First, electric van, the emv200 was the first mass market, electric van and, as a result, its perhaps the first vehicle we think of when were talking about electric vans launched in 2014. It was the biggest selling electric van for a number of years, helped by the success of the iconic nissan leaf, which has been around for a few years. At this time, nissan were leading the way in electric car production and sales, so it made sense that the env200 would lead the way in the electric van market for a van, i think, its actually quite a nice looking vehicle and its an electric van icon. Due to its long availability and familiarity as an eevee, its sleek, its modern and where it looks like a nissan leaf, it also looks like its electric, its a compact cargo van, so its not really suitable for those bigger lows, but its great for city driving theres. Huge demand for these smaller vans, as its compact nature, was most appealing as an ev, because being smaller at range was preserved because of the lower weight, ideally size for operating in the city, which is where electric vans like this have such appeal to comply with a Growing number of low emission zones in uk cities size, whilst being one of its biggest strengths, is also its biggest limitation and, as a result, it needs to be closely evaluated to make sure this van can accommodate all the goods and equipment you need to carry the Env200 was originally launched with a 24 kilowatt hour battery, giving it approximately 60 to 80 miles of driving range, depending on a number of factors such as load carrying weight, speed and time of year.

While this might not seem like an awful lot its worth, remembering that, actually these vans tend to do a lot of local work, and actually, when you look at your driving lifestyle, you might realize that actually thats more than adequate for you in 2018, the battery size Was increased to 40 kilowatt hours, giving the newer model a brilliant 120 to 140 miles of range, which is excellent and makes it one of the highest range electric van options out there: Music most chargings done overnight, either at home or at the workplace. So actually, the speed of charging is not as relevant as people think a 10 hour charge on a three pin plug will give about 60 miles worth of extra driving range and a full overnight charge will even nearly fill the newer, bigger battery 40 kilowatt hour. Models on our home or workplace charge point that charging time is reduced to about 20 miles worth of driving range for about an hours worth of charging time. Thats, of course, assuming you go for the upgraded 6.6 kilowatt charging model, as opposed to the more standard 3.3 kilowatt charging model which takes double the amount of time to charge most, but not all. Emv 200 models are capable of rapid charging. It was an option on the earlier 24 kilowatt hour models, however, on all the newer 40 kilowatt models its there as standard and where youve got the rapid charge capability. That means youre able to charge about 80 miles worth of driving range back into this car.

For about half hours charging time on a rapid charger at somewhere, like the motorway services on the earlier 24 kilowatt hour models, the ability to rapid charge was an option with rapid charging in all issues of range, its all about knowing what you need. Your electric van to do and what most people will find is actually you will never need to rapid charge it at all, and therefore this feature is actually quite unimportant. However, its really important that your electric van is able to cover all your daily working driving requirements, comfortably interior, wise, the cab is comfortable and functional id actually go as far as to say its a bit nicer than most electric vans and actually looks kind of quite Modern and a bit car like there are two trim levels: youve got the acenter and the techno, but the techno being the higher spec of the two on both models. You have a regen braking mode, a reversing camera, air conditioning cruise control and keyless access and starting. The techno also has a touch screen: infotainment system, heated steering, wheel, heated seats, xenon headlights and then on top of that, of course, on the earlier models. Youve got the option of having the chademo rapid charging port, as well as the option of having a 6.6 kilowatt fast charging upgrade Music drive wise its like you would expect its smooth its effortless, its really zippy, because the env200 is such a compact van as well.

Uh, it does make it feel like just like driving a normal electric car. It also has a b mode, which is a nice touch, because you dont see that on many of the electric fans and what the b mode is its an automatic regenerative braking mode. What that means is when you lift your foot off the accelerator, the van will automatically slow itself and, at the same time, add regenerative charge back into the battery. This is great for sort of maintaining your vehicles range. Perhaps more importantly, it gives you that one pedal driving style, thats, so important and so quintessential about ev driving Music. The env200 offers excellent value as an electric van, especially with the range of the newer 40 kilowatt hour model. The earlier 24 kilowatt hour models have been around for quite a while now, so there are some older higher mileage models out there, which offer great value buys as long as you dont need more than maybe 60 to 80 miles worth of driving range. If you were looking for a compact van with all the competency that comes from being such a long standing electric vehicle, then the env200 is a great option to look at and with the higher range of the 40 kilowatt hour model. It also makes a great long range ev. I hope this short video has been useful in helping. You learn a bit more about the nissan env200. If youd like to find out more or if youd like to arrange a test drive, please do get in touch.

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