This is mahindras electric future and its all going to be based off this, which is inglo, which is the skateboard platform uh that theyre basing their future electric cars off in and glow, because its indian an indian make and it wants to go global, so thats. What inglo really stands for and, as you can see, this is the platform. Well, its a makeup off the platform in the center youll have the battery pack. You can see motors at both end because predominantly the cars will be rear, wheel, driven but theyre also going to have all wheel, drive versions, which means youll have one more at the front and one motor at the back youre going to get two kinds of battery Capacities youre going to get 60 kilowatt hour, youre also going to get an 80 kilowatt hour. Battery and range of course, is going to vary from about 435 to about 460 70 80, but in the indian testing range theyve already got around 675 kilometers. The earlier 400 to 470, which i mentioned, was the wltp range. So in indian conditions, like you can see, theyve got a hell of a lot of range and mahindra are really aiming to make these cars the best that they have made in. In many of the features theyre claiming that the skateboard platform is one of the lightest that there has ever been theyre claiming that dynamically and safety wise, it will also have top of the line ratings.

So i think what were looking at is truly a global product. From mahindra – and we can begin with, take a look at this okay, this is the be05 be born electric, because these are going to be the born electric cars. These are going to be the cars that are ground up built to be evs. Uh, not conversions, not just based off another platform and a top hat of a previous car that one that you see. On the other hand, that is the it has the top hat parts of the xuv700, but of course, the in globe base. Because now all the evs from mahindra are going to have the in glo platform so born electric is their cars that are going to be built like i said ground up to be electric, and this is the first one that weve seen uh be05 um prada bros Described prathap bose, let me stand corrected, described it as an suv on steroids, and it definitely looks like that. I mean just come around the side. Youve got to see it from the side to really realize what im saying it is sharp its edgy, its funky and it definitely grabs eyeballs. I mean when i looked at it for about two minutes. I was in complete silence because i couldnt believe what i was seeing and thats what this car does to you. It just draws you in look at all the sharps cuts, curves creases lines, theres just so many things that grab your attention.

A lot of details for aero as well, we see a large vent over here upon it breaks down steeply to the front, and then you see a large arrow vent over there up front. You have the scorpion, sting lamps of mahindra that weve been seeing, and you can see that detail over here and the entire detail has this sort of panel that accentuates it and gives you that mahindra face that weve been used to seeing, of course, the rest of It is all blackened out because you dont need air vents for uh any cooling, because this is a ev. So more of it is the aerodynamics, the uh cooling, of the battery from underneath – and you see a lot of diffusers and things here for aero as well. Around the side lets take a look. You have again very, very, very, very large, wheels. I doubt that this will be the size that we see in india, because indian roads not going to be able to deal with this, so this pattern, design is something that i really like, and i hope details like this actually come into. The real kaprata bose keeps telling us that its 90 of what you see here is what youre going to get, and i believe him because hes done it before but interesting. Details like this would make our cars quite different wouldnt. They you get nice black, cladding and, of course, side view mirrors, arent mirrors, theyre cameras, because this is the future its different and you get the flush door.

Handle swipe to connect probably will be app based. So you can just sort of walk up to your car and it will open down the bottom. You see large again accent. Black cladding makes it very strong makes it very sporty. You see again the ribbed kind of vents here and you see in glow architecture yeah, that is the badging, because its based off the inglo platform coming down to the rear. You see this rigged roofline very sporty um kind of evokish. If you look at it from the side, it gives you a little bit of that feeling, but yeah it comes raking down steeply to the rear and the diffusers have an interesting design at the rear. If you take a look at them, this is all done for aerodynamics yeah and you can take a look underneath. You see the similar kind of pattern that you see on the tires which i showed you you see them under the rear spoilers as well. At the back again, once again, a very large chunky, massive massive massive tailgate yeah, i mean this just looks huge and theres big expanses of metal around it. So the central portion is large and its just kind of outlined by the lights that go right around it and once again you have the stop lamp, which is ribbed. So a lot of this ribbing design and patterns that you see all over the car which make it pretty interesting. Well, that was the rear.

We still have to take a look at the interior, but before i go inside, let me tell you when you can expect this car its going to come in october 2025. Thats a long way away, and the wheelbase of this car is 2.7 meters fairly spacious. On the inside lets, go take a look at that inside so getting in to what is the buck for the be05 and im being very gentle, because this is a prototype and what you see here is really a cockpit that feels very formula one or open seater Style, the entire part of the dashboard surrounds you, it sort of cocoons you. You really feel like youre sitting in a race car, and that is the aesthetic of the be05. What prada both told us was. It is a race car on steroids, very interesting handles over. Here these seem to be like cloth finished, handles the buttons, of course here on this very large panel in the door, their door pockets that i see below this one single cup holder. I guess this would be your transmission lever or probably that this probably may be for your drive modes, and that would probably be your transmission lever again very aircraft, cockpit style transmission lever over here i mean almost ready for take off – is what i feel when i Hold it so completely different, and here there isnt that edge to edge screen. But it still is a very large single plane screen something that youve seen like in the xuv 700 youve, already seen something like this from mahindra and mahindra and, of course, youre going to have oodles of connected tech and features that come with this.

Now, if you look above me, the entire roof is open and im guessing because its going to be one pane of glass in there. So you get this nice panoramic sunroof, which will give you a really airy feeling inside this car and then, of course, you can see the back seats. Uh looks like theres good enough space for three a thing to notice typical of electric cars. Floorboard is flat, so your third passenger will get ample legroom, so i think uh yeah. This is going to be a very interesting one. I think the be05 will be a car that will really set mahindra apart well, thats, the first of the born electric cars of mahindra and mahindra, that you have seen pretty edgy sharp and definitely exciting isnt. It leave us. Your comment tell us what you think and do remember, to hit the like button and stay tuned because well bring you many more of these videos.