Nobody bought it. It was a good car, it was an honest hatchback, but but nobody gave a damn about it and nobody bought one, which is why, for the all new c4 launched last year, citroen decided to go completely wild with the design, as you can probably notice. Dont forget that this is basically the same car as the peugeot e 2008 or the oppo e maka its just a bit longer. So it gets the same 100 kilowatt electric motor under here theres a 50 kilowatt hour battery pack in the middle and um yeah. It weighs about 1.5 tons and it sprints to 100 kilometers per hour in around 10 seconds, so yeah its, not quick. This new c4 is a taller car with around 15 centimeters of ground clearance. So its technically a crossover, although you wont, find the words suv or crossover anywhere in the brochures for this vehicle, its a kind of a cross, i think, between a traditional hatchback, a coupe, styled suv and some sort of insect. So while the styling is definitely polarizing. I think at least it will be interesting to see if this vehicle proves popular and citroens gamble to make it. This outlandish proves right. This car has a strong emphasis on comfort, an excessive emphasis on comfort, meaning that it sacrifices any kind of sporty pretensions in the quest for comfort. It has very cushy suspension and the result is a phenomenally comfortable ride, even though it doesnt have adaptive dampers or any kind of hydraulics or air suspension.

I mean the rear. Suspension in this is a is a girder that links the two wheels. It is not an independent setup and yet somehow they have managed to uh to make it extremely comfortable. The progressive hydraulic cushions that are at the ends of the suspension, struts certainly help. So will the people who appreciate bold outlandish styling, like this, also want a vehicle thats, not particularly fast or sporty? Let me walk you around it. First then ill show you the interior and then well take it for a drive and ill. Tell you more about the technical side of things. How crazy is this front end design? It does have the traditional citroen dual chevron, but its offset so the lower bar is set further forward than the than the one further back. So you get a nice 3d effect and the chevrons arent, even chevrons theyre like rounded now – and i also appreciate that in this small intake that is open and active, the slats are angled so that they match the the chevron. The headlights are extremely bold. They are set further down on the fascia and you have these led daytime running brows. They are super cool. You can tell that this vehicle is the electric one by the blue accent in here. I also like these crazy dips here on the on the hood. I imagine you could fry an egg quite successfully in here, maybe even in some oil, you know to get those crispy edges now.

What does this look like to you from the side, its a hatchback right? Well, yes, but its also quite a tall vehicle, the doors they covered, the seals just like in an suv and then this whole rear section is um. Well theres a lot to talk about here. I wouldnt call it a coupe but im going to call it a fastback because thats what i think it is. It is a hatchback. Obviously i think its quite successful. I like the side of the vehicle, quite a lot. I also like this glass panel here it adds a bit of light into the cabin and then it continues with this black piece here. That then goes into the integrated spoiler here in the back. The only thing i would have done differently on the side is, i would have hidden the door handle here. I just drove the honda hrv, and that has such a sexy line here that is uninterrupted by the the door handle that. I think it looks better, especially if youre going for a style, conscious vehicle like this c4, and if you thought the front end was polarizing check out this rear end. I mean whats going on here. What is this ive not seen a tail light like this. In my entire life, so this part lifts with the hatch. This part stays in place very unusual. The rear spoiler does block some of the visibility from inside the vehicle when youre looking back, but it does look good.

It has some fake vents here. The e in front of the c4 logo, here inside the trunk you get 380 liters of space. The trunk floor is adjustable height. You can fold everything down and get oodles more space. Do you get a light here? Yes, you do. You have a light, its? Not the biggest trunk in the in the world, but it does the job. Let me show you the interior, now climbing into back is quite easy. Thanks to the high ground clearance and immediately upon entering this vehicle, you noticed how soft the seats are and that theres a lot of padding on these seats. These are the optional extra comfort, seats or advanced comfort seats. I think they are called and yeah. They definitely do the job. I can slide my feet underneath the front seat, which is always amazing, lets see visibility, actually its pretty good to be honest, its um its not as claustrophobic as you might think. I mean the windows actually have a fairly squarish shape. So no letterbox feeling here you dont, expect to get many toys back here and you dont. You do get a smartphone holder and cupholders in the armrest, but thats pretty much it, and these two vents as well as two usbs headroom, is very good. The middle seat lets see usable, definitely much better than the one in the hrv that i just dropped off at hondas. Today, in the front, you again immediately notice the excessive padding on the seats, and i mean excessive in in a good way.

The steering wheel is not a wheel, its uh oblong, squared off thing. The screen is a 10 inch unit. You get a drivers. Digital display as standard citroen has brought back physical controls for the climate functions, even though that still brings up a menu on the infotainment screen. Im going to close the door crank up the ac and tell you more about the interior, because, with the door open im baking in here so the screen, it has sat nav you can pair. Your phone has android, auto and apple carplay, its fairly responsive, its, not the best in the world, but its graphics are actually pretty good. This is nothing new weve seen this in other stellantis group vehicles. Now this is the drivers display its pretty small, but the graphics again are quite good. I think and its a trend nowadays to put a small screen in front of a driver, because you dont need a big screen, because you dont have a rev counter on the left. Here you have the stuff for the adaptive cruise control and on the right here. You have for your media and phone and voice command to begin, say a command after the tone increase temperature temperature changed so that works. Since this is the ec4. You get these blue accents here. They are all around the vehicle on the front on the sides and on the back to tell you that this is the ev you get the same old peugeot door handle and the same old peugeot window switches.

What is an important point to make is that this is a french car, where you actually have all the buttons on the steering wheel, and you dont have an additional thing here. You know so its better its progress, as is the fact that it now has actual climate controls, instead of just forcing you to use the screen. This is where you adjust volume. I also like this. This texture. It feels quite interesting. This car also has a head up display which im not a big fan of because its the type that rises out of the dash – and it obstructs your view, a little bit moving down here. This is something that i dont like about this vehicle, so you see nothing happened there, even though i again, you have to hold it and im sure this is a safety feature, but when you need to maneuver quickly, you might be frustrated by this, as i have Been you also have a standard, traditional park mode, and you also have the max regen, b mode, this vehicle doesnt allow you to adjust the level of regen. You just have to put it in b mode and well after youre in d, you can put it in b this browses through the driving modes, eco, normal and sport. I dont really notice a big difference in this vehicle. To be honest here you have a smartphone holder here you can put your polarizer filter and your coin, but also you can put stuff under here.

This is the usbc here, and this is a usb. A here is where you wirelessly charge your phone, and you get a little symbol here to tell you its charging. I like the fact that you can cover this, and then you can slide this forward and its um its its, not very well padded. To be honest, because you can hit the plastic quite easily, but if this is not the most expensive vehicle, although the one im driving today is 41 000 euros yeah, it starts from under 40, 000 or yeah somewhere about there thats before incentives and rebates and all Of that, but this vehicle, even though it looks polarizing and strange from the outside its party trick, is its level of comfort so lets take it for a drive and see what the hype is all about. Oh yeah – and i forgot one of the buttons here so this one takes you to uh your ev menu. You have a dedicated ev button, so this is my kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers way off what citroen claims, but i have not been driving efficiently. The manufacturer says you should achieve around 16 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, and i i am sure that that is achievable, because this is a very efficient electric vehicle, but you actually have to actively try to achieve it in order to do it. Im gon na put it in sport. Now the road is empty and after we pass the speed bump im gon na give it the beans whatever.

That means squeak, squeak, quick, squeak, squeak, quick and then were off. Okay, yeah its um, its, not slow, its definitely not slow, but its, not quick either. I can honestly say that this vehicle is uh. It has adequate performance, its like a rolls royce, its adequate, so yeah, my gopro overheated, since its still 40 degrees celsius outside. In fact, my other camera also gave me a temperature warning, but it didnt shut down like this gopro did the wonders of shooting in mid summer. So is it comfortable? It is extremely comfortable. Those hydraulic bump stops really do make a difference, and i have been intentionally hitting potholes, not huge ones, im, not damaging the vehicle, but im intentionally hitting potholes just to see how well everything is absorbed. This part here is quite bumpy. Lets see oh yeah, you can still get a hint that the rear suspension, isnt independent, but its not bad. It is one of the most sorted cars with a setup like this boy. It really wafts. Let me tell you, of course, theres gon na be some body roll, i mean everything, has its trade off and the steering is devoid of feel like completely and its also really really light. I think its probably the lightest steering setup that ive experienced in a car recently, even in other vehicles built on the same platform. Let me show you one finger. Definitely easy lets do some off roading, okay, so this road is not good.

I would not be driving this quickly in my bmw and i would be bounced all over the place, but this is absolutely fantastic. Didnt think i was going to take the vehicle off roading, but there you go. This is my first time experiencing a vehicle with this type of hydraulic bump. Stop progressive hydraulic bump, stop and i think more cars should have it after experiencing it. For like five minutes, let me drive it a little bit quicker. Oh, its um im impressed im doing 20 kilometers per hour 22 23 and i shouldnt be driving it this quickly, but im testing it and its remarkable feels like a vehicle whose suspension you can totally beat on, and it will just take it now. The big question: should you buy one? Well, if you can live with the styling and you um, you dont want a sporty vehicle, because this is sporty is opposite to what you might consider sporty in a vehicle. The steering is, as i said, dead completely. It does feel connected to the wheels but not directly, and you also dont need a vehicle thats, especially quick. Then i think you should totally give it a shot. You dont have to have the electric one, though i mean a base. Gas burning.