But is it any good well in this video im going to tell you what i like what i dont like and everything else in between im, charlie atkinson and welcome to evie powers, review of the mg zs ev Music? Now, as we all know, one of the biggest barriers to ev adoption is cost, although they might be cheap to run that initial outlay does put a lot of people off, but this mg zs ev starts from just over 28 000 pounds. So for a lot of people, this is a good, solid option into the world of evs. So if this is the electric vehicle for beginners, what exactly do you get lets start with how it looks now in terms of its design, its not exactly ripped up the rule book? It looks a little bit like the electric volvos and a bit like the home daikona electric, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but its not exactly going to blow you away even in this bright blue Music. This 2022 version has had a few little tweaks to previous models, most notably with this grille here, which is now color coded to match the rest of the car. Its still got this nice little pattern across the front and as well youve got your handy little charging point at the front there too, even for a small suv. This mg, zs ev, does feel a bit on the smaller side compared to some of its main competitors.

Like the kia e nero for example, but i dont necessarily mind that its neat and tidy and gets the job done now, its not as flashy as other models which some people might like, and some people wont. So it really does depend on what youre. After now, it might look the same, but how does the mg compare on performance to some of its main rivals now? This is the time where im gon na have to get my phone out because theres a lot of information im gon na have to throw at you guys so just bear with me. Now a long range version of this car is available, which will give you a range of 273 miles, but of course that is going to bring the price up to around 32 000 pounds, which is still quite a lot of car. This standard range version has an official range of 198 miles which, in the real world, is going to give you about 170 miles, ish, which in this day and age with electric vehicles i mean the benchmark – is pretty much around the 200 mile mark. So that is quite disappointing. Thankfully, you shouldnt blow through that range, though, because in terms of performance, this 51 kilowatt hour battery will top out at 108 miles an hour with a naughty sixty time of just eight seconds. So this car is more for getting from a to b, rather than putting your foot down and having loads and loads of fun Music.

The inside of this car is pretty disappointing. Unfortunately, you do have a nice 10.1 touchscreen display here, which works well with apple carplay and android auto, and you have a nice big driver display as well, but the whole interior is just not very ergonomic at all and ill talk you through because theres quite a Few little annoying bits ill start off with this little cruise control switch down. Here now imagine youre sat on the motorway youre chugging along, and you want to activate your cruise control. The steering wheel covers that stick up completely, so if you want to activate it and youre going in a straight line on the motorway, you are going to have to turn your steering wheel to be able to see what youre doing which doesnt scream safety to me. Now, theres a few other little annoying features as well like this armrest is too far back so its quite an unnatural position to have your arm and as well. If you want to rest your arm on this, its quite a hard plastic, so its not very comfortable and if youve got a drink, but you want to keep nearby as well and you pop it in one of these cup holders. Thats really in your way. So not very good there either. You do also have these four way adjustable seats, which it does make it hard to find your perfect driving position, because, although you can go forward back up and down and backwards and forwards with these, you can only adjust your steering wheel up and down, and you Cant pull it towards you, so its really hard to get set up properly for a long drive in this, so overall, its just not very comfortable on the inside of this car, which is really really disappointing.

Music parts of this car do feel quite cheap as well. Youve got quite a lot of scratchy materials around here as well, and the whole sort of interior and tech setup does feel quite dated in sort of comparison to other electric cars. There are a few nice touches as well like these leather heated seats, which ive already spoken about, which are relatively comfortable but as well. Youve got wireless charging for your phones and youve got this nice big, panoramic sky roof as well. So a nice touch but, like i said its far from the best interior of a car ive, seen its pretty comfortable in the back. However, with a nice amount of legroom and loads of headroom as well, but one of the things i love most about this car is that even for a small electric suv, you get an absolutely massive boot with 470 litres of storage space, but thats enough about the Interior lets go for a drive Music now, as ive already mentioned this car isnt about going flat out 24 7., instead its about being smooth, easy to drive and relatively comfortable. I know weve already spoken about some of the downfalls of the interior, but other than that. Its relatively easy to drive, it does its job and it is just a nice normal everyday car. Now it might not chuck you back in your seat once you touch the throttle, but there are a few ev specific features which you will benefit from with this car.

Such as three different settings for regen braking, which are all nice and predictable and do help you really settle down into a nice comfortable drive. Now it might not be the fastest ev in the world. It might not be the flashiest ev in the world, but what this is is a very, very safe car, because theres loads of different safety features built into this car, such as blind spot warning, lights, 360 degree cameras, and it also gives you a nice little warning. If theres a car coming when youre reversing out of a car parking space, which is a nice touch – and it just gives you that extra peace of mind when youre behind the wheel of this car, usually in these reviews, i talk about how fast this car feels Off the line, what its like to handle north 60 times and everything like that, but theres no real point talking about any of that in this car, because its just not designed for it. Instead, its designed for comfort and practicality and for nipping into town chugging along down the motorway just being an everyday, normal car and thats exactly the best way to describe this car is just your normal everyday, eb. If youre looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle but want a solid, affordable option, then the mg zs ev is probably the one for you. It offers a lot for its money and, whilst id probably recommend going up to the long range version, it still offers a great first step into the world of electric vehicles.

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