The i3, a small efficient carbon body dv launched in 2013.. It was a nod to the future and over its near 10 year, production run its been updated with bigger batteries and more power production has just ended with no direct replacement planned. Alongside the i3 bmw launched the i8 another innovative futuristic model. It looked like a supercar but featured a cutting edge, plug in hybrid powertrain, a small petrol engine mated to an electric motor for 20 odd miles of range. Bmw was on a roll, it was serious about electrification and would take the lead in converting people to evs, or so he thought things went. Suspiciously, quiet itd, take bmw almost a decade to launch its next electric car and itd have about as much in common with the i3 as the i3 did to every other bmw that went before it. The 2021 bmw ix3 wasnt a bespoke new from the ground up electric hatchback. It was a diesel suv with the engine taken out and an electric motor shoehorned in, but thats selling. It short the ix3 was and is a really pleasant car to drive and one that makes its rivals look heavy, cumbersome and inefficient, but it felt like a stop gap from the off. After all, we knew what bmw was capable of fast forward 12 months and bmw is back and it means business i4, followed ix 3 and quickly after that, the ix a worthy, if slightly ugly flagship, suv with more than 300 miles of range and more tech than You could throw a stick at comfortable but good to drive, quiet and practical.

Soon after its launch last year, bmw announced it sold one million electrified cars, a figure that it now wants to double in less than half the time. The best is yet to come. First up is the i7, the future of the luxury limousine. We for one will ignore the front end design because its whats underneath the skin thats of particular interest, in fact its under the i7s floor, that youll find the electric saloons 101.7 kilowatt hour battery and at just 11 centimeters deep, its extremely thin. It will charge at 195 kilowatts for a maximum driving range of 388 miles, two motors 536 brake horsepower. Bmw has also integrated heat pump technology into the cars heating and cooling systems to boost efficiency up front. It looks like the ix, but in the back, the i7 is available with a 31.3 inch 8k touchscreen display the bmw calls the theater screen it spans nearly the full width of the i7s cabin and folds away into the roof when its not in use. It comes with a bowers and wilkins, surround sound system and has amazon fire tv built in you, get remote controls in the door and a rear shade that automatically closes when the screen is turned on and, as is so often the case. Loads of this flagship tech will filter down to lesser models in time and theres plenty on the way. The first of those will be the ix1, an electric version of the forthcoming x1 small suv, both this and the i7 plate to bmws power of choice, strategy, offering a variety of power drains to suit all potential customers.

It will get upwards of 300 brake horsepower more than the larger ix3, as well as xdrive all wheel drive. The x3 is rear, wheel, drive, only bmw claims itll do 272 miles on a charge from its 64.7 kilowatt hour battery and it will top up at speeds of up to 130 kilowatts thats good for 10 to 80 percent in less than half an hour. But while it might have taken bmw a decade to get its zero emissions on slaughter off the ground, it wont be making the same mistake again over the next few years. Well see near enough the entire range revamped or replaced with evs dominating bmw sales. By the end of the decade, well see the i5. Before long, you guessed it. An electric version of the 5 series saloon fitted with much of the same tech previewed by the i7 expect 300 to 400 miles of range, ultra rapid charging as standard and a beautiful interior. Oh and the same driving dynamics. The 5 series was always famed for and, of course, while weve only just seen the facelifted 3 series bmws next generation company car favorite will be yep electric or at least as an option. Weve already seen the i3 badge transferred to the current car in china. We can expect it to adopt that name when the all new model arrives in europe to consider it anything less than competitive would surely be foolish again fast. Charging long range think i 4 for the masses by now youre likely getting the picture.

Think of a bmw, add i to the name and before long itll come with a slick, smooth, zero emission electric powertrain but bmw wont be putting all its eggs in one basket. Its already built a hydrogen version of the x5 to preview future fuel cell cars, and if you thought, itd ignore its illustrious m car history, then youve got another thing coming the i4 m50 and the ix m60 are simply a taster of whats to come head to. Drivingelectric.Com for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.