This paint color is also exclusive to this version. The extra contains the finally design style and the whole front is different from the regular version. It is a bright black plate. This paint is close to dark, green or emerald green. Officially, it is called chiang sang toi, a traditional chinese column from a distance. The car looks like in green. The overall visual of factory is really good if, under the sunshine, this color is really fantastic. With the with this spike plate uh, the visual effect is more sporty and the background of this hydride it is dark. This will appear to have more texture. The blue light on top with the dark bike, are looks deep, like blue eyes, to the side of this car. First, the brakes are full piston, calipers and the collar is also green Music. The ties are 245 wide and the 45 asp aspect ratio and the rim is 19 inch. The shape of the views is very sporty. This also has a glossy white trim streak. The exterior package is also exclusive to the mountain street, and the overall visual affection is quite nice. This car is also equipped with privacy gloves and the normal version of the angular windows is chrome. This one is bright, like echoes to the front face. Uniland motors is a china ev exporting expert. We got the latest ev models, the best price sufficiently stock, fast delivery and stable supply chains. Uniline your best choice of ev exporting the whole side down to the dow very smooth and elegant with the chinese note shifted taillight.

This car is perfect in appearance, texture, luxury and technologies. Look at the bottom. It is also from the exclusive package. The trunk space is the same as the regular version. The space is extra, quite spacious, as you can see, and because the whole system is equipped with an audio hi fi system. There is a base unit here in the trunk. When opening the car, there is a discharge device, a home charging device and pump powered car kite and a reflection under search Music sitting in a car. I want to use three words to describe personalities, luxury and technologies. Although the car is designed with a byd family style, its color scheme and the materials are still different from the regular high ev Music, the front chain panels and the armrester covers – are made of suit, and these panels are carbon, fiber cells and overall patterns. As soon as green, like dragon scales, the steam chains here is also green. There are also a lot of bright, green lights here and the whole looks is various layers of green. The windshield suv is also different from regular version of high ev. The function is the same as the other versions, but the display color is different. The other versions are white color. While this one is a light, green color, all these screen details shows the growing personalities of mountain stream. The instrument panel is 12.3 inch and the central control is 15.6 inch. The system is upgraded to d link, 4 generations and sports 5g.

It comes with a frequency system with three different flavors. This car has a high fire liable customer than audio system. You can also see that there are some in generations in the internal design of this car, the camera and the official recognitions both have small powers that can slide on and off. This ensures the privacy of us. This is a bucket sports seat, a combination of sweet and chanapa leather. The seeds are quite comfortable and the bucket sees right this time come to the back row. The first thing youll see is the greenhouse logos here and the front seat bike is a carbon fiber. Pythons, this actually a fabric material that is stroke after sticking the car you can see how big is the whole space. The wheelbase is 2920 millimeters makes the bike. Roll very spacious and the materials used on seats is the same as the front one both sitting and touching are causing the back rest of the rear seat supports the angle. Adjustment, Music and the right seat has a boss button. Also, seeds in the car have ventilation and heating functions Music. This is a 220 watt socket in the background and take down this armrest. There is a hiding cup holders here and this there is also a display screen here for air conditioning, thunder, roof, medium seat and the light control. It can be said that this car is very well equipped. This car is a dual motor and a four wheel drive the front motor is 180 kilowatts, the rail motor is 200 kilowatt and the torque of the front and the rear motors are both 350 newton meters.

The total power is 380 kilowatts. The total torque is 700 newton meter, also zero 200 accelerations at three pound mic seconds, just as the bike logo ill also equip with the four piston brake calipers and perforate one size, brick basics, in short, its fast and breakable. The suspension is from mcpherson and the real metal link with a lot of aluminium material used and his equipment with a site of diesel c intelligent, controlled suspension. It can actively adjust the softness and harness of the suspension electronically and motoring the bumpers of the road. It responds immediately. Basically, it can be filters. The vibration from root very solidly. The battery is 85.4 kilowatt hour and the range is 610 kilometers. With heat pump, air conditioning a range can be improved and the heat pump. Air conditioner also has fighter heating in winter Music. Oh Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music bye as the top model of high ev. The high ev mountain shade edition, has the limited edition sports package and makes the whole car visibly and the totally perfect state, and the configuration is also very rich. Our place reflects the fusion of modern, chinas, authentics and the technologies.