Music. Please remember to check out our other videos and to click on the subscribe button and tap on the bell icon. So you get notifications each time we upload another video. The arias got a 63 kilowatt hour usable battery and a wltp range of 250 miles weve found realistically its more about 210. The aria is a really big car, but i do like it florence said to me this morning: its got a kind of land rover, rover esqueness to it, and it has in terms of its height and size. Its got a really really nice front end and it looks kind of mean and the lights look really good on the top. Youve got a sky roof and youve got various options where you can just have the blind back and the sky roof closed, and you get a nice feeling of space theres florence. Alternatively, youve got two options where you can have the sky roof all the way back or you can have it just on a vent, but its really nice. I like that disappointingly theres, no frunk and thats something weve really become accustomed to and we use a lot even if we go out for the day, but especially when we go on holiday, real shame. The charge port is located here on the nearside front wing, its ccs, giving you up to 130 kilowatts, but weve only seen 80 so far, which is a little bit disappointing. The wheels on the area look enormous, but theyre actually only 19 inch, but theyve got a really big aspect ratio, but that makes for a very smooth cushioned drive theres a massive space inside, as you can see, theres florence just in the back seat – and you can See here with the rear seats, folded down, youve got a really nice big boot space and with the seats up, it is a really really really big spacious car.

One of the things that florence really liked about the ioniq 5 was that you could walk across from the passenger seat to the drivers seat across the flat floor, and you have that in here slightly less space, but its a really big open space. Isnt it florence yeah, and you can even put that yeah you can its got some good storage bits and bobs. So if you look here you can, you can open it and in there is my phone where youve got wireless charging just there, you can charge it and you can put lip balm and keys in it. You can put lip balm and keys in it and its got some lots of stuff. You can its got bottle holders just here. So weve got two bottles there, yeah and my bottom over there and florences bottles in the door card and theres a number there theres a number there and youve got obviously the door card this side, so lots of space Music. Thank you, applause. Shell. Take you around to the back back ends back end looks pretty good. My preference is the front but theres some cars which weve had recently where the front end looks really good, but ive absolutely hated the rear of the car, but not the case of this. I do think it looks really nice predominantly. I drive the model 3 and its a hard ride and its very low um, because its performance and its on 20 inch wheels.

This has a completely different feel entirely its really smooth its very comfortable ride and its quite nice im enjoying it. Ive got to say: okay, its a much more relaxed drive me and james have done some quite long distances in the model. 3 and theyve not been enjoyable, but i feel like in this. It would be go on then. What have you got to say about the ride? So we just um drive past the farm and i could smell some too thats good florence. So do you? Do you think this is comfortable? Would you be able to fall asleep in this if we went on a long drive um, yes, but only if it had a bed right? Okay, so i just want to feel what the acceleration is like from standstill and thats. My foot right down and its okay, its not it had to seem to have initially a bit of a a lag but one its theres, almost a point where it kicks in and then its its super fast. Is it fun in the back daddy um? It is fun in the back darling, its very big, its different too its here. Do you like it yeah good? So would i have one um, my initial feeling when i first saw it was no um just because of the size of it, the width of it, but the more im driving it. The more im liking it and i think i could get used to the width, and i think i would do that quite quickly.

I really love the feeling of space. I love the comfort. The boot looks like its a decent size for all of our stuff. The downsides are the fact that it doesnt have a frunk which, like i said, we use. We use a lot um and its not as fast as some of the other electric cars that weve driven. But i guess you know, that would be something you could just get used to. We dont often go particularly fast with a florence in the car. Do we flores just made a really good point and shes right it? She said that its really quiet in here – and it is its a really calm, quiet experience driving this, especially in comparison to some of the other evs weve, driven recently, where weve weve talked a lot about the noise havent we from the roads, but you dont have That with this its very well insulated, so i always get asked the question. Would i swap our tesla model 3 for this and theres certain things about it, which, yes, i would swap it for? I would miss certain things about the tesla so for the comfort, the quietness, the overall ride. Yes, i would because the model 3 is is not particularly pleasant ride, especially for a passenger but id miss the speed of the tesla florence. Would you swap our tesla for this? No? Why? Because they like, because that i only want to test that with an opening roof like this one and its going to be the same.

So would you have one of these because we can open the roof? Yes, okay, but i only want a tesla one right. You want a tesla area. Okay. Now it turns in an opening room, well thats, mine and florences thoughts. We hope you found it interesting and well see you again in another episode, something i miss from a daily runner is apple carplay, its such a useful feature, but also these 360 degree cameras which are much improved over previous variants. The area is big and youd, be quite within your rights to worry about these situations, but no need a half decent turning circle means its as easy as our model 3 for navigating tight turns. The dash layout for me is a very nice balance, its not too imposing but covers enough detail. Although there are plenty of layers when you use nissans inbuilt system, glove boxes are often poor in any car, but not here. This is what i consider an adequate size, but for good measure. Nissan have popped a second one in for you in the center. The nissan pro pilot is also much improved and made much of this journey, which was mainly motorway very easy. I noticed a much improved lane, follow, assist and felt it would negotiate tighter turns much better than our old leaf and finally, efficiency, its bad in the ev world. But when you consider what size this vehicle is its not all that bad charging at home wed be paying 1.

3 pence per mile if we hadnt charged from our solar panels, okay folks, so that was a girls opinion. I thought id give you mine. So youve got a bit of a comparison. I have just driven back from uh hinckley to burnley im at the dealership now, and i picked it up yesterday and took it down there. The whole journey ive done was 311.4 miles and i averaged a 3.7 miles per kilowatt hour, so thats actually not as bad as it was. It started off horrifically and gradually its crept up and up and up and up and up. If i was to compare that to a nice vehicle its miles ahead, i mean a nice vehicle. This size will probably chew through two kilowatt hours per mile or something equivalent uh. So this is. This is pretty good in comparison to that, put it against something like a high end, ionic and its its, not so good, but different vehicle, and this is its big now. Let me just give you what i dont, like i dont like suvs. I dont know why. Weve got them really. They dont offer anything more apart from a high up driving position easier access and they make you feel great when youre driving them. They do do that. So i understand why people buy them and i dont like the front end of this. Well, i didnt yesterday, but now i sort of do its got kind of a a resemblance to boba fetts, helmet uh from the front uh but yeah its grown on me, and not only that everybody ive spoken to whos looked at the car and thats a few People have all said that is a beautiful car in a beautiful color, and i disagreed on both i dont like red and i dont like the front end uh, but now im im swinging im swinging towards it.

I think if i spent a few more days with it, it would uh it would change its typical nissan, its built to a really high standard theres, not a creek theres, not a rattle theres, not a rumble, got a bit of hard plastic at the back on The far piece of the dashboard and the lower door cards uh where you you kick and scratch the hard plastic. But apart from that, everything in here is first class. I believe this whole center console uh moves backwards on the next variant up, um, so thats thats a nice touch, because that would give you a little bit more space to add to the flat floor that weve got and the drive is absolutely sublime. Theres. No other word to describe it. It drives first absolutely first class, one of the best suvs ive driven the suspension is not too hard its not too soft. The road noise is is right on, i mean well theres, none of it um and just the refinement all together as a package is very, very good so onto price. This is a 63 kilowatt hour usable battery, given a range im going to save about 210 220, which is not bad for the size of vehicle. The price starts at 43 845. This has got two options on the red paint with the black roof and the sunroof thats also an option which makes it 45070, which, for me, is just a bit rich a bit rich.

I would i would be looking at ‘.995 id want to pay for this. The bigger one should be 45, because ive also got an 87 kilowatt hour usable battery, which i think should be around the 45 mark. This goes up to 60, which is, i think, outrageous i do. I dont think anyone should be paying 60 grand for for this. Not at all now in my world im trying to be a bit more sensible, ive come to the realization that i dont need a tesla and i dont need 300 miles of range. I just its just not needed. So why should i have a 55 grand cast out on the drive, so thats going um weve ordered an mg4 uh and then this weekend, kate sat there and said well. This is really nice, i quite like it. So who knows whats going to happen. Who knows anyway, folks im not going to waffle on anymore? I hope youve enjoyed it. I genuinely have really really enjoyed it if, even if youre not going to buy one nip into the dealers and drive it because its a very, very nice well put together bit of kit – and i think youll be impressed.