This enters dodge into the ev market space, and here it is so. This is what theyre referring to as the charger daytona srt, but they also call it the banshee as well, and you can see the emblem on the side there. This would be the first time since the early 2000s, when dodge brought back the charger nameplate that a charger would actually have two doors. Normally the two door version was reserved for the challenger, but, as you can see here, this charger has two doors and it does have a lot of similar striking body cues at least the rear end of that sweeping kind of dovetail of the back of the 1969 Charger, which i think is much appreciated and welcomed because its 1972 for big v8 right now, tim kniskes of dodge, actually goes on to say that he feels its like 1972 right before the epa kind of cracked down on emissions and essentially thats. What theyre doing here with the ev stuff its? Not that dodge, wants to move forward with ev, but governing bodies are mandating manufacturers to start producing ev vehicles, as well as putting limitations and restrictions on their current petroleum based vehicles. It needed to look like a dodge. Sound like a dodge and drive like a dodge first reimagine, the most iconic muscle car ever so, as you can hear tim discusses making this eevee have sound and thats one of the things that ev vehicles often lack, is sound and youre going to hear in just A second here the sound bites from their press release of this thing and in my opinion it does not sound anything comparable to the current offerings of a hellcat, which, for example, here is an audio clip and visual of our hellcat swapped dodge dakota.

Tell me in the comments down below which one you guys think sound better, but i think the obvious difference in winner is gon na be the original hellcat. This just sounds like a baby cub trying to make some noise Music as slippery as a melted, jelly bean, but make it look like it was chiseled out of granite. Tim goes on to say how they really try to make this as aerodynamic as possible, but also give it that iconic squared off muscle car. You know bold edge, look which i think theyve accomplished that, and they also said that their goal was to make these newer vehicles 25 more aerodynamic than their current, offering and lineup and ev powertrain. That will outperform our current v8s. Yes, even our supercharged v8s, so you heard it right there from the man himself, so these evs are going to be faster than even the supercharged v8s, which is an open, ended statement, but would also include the dodge demon, which was one of their record breaking and Fastest vehicles to be made so our engineers designed the new erupt system, it is a multi speed transmission with an electromechanical shifting experience, thats pure dodge. This right here was probably the most impressive part of this whole press conference. The announcement that there is going to be some sort of transmission or gearbox in these evs, which current offerings of evs, do not have a transmission and, if dodge, is able to pull this off the reason why a lot of them dont have.

It is because there hasnt been a transmission thats, been able to hold up to the power demands and torque demands of these electric motors. So if dodge is able to pull this off, they would in fact be an industry first, and i think it would definitely be a game changer. The charger daytona will launch with three power levels all the way up to the 800 volt banshee system. So you can see here that he explains that theres three different power modes. He then goes on to say that there will be an offering of nine power levels which will probably come through their new direct connection where you can upgrade and get different performance enhancements through there, so the vehicle will be all wheel drive. You can also see here that ill have different modes. Slam mode drift mode, drag mode, donut mode, so youll be able to put in different modes to have some different fun with it, but comment down below what you guys think this ev.