The cooper has now become electric, also known as the cooper s e or the cooper electric now mini has taken their gas engine and replace it with a 32 kilowatt battery powered engine. To get you about 181 kilometer range here in canada, its going to have an msrp of about 556. theres about four different drive modes; theres, the sport theres a mid theres, a green and then theres, a green plus, which basically maximizes all your battery output. So it turns off things like the heated seats it turns off the climate control. It basically puts all the power to the motor and uses the battery to just get the maximum range. This is obviously the perfect little grocery getter and lets look at the exterior styling. Here, a few subtle changes that weve seen from the regular mini cooper models. This one youre going to get full led headlights right on the front, and then you have this chrome circular front grille. Here you kind of have a faux vent right in the dash, but that just adds to that sport and athletic styling that the coopers are known for this one. You obviously have the red exterior styling and you get the white mirrors and the white roof. You can customize your colors and get different color combinations if you like the different colored roofs compared to or you can just get it matching and have it all as one so lets. Try a little throttle response here.

181 horsepower, not bad. It does have a little bit of zip to it. It boasts a 0 to 60 in about 3.9 seconds thats, not too bad um. What that? What i love is i love using the the e pedal we were just talking about that. You can really drive the car kind of like uh with one foot. It really helps use that regenerative braking and when you step on it, this car will go. The different drive modes are going to help change the throttle response and the sensitivity just to help maximize your efficiency. So if youre looking for just like a quality little grocery getter um, you know part farting around town you dont have very far to go. This is certainly a great option, like electric option would be the way to go for that. If you only have a couple errands to run each day or youre just going to and from your work at your local uh and like you live very locally. Certainly, this would be the way to go 17 inch. Rims on these mini cooper s electrics. This one is the premium 2.0 plus, so you get the upgraded rims and a few other features things like sunroof leather seats that were gon na get into when we open it all up. A lot of people ask me right away like what uh. How long does the battery the batteries last in electric cars or is buying a used car a used electric car problem with the batteries, and i dont think so like this one comes with an eight year, 160 000 kilometer warranty for the battery, so theyve extended the Battery, which is great, you would notice that theres a little gas cap here but thats for your charging inputs here in terms of charging this one you can plug in to the flow or the fast charging stations, the dc charging stations, and it will charge from zero To eighty percent, in about 35 minutes now, thats about 10 minutes quicker than our nissan leaf that we know were aware of, if you plug it in to your house.

The most convenient thing about this is that it comes with a charging station that you can set up in your house and it plugs into a similar outlet like a dryer outlet, and that will charge from zero to dead in about four hours. One of my favorite things about it is the seats like the seats are very, very comfortable, especially in these small hatchbacks. You dont really get comfortable seats, but the seats are very comfortable with this 2.0 plus you get the nappa leather seats and i love this kind of base seating that theyve gone with lets open up the hatch and check out the trunk here now there is no Power liftgate, but it is a pretty small hat, so youll never have issues reaching up nice and high to open it, its pretty accessible and easy, and they put these little handles here to help you pull it down and closed. Now. Lets look at the cargo space. It is a nice little grocery getter, our tonneau cover takes away a little bit of space, but thats, okay and you have quite a bit of hidden storage underneath – and these are just our charging packages, theres a cover for your charger, and then you can fold the Seats down as well so not a bad option here in terms of cargo space, lets jump into the back and see how that feels. Im really not looking forward to this, but i will do it for you guys it is a two door car, so obviously its going to be pretty tight and lets back this up, how i would be driving not too bad.

I wouldnt want to sit back here for a few hours, but uh 10 minutes to 45 minutes and id be fine thats. Actually, there is quite a bit of room, and if the people in front of you are nice, they could even move the seats up. A little more so not a bad little four seater jumping in here and lets start it up now right when you get in theres a lot of mini styling cues that i see here. I love these toggle switches right down below here. For our start and stop our different drive modes, you also get two sunroofs in this, which is pretty neat. You know you have one here: thats going to open up to the environment, the other one will just let the a little more light into the vehicle and make it feel a lot bigger. So i love the two sunroofs and thats another feature that you get by paying that extra 6000 to go up to this premium plus package digital temperature control. So you have dual climate control, so you can be hot. Your girl can be cold on the other side. Right away, one of my favorite things about some of the cooper ss is that huge speedometer that they would have here now its replaced with your infotainment system in this electric uh model here. So you get a nice decently large touch screen here and you can do things like your satellite radio. Obviously your bluetooth for your phone apple carplay.

There is a navigation as well on this premium, one 2.0 plus. So you have things like pinch to zoom right on it, so you can also adjust all your settings so in terms of safety settings its going to come with your frontal collision warning your pedestrian warning, lane departure warning. You can adjust all those on this screen and then you have a little digital screen right here. This is for your speedometer. It will also tell you your e power mode right on the screen here as well, and how much charge you have left so um. I feel as though this screen could be a little better, like i kind of have to make sure my wheel is adjusted correctly, but you can see how the whole thing adjusts with the wheel. So if you dont, have it perfectly set up, the wheel does block a little bit of the screen. Harman kadeau sound system, so it does sound phenomenal here, especially in this small little car Music, not too shabby. So my friends comment below what you guys think about the uh electric vehicles um. I know these evs are starting to really get more popular, especially as gas prices go up so were going to try to film more evs, as many as we can here on cars. Unlocked i love driving them. I love talking about them, but i want to hear what you guys have to say so comment on the video comment.

Follow me on instagram and and throw your comments in. Send me a dm. If you have questions about the mini cooper, be more than happy to answer any of your questions but um this car, my overall conclusion on the cooper sc or the cooper electric. I think it would be a great electric car to buy, especially if theres incentives in your region to buy electric cars. I know here in ontario theres incentives to buy the electric cars. It all depends on the timing and where youre at, if the infrastructure is big enough and theres enough charging stations for you to drive around town and charge your vehicle, i think uh you couldnt go wrong with this, like even someone like me, i dont do too Many long trips, so this would be a great, maybe second, car or even a car for a single owner.