Wan na Talk About Love, cause, love, Aint Enough Applause. Another tycon so soon were not complaining. Now, in our kind of Defense, when we had a few months ago, was a 2021 yes, it was also a 4S right. This is not a 4S. This is not a 4S. This is the tycon GTS, which is new for 2022, as usual, with Porsche um. Cadence of product release coming a couple of years before the in initial right, um um, release of the taikon, you know sort of a mid generation thing and hitting that beautiful sweet spot between the uh. The can you call them a base model, yeah, the entry level models, yeah and the Turbo um. So yeah, yes, another tycon, because its different and so were here to check out how its different one of the things thats different about this being the GTS is its a new mid level trim grade whatever you want to call it, but its also. What Porsche is calling the third body style for the ticon, so theres the sedan right, which is what they launched with yes and then theres the cross Turismo, which is the one that we reviewed earlier this year. Right and thats is the sport Turismo, so theyre calling it a third body style um its all the details. If you want the specifically and you care enough about those specific details, this is here for you and the details being that it has the same body style as the cross Turismo, so gay wagons um, they didnt call it a wagon.

We call it a wagon because it is a wagon right um, but instead of the off roady details that were in the cross Turismo. This is more sport. Look so a little bit um it doesnt have those big arches and that sort of thing like the cross, yeah its its more um Sudan, like in its appearance. I suppose you could say more on road based right than the off road. Exactly oh, I dont know if I would take this off roading myself, I cant imagine anybody taking any ticon cross tourism or otherwise in any on anything that would ever resemble off road, but hey, and we dont you do you. We dont count its driveways in the winter, no thats, not off right. Your cottage may have a long windy thing with a bunch of gravel yeah, but even then I dont know anyway, Im sure its capable of it. What about the wheels youre, the wheel guy? I am you have an opinion. Always my career is an opinion. Its true. I dont love them. No, a little busy, okay, A little busy, but not everything can be a five point, classic Big Smoke room. I get it and theres aerodynamics at play, because this is yeah full electric vehicle. Yes, it looks good. I would not opt for these myself. Okay, these are an upgrade these Wheels by the way, and so there are plenty of other options going to the back before we wrap up, I like the big oversized spoiler.

Okay, I think it just finishes off the long roof line people are like. Why is it so big doesnt need to be that big, its aerodynamics, its designed its all the pieces like Porsche, is going to do something by accident of all the manufacturers, theres no trial and error with Porsche yeah for the inside. For the most part, I dont think were talking about anything thats dramatically different from the tycon that we reviewed earlier this year were not its not its the same yeah. So if you want a deeper dive into the interior than youre going to get in this video go check that other one out, because youll get a lot of the same information that you would get here. I think theres a good four or five minutes for stuff, and I really really go into all of the controls on both the main screen, the passenger screen and the screen for your HVAC. That also has shortcuts, as well as your dashboard, because not only is it curved, but there are actual functional buttons on the exterior. I have a bit of limited visibility right at the top with where I have to put the wheel for myself, but nothing that impedes my ability to know what I need to know to be able to drive okay, I want to call it a criticism because I Know you can option it with it um the one we have expected by Portia. Canada does not have a sunshade right, its tinted, which is great, but when I drove the steps, I think it was two oclock.

The suns of course hottest point in the day. Yes, um, it got a little warm a little toasty here, yes, theres cooled seats, but I know I like the shade right being able to have it one of the things thats new on the GTS, I believe, is you can get an optional uh full pain, panoramic Center, if it has that that technology, where you can single button and it just it, Shades it its not frosting its a monochroma, its got a fancy name, no thats. The real word is going to be electrochrome there. It is. I was half right yeah. I guess its also the same as being Opera be half right for this time. The backup camera drives me crazy. I find it really hard to see uh. I dont know what it is. It looks almost like its on a fishery lens or something yeah, so I um would I always find I go to the other side, which you can do its the overhead view and you get all. This is a different uh camera over here points and the 3D of you and it looks really really cool, but you need them because I dont know what it is. I dont know if its this car specifically or what but it just that the rear view camera specifically, I I cant wrap my head around it. Messes with my brain lets talk about performance because thats, the fun part and thats the thing that distinguishes this GTS from the rest of the taikon model, the most.

So you want to give us some numbers. I do so its a 93.4 kilowatt per hour. Battery, and out of that is, is the case with every other EV um you cant use all of it, so its 83.7 kilowatt per hours of the battery – that is usable right now, powerwise two horsepower figures. I dont know who would track this, although if youve got this kind of money, you probably would yeah so out of the box, its 509 horsepower, which is just Bonkers to begin with right. It is a lot and well get into that 600 and 27 pound feet of torque right now. The 627 is with the launch, control enabled and while using it, they, they dont publish a torque figure for what it is the rest of the time that 509 horsepower is the Baseline and then theres an additional Boost number its a 590 right. Exactly just flip. The nine of the O Lets see what we can do with these numbers. Yeah right, so Im almost afraid to ask you to tap on the accelerator. Okay, all right, weve got a nice open space. You ready, yeah and like that was thats in range mode. Im not even in sport mode right, so you dont need much and its not a new thing with EVS yeah, but it is a lot its a lot of power like it bog it blows my mind to think that a anyone would need this much to begin With or feel that they needed this much to begin with and B, the turbo is more, I know like, but theres a market for it yeah and its its the way it drives – and I noticed this when I had my time with it – it still drives, like A regular car and I find some EVS dont, but Porsche is, of course Porsche has found a way to keep the heritage of a regular gasoline car, but make it an EV and to me not compromising the drive quality in 2022.

no agreed, and I think a Lot of that actually has to do with the fact that on the GTS theres a custom tuning to the air suspension thats a little bit sportier than the the entry level model that we drove weve got to create a better name for that. Yeah well come up with something how about the first option you see on the Porsche website. I think thats, a nice one lets put this one to the viewers. What would you call it? Whats whats a better term than base or entry level for something that already costs in six figures. Moving on um, also on this one theres, the dynamic chassis control, uh, which is an extra cost option, theres the rear wheel, steering which is an extra cost option which I would not skip. If I had the money for it on this car because it is large and it does help the handling quite a bit Yeah, so I do have a story to tell you do about this car. You came to my house earlier today, right um, because we wanted to start with both car, both cars together, we needed to pick something up at my place, and so we went from there to your place about 25 kilometers between our two places. I think right um, when I sat down in this car well youre giggling, because you I just kind of forgot to mention that you had a lot of fun in this car last night.

The warning thing was not on. When I handed the keys to you. There was anyways 75 kilometers of range. You could have gone three times sure, except that we had a review to film right details, yeah yeah, so so I looked at that and thought: oh okay, well were going to need more than that. So what am I going to do so? Uh? I tried a few things. First thing was to switch from normal mode to range mode which we started talking about earlier um. It does a few things to help you out in conserving range. When you get into those moments it turns off that passenger screen, because yeah it draws power. You dont, you want to save that. It goes to that speed limiter function that you mentioned, that you can adjust the speed on yep. It adjusts the HVAC. The air conditioning goes into eco mode, so a few different things by the time it made all the changes that it makes. I had 10 extra kilometers, so I was up to 85. its pretty good. Yes, now you also took non highway route thats right, so I made the conscious decision to not take the highway because I knew it was going to be a major drain because a battery only in Toronto does it take three highways. It takes the 427, the 401 and the 403 to get to me right ridiculous yeah. So knowing that most of the drive between us is highway, I thought Ill.

Just take the back roads because thats more opportunity to reach out – and I made sure the Regeneration was on – I wish that there was a stronger regeneration mode. I know you disagree with me, but its only on or off and on is not particularly powerful. You know paddle shifters, either no um, not really a knock for me. Dont care yeah, I wouldnt use it, but I think Im like five percent of the EV drivers out there yeah. I. I wish that there was a little bit of a more um powerful regenerative mode in this. However, theres not, and I made sure that it was maxed out what I did have available so um had that going going on the back roads. Being you know, gentle acceleration coasting as much as possible extra percentage of driving yeah exactly so. By the time I pulled into your driveway, I still had 68 kilometers left pretty good yeah, pretty darn good for a card thats, also capable of going 590 freaking horsepower exactly and launch control and all the things which brings us to how much its going to cost. You to have that much flexibility, not for everybody right. This vehicle is a very specific Niche, buyer sure whats that Bare Naked. Ladies song, If I Had a Million Dollars its not that expensive. But if I did, I could have a bunch of these. Yes, exactly yeah and uh Dijon ketchup, so its 187 000.

With this as its specced out right, thats gone all sorts lots of options, which is the Porsche way you can customize the car to you to your very liking. Uh 154. 7, I think, is the base price in Canada on the website for the GTS sport Turismo specifically well done yeah, but thanks. I guess, because you wrote the notes all right. I did yeah so um yeah well lets lets. Do some rough comparisons to a Tesla Model. S, which is not a perfect comparison and last time we did this people said they Porsche, never said this was a Tesla fighter, fine, its still the most likely Cross Shopping, thats gon na happen so, and I dont know the more I dont intentionally seek this stuff Out it just happens to pop up because the algorithm on all the social media things knows what I do for a living right um. I keep seeing build quality issues with what Teslas oh yeah and the panel gaps, and I I know I havent, driven as many Porsches as you have, or as many as a bunch of other people have, but everyone that I have driven yeah. There are zero flaws. Oh no theyre Flawless and its because they have they built their name on that. They know how important it is, however, to play devils advocate for a moment. The range on this is 375 kilometers right. You get almost double that in some Model Ss that are similar pricing, so theres that the Model Ss in general are more efficient on power.

Um. The this is in the 22 kilometers or sorry, the 22 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers range, whereas a model lasts isnt below 20. According to nrcam, you cannot beat the Porsche drive, though oh and youre talking about a difference. I mean the a power difference in an EV is like 200 a year versus yeah yeah, so its not its not like when youre comparing an internal combustion engine vehicle – and you can have great big cost swings. This is right, its relatively minor. I think the range thing is whats going to be the thing that that turns people off the most but 375 kilometers is a is its good enough for every week Drive every day but yeah, and if you have money for these high end luxury EVS check your Couch for some change yeah to get a level 2 charger installed in your home right and if you really need something that will go on longer road trips, that you probably have a second vehicle anyway, exactly yeah uh. Can we go over the charge times quickly? Just before we wrap things up, we absolutely can go over the charts times so on a level two uh, which is 9.6 kilowatts from zero to 100, were at 10.5 hours, which is, as you say, pretty much your overnight. Thats your overnight, yet now you go level three um at 50, kilowatts youre running from five to eighty percent in 93 minutes so hour and a half its a long wait yeah.

However, you bump up to the level three uh 270 kilowatts, which is the maximum that this car is capable of right and then your five to eighty percent uh charge time pretty much is shrunken to a measly 22 and a half minutes right, which feels more reasonable. Um, I dont think Ive heard of anybody in Canada at least actually getting a charger to get to 270 kilowatts with one of these. Yet someone will do it. Yeah someone will do it and half an hour or so to get from 5 to 80 is very reasonable yeah if I had a hundred and eighty thousand dollars lying around and needed to spend it on an electric vehicle. This would certainly be something that I would love to have in my driveway. However, you have to want the portioness of it yeah right and if, if thats, what you want, if youve got the the money for that the luxury brand of Porsche and everything that comes with it, youll be extremely happy with this car thanks.