No electric vehicles on the market today in the united states will qualify for the new ev credit credits for electric vehicles right, but they want to make sure the batteries are made at least a certain percentage – 40 50 percent in the united states, and not depending on China for all these electric batteries right because all the batteries come from overseas and theyre not made 40 or 50 from american products. Here we go with governments again getting involved in stuff. They know nothing about and then just basically screwing everything up making us taxpayers pay for it. Theyll spend billions building electric infrastructure that hardly anyone would use. You know you can make laws that say well heres what were going to do, but as it stands at least today in the united states, they cant force you to buy something they can say. Well were only going to be able to sell this, but they cant force you to go out and buy the stupid thing. Here we go again with moronic politicians. These newly expanded tax credits for electric vehicles wont fit any of the ones that are out today. Its just absurd theyre trying to change that china has a 76 percent of the electric battery market for cars. The united states, as it stands only represents eight percent of the boundaries, so they think well make a law and thatll fix everything. Well, it might screw everything up, because now people might not buy battery electric cars because they wont get the tax credit, so it doesnt matter where they make the stuff if nobodys buying it wooden headed politicians are at it again.

Well, theyve only been out a short time, but ford is already increasing the price of their ford, f, 150, lightning, electric pickup trucks. The cheapest model is being raised, six thousand dollars and the more expensive one is being raised. 8 500 bucks, meaning that the more expensive one is 97 000 and that doesnt include their destination fees and stuff, so im sure youre talking well over a hundred grand for an electric pickup truck that hasnt proven anything. Yet now it looks to me like ford, is just doing monkey sea monkey. Do they see well on a tesla? He keeps raising the price of his people buying, so lets raise the price of r. Well, guess what ford you keep raising the price, making them even further and further away from the average person sure people want to get them and theyll pay whatever now, because theres a bunch of rich people out there. I want to get one of my electric pickup trucks from ford, be the first person to have in my neighborhood blah blah blah, but if youre trying to sell mass production to people, dont keep raising the price youre going to chase away your own customers, its just Greed i mean elon gets away with it. Hes got a base of people that seem to be some kind of a mass belief that they believe in the teslas. Ive met these people and they always say well, we want to support the faith.

They actually say things like this and theyre talking about electric cars right, you dont want to just get in a spiral out of control, more and more money, you pay for less and less. My advice is dont buy one they can raise the prices all they want. If nobody buys them whoopty do what are they going to do then? In the short run sure theyll probably sell them because theres enough people out there that think? Oh, i want to get an electric pickup truck blah blah blah, but eventually theyll run out of the rich people and when everybody else is like thats too expensive, im not buying one of them, then what are they going to do? Fredo says which control arm? Should i buy, i got a dodge caravan and i know i cant buy the bushings but theres all kinds of control arms. What should i order from my caravan standard or heavy duty? Well, if i were you id buy the heavy duty ones, its a van its a heavy vehicle and take my advice, buy it from a real quality company. Now, of course, the dealer ones are super expensive. You can get aftermarket ones that work perfectly fine. My advice is to stick to good aftermarket companies like dorman d, o r m, a n ive been using them for ages. They make quality parts and its a bolt on part. You know in the old days my grandfathers day we used to rebuild them.

Press new bushings in but theyre made, so you cant really do that anymore. You just replace the whole unit, but that said these aftermarket companies do a pretty good job. I change a lot of aftermarket parts out. I use dorman other quality parts and they work perfectly fine. You dont have to go to the dealer and buy the super expensive one, but always buy the higher quality one after market that you can, because you know its important part on your car. You dont want some cheap chinese knockoff thats. You know 29 bucks. If a dealer one is 350 and the one youre looking at is 29. You know theres going to be a difference in quality there. Brain no matter says i got a 93 camry with coolant problems. It leaks occasionally, i replaced the radiator and it worked for fine. The reservoir bubbles after drive sounds like its history. I do smell burning coolant. What could it be? He said its bubbling and hissing pray. This fixes your problem put a new radiator cap on that new radiator you bought if the radiator caps leaking youll lose pressure, youll smell coolant and youll lose coolant right now, if its not that, i got real bad news for your head gaskets starting to blow. So if thats the case, if you think thats the case watch my video, how to tell if your head gasket is blown scotty and you can get a little tester if you dont trust anybody on that from amazon for 38 bucks, you put the tube in you.

Pour the blue liquid in and if the blue turns yellow you get a blowing head gasket now, sometimes you can get a sealer like bars head gasket sealer. Those auto parts store, sell a decent one for around 30 bucks, follow directions, sometimes itll seal that leak its worth a try. If thats the case, if that doesnt fix it, then you decide. Do i really want to rebuild an engine on a 93 camera or is it time to say goodbye david master d says i got engine compression results. Tell me what it means: cylinder ones. 125 cylinder two is 140. cylinder. Threes, 147 cylinder. Four is 155 okay. Well, one is 125, 4 is 155. Your engine is just starting to wear out now. This is a toyota. Sometimes theyll run perfectly fine. That way for quite some time. If they do great, they burn a little oil. Great add a little bit of oil just realize the difference between 155 and 125 youre talking about 30 psi and thats plenty enough to show that the engine is worn but continue changing your oil regularly being a toyota, maybe itll still last for quite some time. Just realize it is worn its not going to last forever so just baby the thing and see how long it lasts its, not a vehicle. I would take and drive from tennessee to california back anymore, because the engines worn it might go out in the middle of the desk for a regular knock around car.

It still might last quite some time since city center says i printed 3d blend door actuators. For my impala got 2011 impala, the ascarators go out every four years with this ac delco crap. Now these all seem to be chinese made parts, including aftermarket. So i had one printed on my 3d printer and it seems to be not broken at all. I thought maybe you could share this with people okay. Well, i have not a bad idea and it seems to be lasting longer. That just shows that, yes, you can make parts better than the cheap junk that theyre making now realize the stuffs made in china theyre cheap, molds, cheap plastic, yeah theyre not going to last very long now the only problem with a 3d printer, which is one reason That youre probably never going to see 3d printed car parts on normal mainstream cars because it takes so long to print them that if they made cars that way they wouldnt be able to make enough cars because it takes too many hours to make a part that, In an injection molding system takes five seconds. It takes three to five hours right. Id have 3d printing machines, so theyll probably never make mass produce cars with them. But if you want to make specialized parts yourself, why not hey good idea, maybe itll? Last, quite some time, while stalantes north america just said that theyre rearranging their executive positions, they got rid of that one woman they put a guy in place of it.

The hilarious thing is this is like rearranging the deck of the titanic. While the ship is sinking right, one of the big changes customer experience organizations now heres some double speak. Dont build your stuff better. Try to pretend that the customer experience is what they care about, not a reliable car that works and gets good gas mileage. Doesnt strand. You, but they want you to have a good customer experience. David mcdonald has succeeded as the head of customer experience now, if they actually got real feedback from customer experience, that guy would probably never be able to sleep. Youd have sleepless nights all the problems they got with chrysler vehicles, the lontis vehicles, the junk that fiat makes that they sell over. Here, like the the jeep renegade thats, just a four wheel drive fiat has nothing to do with jeep ride, but we know how that all works and if you dont heres how it works, they hire people, they call well whats experience like and they hire. You know advertising agencies and when they call people up to see what the experience is, of course, theyre being paid to make it look like theyre doing a good job. I had a customer with the still honest product and they got called up by one of these surveys right and they started talking on the phone and they said what was your experience? Thats horrible, its a piece of junk you sold me blah blah blah.

They hung up on them. Well, of course, thats not going to be included in their survey of customer experience right, so they may be rearranging the decks while the titanic is sinking, but i dont think its going to help them out anyway. Maybe they should put it more into actual engineering. Build quality instead of oh lets, make all our big trucks down in mexico, so we can save money and make them cheaper and then pretend the customers are. Having a great experience. Gutch says my gas pedal shakes. I got no two dodge intrepid. The car gas pedal shakes. What could be the cost? Your pedal is just telling the computer how much fuel to give to the engine. The pedal itself is shaking realize something is wrong in the car thats causing vibrations. If its your front wheels being out of balance, your steering wheel is going to shake right. If lets say you got worn motor mounts or broken struts or your tires in the back are out of balance. Thatll often make the gas pedal shake because it makes the whole car shake and on an old two like yours, the pedal is connected with a cable all the way up to the engine, so the engines shaking because maybe the motor mounts transmission mounts are broken thats.