roughly 210 to 220 miles, which should suffice for most consumers now, if you want something more comfortable and practical, consider the nissan leaf, indeed its been around for quite some time, but its still Very much relevant in todays ev market. It has a hatchback design, great storage capabilities and the e plus model, with its 62 kilowatt hour battery pack, netted roughly 200 miles in our mixed driving tests moving swiftly on we get onto saloons or indeed sedans, as they would say in the us – and this brings Us perfectly onto the tesla model 3.. Here it offers one of the best in cabin experiences from its class leading infotainment system, with excellent ev route planning and also its audio system, but better still, its got phenomenal. Electric range, at least the all wheel, drive long range variant, which netted 310 miles in on mixed driving tests. The rear wheel, drive model the entry level tesla model 3, netted roughly 230 to 250 miles instead. Now the model 3s main competitor, at least in our opinion, is a pulstar 2, as it offers a stylish and more familiar interior and exterior design. But it still retains excellent ev route planning thanks to google automotives os and also has a hatchback design, making it a little bit more practical, but better still, the single motor long range with the heat pump installed attains 250 to 270 miles in our mixed driving tests.

Surpassing the entry level tesla model 3., however, the same couldnt be said about the nippier all wheel drive model where, in our mixed driving test, at least with its heat pump installed, we attained roughly 240 to 250 miles now. Should you want to better the driving dynamics and the suspension system? You should look into the bmw i4 and, unlike its competitors, it offers full integration of android, auto and apple carplay speaking of tech. It also has a fantastic harman kardon audio system that rivals the tesla and, as far as raw performance goes, the all wheel, drive m50 offers a whopping 405 kilowatts of power. That equates to 544 horsepower, giving you a whopping 795 newton meters of torque. We had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.04 seconds as for range, the rear wheel, drive e drive 40 will net you 240 to 260 miles, while the all wheel drive model will get you roughly 200 to 210 miles now. Should you have the cash to splash? You should consider the audi e tron gt its supremely stylish inside and out and also has got that hatchback design. Now its 93.4 kilowatt hour battery will only net you roughly 230 to 250 miles but thats quickly excused when you put your foot down to the metal where you get a naught of 60 time of 3.95 seconds and note thats, not even the rs model, which is Even more ridiculous, retaining that premium look and feel, but adding to the overall practicality comes the porsche tycan cross, turismo, which one ups its sibling, the regular porsche tai can, thanks to an increased amount of boot space and also a hatchback design.

Its no slouch, however, with 650 newton meters of torque readily available getting you from zero to 60 miles an hour in a stupidly low 3.78 seconds, as for its range, its 93.4 kilowatt hour battery netted 220 to 230 miles in our mixed driving tests. Now, of course, there is also the new tesla model s, but at the time of filming we have yet to test it and put it through its paces in the uk, but from our sources in the us. It offers exhilarating straight line, speed and superb electric range. So next up we get onto one of the most fastest growing markets, and that is of course, the suvs here. Youve got the mg zsev, which is affordable and offers you plenty of features better. Still, the long range model will give you roughly 230 to 250 miles on a single charge, while the entry level model will net you roughly to 150 106 miles. Should you want all these standard features but want a lower driving height? You should consider the mg5ev. Indeed, this is not an suv, but rather an estate, but is a great all. Rounder pictured is the older model, which has now been replaced by the facelift, long range variant, but wait for the same price of the mg5ev. You might want to look into the citroen ec4 for its supremely comfortable in cabin experience, thanks to its cushiony, like seats, hydraulic suspension system and the acoustic insulation pack, which all come fitted as standard as for range.

You should expect roughly 180 to 200 miles on a single charge. Now, if you want even more range but still want a compact suv, you should look at the hyundai kona electric, its very stylish inside and out of the cabin but has got limited, rear, occupant space and boot capacity. Nonetheless, youll get roughly 240 to 260 miles from its 64 kilowatt hour battery pack. There is also the kia soul, ev, which is quite funky looking, but is absolutely ram, packed with features. Furthermore, its 64 kilowatt hour battery pack nets around 250 miles from our mixed driving tests. Now, if the exterior and interior design of the kia soul, ev and the hyundai kona electric dont, quite tickle your fantasies, you might want to look into the ionic 5 or the kia ev6, both of which offer excellent range and ive got a more progressive interior and Exterior design, speaking of which the skoda and archive took us by surprise not only for its stunning exterior, stylish interior and incredible rear, occupant and boot capacity, but also for its range. The iv80, which has a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, netted 300 miles in our mixed driving tests, which is a class leading figure. It is also worth considering that theres, the vw id4, which comes from the volkswagen group, of course, which offers similar performance and specs as the skoda, but just isnt as spacious. Now, should you want a bit more punch in your electric suv? You should look in the tesla model why we had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.

68 seconds as for range youre, looking at 260 to 280 miles in a long range model. Indeed, it shares many similarities with its sibling. The model 3 due to its minimalist interior design, its exterior its class leading infotainment system access to the tesla supercharger network and its best in class audio system. On that note, we absolutely love the harman kardon audio system, thats present in the volvo xc40 recharge and c40. Both of which are very stylish suvs that also have android automotive os built in as for the twin models, in other words, the all wheel, drive models, theyll produce a whopping 304 kilowatts of power. That equates to 408 horsepower, giving you 660 newton meters of torque, and we had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 4.51 seconds and 4.59 seconds in the xc40 and c40 respectively. As for range, you should expect between 230 to 250 miles in the plus and ultimate trims, as they integrate a heat pump as an alternative to the tesla and the volvos. There is the audi q4 e tron, while it doesnt offer the same sort of performance characteristic. It is available in a variety of different configurations. In our case, we had the rear wheel, drive 40 e tron, with its 82 kilowatt hour battery pack tested at zero to 60 miles an hour in 7.67 seconds and as for range, we netted roughly 260 miles now. If youre in the market for an electric suv but want to have better driving dynamics, consider the jaguar i pace while it is more expensive and has got limited boot capacity in comparison to some of the rivals that weve mentioned its all wheel, drive configuration dispatches 696 Newton meters of torque, where we had it tested from zero to 60 miles an hour in 4.

8 seconds, its not too bad when it comes to range, either as its 90 kilowatt hour battery dispatched 240 to 250 miles in our mixed driving tests. Now should you want to retain that drivers feel but want a more spacious interior and a larger boot look into the bmw ix3? It doesnt offer the same sort of performance or range characteristics as the jaguar i pace where we had it tested from zero to 60 miles an hour in 6.28 seconds and a range of 235 miles from its 80 kilowatt hour battery pack, but its still worth adding To your shortlist, if you have more money, there is also the audi e tron s which combines the qualities of the bmw, in other words its spacious, interior and larger boot, and also the exhilarating straight line. Speed of the jaguar into one comprehensive package elsewhere. You do have the new tesla model x, but very much like the model s. We havent put it through its paces in the uk because at the time of filming isnt currently available, nonetheless from our sources in the us, it has an exhilarating straight line, speed and a class leading electric range. So there we have it the comprehensive list of the best evs that weve tested to date be some that youll agree or disagree on and therell be some that weve completely missed out. Do let us know down in the comment section below, because wed be intrigued, to hear your thoughts now if youve enjoyed this video definitely do consider dropping a like, subscribing and hitting that bell notification.

Of course, if you havent already, all of which are greatly appreciated and allows us to continue delivering independent, honest reviews as such ive been chris from totally eevee and ill, hopefully see you in the next car review.