Today we are going to see five of their future products based off a single skateboard platform. Music. The first product that we will see based off this platform will be in december 2024. Now this is the electrified version of the xuv and will be called the xuv e8 uh. It will share the top hat similar parts, but the base, of course, is this new platform, its longer taller wider and it promises best in class technology, safety and, of course, performance. It will be an all wheel, drive as well. The next product that we will see in april 2025 will also carry the xcv moniker. This will be the xuv e9 and it is the coupe version. You see the really aerodynamic silhouette theres going to be intelligent, interiors and its going to indulge its passengers through this massive panoramic sky roof. Later we will see the completely born electric products will be an entirely new range. This will begin with be05, which will be seen in october 2025.. This will be a sport. Electric vehicle mahindra are looking to create their own little niche with this racing inspired bold design and this product is expected to really stand out and what we, what hear see here is what youre really going to get in the products Music. The be07 will be launched in october 2026 and this is more of family space, its going to be a practical car, its going to be quite versatile with a lot of configurations so that you can either carry your family, your luggage or sports adventure.

So its going to give you a lot of options and, lastly, theres the be09, which is an suv grand tourer. Now, when this is slated for has not been said because mahindra have not signed off on this yet so it will all depend on the reaction of the people to what were showing you here today. Now lets dive a little bit more into the details of the products. The architecture can support suvs that are 4.3 to 4.7 meters in length. With up to 7 seats, the wheelbase options range from 2762 millimeters to 2755 millimeters. Yes, the suvs will be similar in wheelbase, and this is to allow the use of a common battery pack across suvs. Other commonalities, among the suvs, will be the front and rear motors, mcpherson, strut, front suspension and five link rear suspension arrangement, as well as heating and ventilator systems. The suspensions are going to be semi active to promise great levels of dynamic and comfort. Mahindra says the inglo is the lightest, seven seater skateboard, and it also boasts the best in class torsion stiffness. Also, all models will be developed to euro encap global end cap and bharath end cap standards. Other talking points include a 20 degree ramp, breakover angle and a substantial battery ground clearance of 218 mm that mahindra claim will be class. Leading veeam glow will host two sizes of battery 60 kilowatt r and 80 kilowatt hour. The chemistry in use will be the lithium ferrous, phosphate or lfp for now later on, mahindra said that the same cell pack can be used for nmc as well.

Now the larger battery, which is the 80 kilowatt r, uses the high efficiency and enhanced safety blade cell technology, the lower one uses prismatic cells. The battery packs will support 175 kilowatt dc charging. That in case of the 80 kilowatt battery will allow five to eighty percent charge in 30 minutes. So in case of the 80 kilowatt hour battery, you can have a five to eighty percent charge in just 30 minutes. The 80 kilowatt hour battery pack will have a wltp range of 435 to 450 kilometers and in the indian test cycles. The max figures are up to 675 kilometers. That is huge, as mentioned in global support, front and rear drive motors and the more affordable models will run a rear motor rear wheel, drive setup. The permanent magnetic syncress motors will be offered in different power configurations, ranging from 230 hp and 360 nm up to 285 hp and 560 nm. There will also be more powerful variants that will offer 340 to ‘5 hp when they say the most powerful models will do. The zero to 100 kilometers per hour dash in just 5.5 seconds, the suvs are built for the future, with a robust ethernet based ene architecture that will be capable of delivering adas level 2 over the air updates, 5g tech and v2x or vehicle to everything which opens Up the vehicle communication to other vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians and cloud networks off the tech that you will see will be seamless edge to edge displays that comprise three high resolution.

12.3 inch screens that use the latest loca bonding tech. Also part of the package will be augmented. Reality heads up display animated arrows for turn by turn. Navigation will be one of the functions on board. So lets recap: these launch timelines. Once again, mahindra has confirmed the xuv e8 will come in december 2024 and will be followed by the xuv e9 that debuts in april 2025.. The be05 will come in in october 2025, while the be07 is confirmed for october 2026..