If electric is in your future, this vehicle is excellent. To start off your electric lifestyle with this vehicle has so much going for it its the aerodynamic as a Mercedes Benz. This vehicle has a lot of new things for 2022 and were going to take it on the roadway, see how it drives. Take a look at the outside styling and jump into the inside and see what technology and styling it has on the interior make sure to hit the subscribe button and the little bell and youll be notified every time a new video goes up online now currently, theres Only a two wheel drive version of this Kona electric available in the future. There may be an all wheel, drive version available, 201 horsepower out of a 64 kilowatt battery now heres the most important thing that everybody wants to know about these vehicles. How many miles does this do on a single charge, 258 in the best conditions possible, and that is completely acceptable. Anything below about 250 and I wouldnt be a fan of anything above 300 and you tend to pay a lot of money for them. So were right in the sweet spot currently for any electric vehicle on the market zero to 60 in about 6.4 seconds, but its quite nippy this little vehicle. And if you want to accelerate overtake freeway merging, it seems that it can push past traffic quite easily. Ive had fun darting around the traffic here in the Portland Vancouver area and so quite a dynamic.

Little drive the interior well kitted out Ive enjoyed sitting inside this vehicle lots of nice textures lots of well laid out features. The buttons are very prominent knobs gauges and dials everywhere they should be. The gauge cluster here is a full thin, TFT screen, and so everything is brightly displayed youll find that Hyundai always do a great job with their infotainment screen. So you can see here in front of you. Everything has not only buttons at the bottom of the screen, but nice sharp graphics, which are easy to display in a touch screen. Everything is bright and clear and obvious not tons and tons of menu options to go deep below, of course, 10 year 100. 000 mile warranty that includes the battery, so theres not much to get upset about when it comes to making sure that your vehicle has the ultimate amount of protection from a company. That really cares about its customers, feeling reassured that they are looked after and that they are buying a quality product and thats. One of the things that Hyundai always want to make sure that you feel like youre, getting something that is supported by the company. Android, Auto Apple Carplay, of course, those are great with the vehicle wireless charging as well. Youd expect that from a company that does high tech vehicles, youll also find led interior light with color options and a battery warmer, which is great for making sure that your battery is the right temperature.

When you want to charge the vehicle youll find that there is a six speaker, sound system uh. That sounds great, is just what you require for a car of this size. If you want to step up to the premium audio sound system, thatll increase by two speakers, so you can go to an eight speaker, audio system. And then there is also a possibility of upgrading to a larger 10.3 inch infotainment screen, which is the size that this vehicle has from the smaller screen, and I will always recommend getting the larger screen, because we all know screen size is what counts. Hyundai is well known for their 8 s system, things like a blind spot warning, rear, cross traffic alert forward collision emergency braking. All those features are available with this vehicle. They have left nothing out now. The Kona is one of the very first electric cars that this company produced and it is still one of the best electric cars for the money on the market. It is one of the electric cars that I have been a fan of from absolutely day, one because for the price and exactly what you get in this vehicle. It is absolutely what I like to call bulletproof, and that means the technology has been around for a little while it is proven, and it is absolutely reliable for 2022 Hyundai have changed a few things on the Kona EV. First of all, it gets new bumpers on the front and the rear.

It also gets brand new wheels for 2022 and theyve simplified the trim levels down to three new trims, just to make it easier to actually decide what kind of Kona that you want in your driveway now taking a walk around the outside the daytime running lights. Here at the top, the headlights below your charging port is out the front, which is one of the wisest places to put the charging port, because, when you put it front nose into a public charger its easy to plug the vehicle in here around the sides. Here very smooth, very aerodynamic – I mentioned at the top of this review that this is as aerodynamic as the electric cars from Mercedes Benz, smooth down to the sides of the vehicle. You can see everything perfectly shaped in a wind tunnel. The brand new wheels here on the side, good choices as well, monochromatic mirrors with a piece of beveled plastic at the side. You have your turn signals on the side here, a bit of the cladding at the very bottom of the vehicle here nicely shaped arrow here. At the bottom of the doors and then monochromatic door handles your single touch door openings here that allow you to get in and out of the vehicle and then all the way to the back. The same nicely shaped hips around the back of the vehicle here and then your lights begin just at the edge of the quarter panel. Here your tail lights at the bottom and your brake lights right at the top, an arrow spoiler above the rear window, which actually has a windshield wiper at the bottom of it.

And then your Hyundai name in the middle, easy to open, lift gate here at the bottom and a small kick plate at the very bottom of the tailgate 19 cubic feet at the rear of this Kona EV. And then, if you put the second row down, you can actually increase that to 45 cubic feet, which is a nice amount of space for putting things like your weekend, luggage in and also some of your adventure gear in the rear, very comfortable theres, actually room for Three passengers back here and a center armrest that folds down one USB port and 33 inches of legroom. In the back of this Kona EV three ways to get hold of Dick Hannah Hyundai of Portland. You can get them on the web.