. This is an all electric car from hyundai lets get into it. Music. The exterior design in this vehicle is over the top on every single way. I mean it does look like a traditional hatchback except the wheelbase is absolutely enormous on it. The overhangs are tiny. It has a great overall shape. The issue is we have a lot of over styling going on. I would be happy if this was just like flat without these razor blades going on here. I also have these lines that go on the side that i just dont think are quite needed, so theres a lot of extra detail on this car that i think detracts away from the overall design, which i think the overall design and shape, like i said, is Really really cool: we have these huge 20 inch wheels. We have these pixelated rear taillights. We also see them on the front of the vehicle and thats going to be a design cue, not only for this vehicle, but for all the hyundai ioniq vehicles coming up. We have the ionic 6 coming up the sedan, the streamliner. You can see the little pixels here on the eva charge, hood or the ev charge cap. We also have handles that pop out, which makes this vehicle a little bit more aerodynamic. I mean its definitely a striking vehicle. We have this white paint color, which is a premium color 400 bucks. If you want this paint color speaking of price, this vehicle comes in at around 56k.

Now this is top line mind you. We have the panel roof on it. We have the dual motor 320 horsepower over 440 pound feet of torque. I talked about those pixels on the back. Now you can see those pixels on the daytime running lights as well, and we also have these kind of like eyelashes at the very bottom. It goes all the way across almost like a baling whale like a filter at the bottom. I like that design piece. I think overall, the front of the vehicle looks really really cool, really sharp its just a little too much on those wheel. Arches for my taste lets get on the inside i mean the roof looks cool. I love the contrast of this glass roof and this white paint the inside this vehicle is incredible. Before we get into the car, though you see this thigh extender, it is a bit slow. I actually prefer not to use it. The seat by itself is very, very comfortable, so this is all this ottomans, almost like a waste of space. In my opinion, tons of different ways. You can customize the seat very, very comfortable leather seats in here and also looking at the door. We have this great material here that surrounds the bose speaker looks awesome. These are also embedded with led lights along here and the uh. The speaker just looks great. I like this trim here we see those more more of the squares, those prisms of the internal design of this vehicle gon na step inside two 12 inch screens here.

Also these paddle shifters that help modify your regenerative braking settings. I prefer actually to drive an ipedal mode, which is one pedal driving you can see here. Ive been averaging 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour, and if you multiply that by the amount of kilowatt hours which is 77 in this vehicle im getting like 290 miles of range estimated with my style of driving. Now i got the radio on dre sounds awesome in here. The bose sound system is pretty good overall. We also have this ev function here. That gives us an idea where the closest charging station is what the battery is at, how long it will take to recharge, like all the information that you need for this vehicle is here and by the way, this does come with a level one charger. So im able to top this vehicle off in my garage without a level two installation, the climate control is really good. Overall, i do wish these were traditional buttons instead of touch capacitive for the climate control, but at least i have physical buttons for all the other things. So a 360 camera in here is awesome. I also have a tuning switch, not a tuning knob, so i can switch between stations here. I also have physical buttons and a physical volume knob. That is stained that its something with the kia ev6 that you had to pick between climate or radio functions here in the ionic 5 brother. We have both of them available to you all at all times.

We also have this ev start stop button and also these striations. We saw some of these striations on the side of the vehicle, but we also have them on the dash here, even in here around the vents. We have it on our gear select. Yes, we have a column gear side park button here to put in park, but then you twist forward for drive twist back for reverse. We also have a nice leather steering wheel with the prisms inside of it. We have different driving modes in here, which is actually it says its only three, but you have four different levels of regen, so you multiply that by four, so we have 12 different, essentially 12 different driving modes. In here we have a usb some storage here and a 12 volt, and we have a floating and adjustable a center console here, which it has the power usbs in it. We also have my phone charging wireless down here. We have a lot of space, throw my wallet down there and you can even open this up for more space. So the amount of leg room – and this is a flat floor – mind you, the amount of leg room and expands in here is a nine day difference compared to the kia ev6. I felt like that car really felt more like a traditional car felt kind of boxed. In this thing feels more like a minivan, something thats more utilitarian, and i just love how bright and light everything is in here we have this huge panel roof that opens the shade, open and closes like a clam shell, as you can see its a really cool Feature that i dont remember seeing in any other manufacture, and i can stop it if i dont want it all the way open, but man it brings in so much light in here when its open.

We have more prisms in the middle of the seat here and down the center of the seat as well. Now, again, in the back seat, we have sun shades thats a great feature. We also have that same ambient lighting right here on the inside of the door, as well as the speaker more of those prisms. Here you can fold these seats down flat. If you want to, you can also adjust the reclining ability and settings of them a couple cup holders here, ive been taking my kids to school thats. Why you see these little booster seats completely flat floor here, and i have two usbs here, but guess what remember? I also have two usbs there. I have one up there, so i have five usbs in this vehicle and remember i can slide this forward. So if you have someone in the middle seat here that has long legs, you just move this console up and you have a ton of leg room here. This is set up for me at six foot one. This would be probably set up for someone at six. Two six three so tons of leg, room for your rear passengers and a great view of this panel roof as well. The vents are over here on the side kind of tucked away like the ev6 hard back to the seats, but your knees are never going to touch them so thats, fine with me and that pocket on each side and with all those usbs.

We also have a power adapter down here for more traditional household items. I want to say its like 1.8 kilowatts of continuous power, which is amazing. We can also adjust those seats forward and back with that lever in that rear, auto liftgate, of course, and no surprise. We have more room in here than we do in the ev6 that vehicles designed a little bit more sleek. This is more boxy, therefore, a more utilitarian design with cargo capacitor. We have this tonneau cover here, of course, to hide your belongings. If you want to use it – and like i mentioned before, you can fold these seats down to give you a ton of cargo space folding this up. We have some additional storage, tire mobility kit. Now we dont have a spare tire in here, quick 0 to 60. Here it has, it takes like a half second for that roll out to happen, and then it just fly 0 60 and 4.9 thats quicker than i was able to do in the ev6. I got like 5.1 in the ev6 and maybe its just conditions and road surfaces, etc. I mean a couple tents here and there no ones going to be able to tell the difference. Doesnt feel quite as fast as the electric gv or sorry. Electric g80 genesis, sedan kind of the luxury version of this vehicle in a sedan, has a little bit bigger battery a little bit more horsepower in that electric sedan, but that vehicle also costs a lot more.

I mentioned this is around 56 000, not cheap, theres, no theres very few. What i would call cheap electric vehicles on the market, theyre very, very high end, dare i say, luxury premium tickets right now. Do you need to have all that power in the new ioniq? 5 or ev6 im going to say no, because when im driving, my kids to school on this vehicle im not rattling off zero to sixties in less than five seconds im, just keeping up with traffic focusing on uh. My energy efficiency fuel efficiency, which ive been getting three point, seven three point: eight, which its gone down. It was at 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour with you know, just kind of moderating my ac settings and just using the throttle as needed just keeping up with traffic, and that gets you really really great energy efficiency and thats going to reduce your recharging costs as well. But there is also the rear wheel drive model. This is going to have significantly less horsepower around 100 less. I believe if i, if i remember correctly so ill put those numbers up for you, but im telling you you dont really need to have the dual motor. If youre in an all wheel, drive place, like i dont, know the northeast or the midwest, where you have snow and ice, maybe, but you got to keep in mind. Your range is going to go down in those cold areas as well and im just letting the car completely off the gas pedal gas pedal right as i come to.

Let the car come to a stop here and does a really good job at coming to a nice, gradual, stop. It has a consistent deceleration until you get to about three miles an hour just really levels and smooths out that experience were just going to hammer off the line. Oh my gosh. It feels so fast to about like 50 miles an hour that was 4.98, not quite as quick as the 4.9 that i did earlier, but i think it was slightly uphill there too. So yeah this vehicle in my testing is faster than the kia ev6 gt line, uh its a little bit cheaper that vehicle. When i tested it was around 58 000, this being a couple grand last and it has a bigger like the the other vehicle, the ev6 had a small, smaller roof. This panel roof is probably two to three times the size of what was in the kia. I actually prefer the head up display in here. I think its the exact same head up display, but it just seems to be calibrated better. I dont get a weird like double vision effect. I dont get a distortions like i did on the ev6 this vehicle. To me feels a little bit more polished and just a better overall experience than the kia ev6 ev6, though in my opinion, looks better on the outside, but man id be more happy with this vehicle. Just because i love the room, the expanse, the big roof, as well as just the light interior color.

You have on this. That really brings in just even more light and volume into the cabin the great thing about electric vehicles. You have instant torque, so going about 45 hammer down and its just gone. Theyre 60., like the the acceleration from a stop, is impressive, but whats even more impressive is just the immense acceleration you get from a rolling start or even uh when youre up to speed. It is not only like fun but, more importantly, its safe. If you need to pass someone or you need to accelerate to get out of harms way, evs do that they do that so well and thats, one of the great things whether you have 200 horse or 300 plus horse and an ev. You have that instant response. Youre not waiting for a transmission to figure out which gear to pick youre, not waiting for the engine to p to peek out with the power you just have it on tap at all times, and it just makes it a more easy and safe driving experience and The ride in here is really comfortable, even though this vehicle is very fast in a straight line: theyve really tuned it for comfort and just everyday livability, so youre, not gon na, have a jarring experience in here. It handles the imperfections in the road really really well. It feels like a like a hyundai santa fe, its probably the best way, but im sitting a little bit lower than the santa fe in this vehicle, in that one pedal driving its doing this all on its own and just smooths out at that last.

Second now, even though this vehicle has sports car performance with incredible fast acceleration, it does not have a sport tuned suspension, so i mentioned the comfort of it, but when you throw this vehicle into the turns, you really feel the weight of this heavy heavy battery electric Vehicle, yes, the weight is down low, but you still have mass and inertia and physics at play here. You are getting a lot of speed, real, quick and you decide to turn this vehicle doesnt want to turn and wants to keep going forward with all that inertia that it has and the suspensions so soft for the amount of performance it gives you its not the Most well rounded vehicle as long as you understand its limitations when it comes to cornering uh and traction youre going to be a happy camper. And if you keep the performance pretty much to straight lines and not trying to accelerate or take high speed, turns youre going to be just fine as much as i like. This vehicle im really interested in testing out the brand new ionic vehicle, the ion x6 and therefore the ion x7 after that, which would be better for my family, because it has three rows of seats, but the ionized 6 one of the most aerodynamic vehicles on the Market, i think its a 0.21, but at 0.21 i think it matches like the lucid air out there, which is a super expensive ultra luxury battery electric vehicle and the ionic 6 should be able to get well over 300 miles of range, no problem, even with the Dual motor setup and that vehicle should be a little bit smaller and a little bit more aerodynamic, so youre going to give up practicality of this large hatchback for that more sedan streamliner.

But i think that vehicle does look better and to me range is important when youre on electric vehicles, so if you can have a little bit more range and cost about the same, that ionic six is uh really really starting to tempt me over this vehicle. I would already pick this over the ev6, even though the ev6, i think, looks better. If i had, if money was no object – and i needed a great electric vehicle – i mean a ticon would be great, but the electric g80 that i drove is one of the best electric vehicles that ive driven. I also really enjoyed the xc40 recharge from volvo down on range a little bit, but if you dont travel outside of your local area, i mean the driving dynamics on that vehicle. Even surpassed this, its even faster the suspensions dialed in a little bit more for performance and the one pedal driving is superior on that volvo xc40 over this and even over the electric g80, so its a really cool time for electric vehicles, because its the beginning. So there are so many unknowns for a lot of us who are coming from gaslink, which is everyone everyones coming from gasoline cars were starting to pique our interest with electric cars and man. Hyundais offerings are really really good, even kias right and were going in the future, the ioniq six psionic seven. You have the key v counterparts to those its a fun time if youre a fan of electric cars, because the product just keeps on coming from koreans from everyone else out there as well.

The japanese are a little bit behind the curve. You guys know. I mainly talk about japanese and korean cars and ive tested, i guess three of electric korean cars at this point and ive tested one. I, like the bz4x, might be the only japanese electric car test and that vehicle you cant even get toyotas buying them back from their customers, because the wheels are falling off. They dont know how to fix it. So nightmare start for toyota, but im just rambling at this point, the ioniq five. Do you need all these bells and whistles? Do you need to spend 55 plus on an electric vehicle? I would say: no, you can get better range on this model with the rear, wheel, drive and theres even a base model with a with a much smaller battery, but its even less than 200 horsepower, which i dont recommend so rear. Wheel drive is going to be great for most people, you save a little bit of money, get more range and be a happy camper, but im going to end it there. Hopefully, you enjoyed my quick little drive on the hyundai ioniq 5, a great start for hyundai, with this vehicle, its its. I mean theres very little for me to complain about other than maybe the exterior being over designed, but overall, its fantastic catch. You guys in the next video make sure you subscribe, because you dont miss my impressions on future hyundai and kia products as well as genesis and all the japanese makes, and models as well have a wonderful day.

Take care of yourselves signing out from the hyundai ioniq. 5.