Not only does it have to be the flagship electric car from mercedes benz, but its also faced with the task of replacing the legendary s class and in this amg trim were looking at today. It also has to represent the future of the brands driving experience. So can the eqs really take it all on were going to take a closer look, but before we do remember to check out the full written review over at and our ev guide site section where you can read all sorts of advice stories and learn everything You need to know about electric cars. Music first up were going to take a look at this cars design because it really cant be ignored. The look of the eqs is controversial. Unlike the s class which came before it, it doesnt have a storied and developed design. Language instead, it adopts this amorphous shape, which it needs to keep that drag coefficient down in the electric era. Ive got to say, though, theres going to be fans even of mercedes benz design, who arent sold by it. This marriage of form and function results in a smooth, rounded shape, forgoing the design elements of mercedes combustion vehicles with wheels which reach to the edges of the frame and a blank gloss grille with that amg signature. Pan americana chrome pattern missing its usual three dimensional flare. Youd better get used to this shape too, as the smaller eqe which arrives in australia at a later date shares a near identical, curvy silhouette, the rear three quarter view might be the best angle of the eqs with an attractive lift back tailgate colour matching spoiler flicking Up off the boot lid and tasteful badge work illustrating this cars place in the lineup, at least some of that traditional mercedes benz style is reclaimed through the led light.

Cluster shapes both front and rear, its certainly a step into the future, but a divisive one. Nonetheless, with an equal amount of onlookers during my week with the car, either appreciating or disliking the eqss overall appearance on the inside things are pretty full on with the latest array of everything. Mercedes has to offer now theres no question that this design is properly opulent, befitting an s class theres plenty of soft materials. In here, the seats are lovely, but its the screen that really takes it to the next level, mercedes call it the mbux hyper screen, and even though it is made up of three separate panels, they measure it as a single unit. The whole way across the dash measuring at over 1.4 meters, its pretty impressive but im, not sure that every mercedes traditionalist is going to love it at 328 000, before you even start ticking option boxes, the eqs is at the top of the price scale, even amongst Evs, it might surprise you to learn, though, that, even though it is the flagship electric vehicle for mercedes benz, currently its more affordable than the top spec version of the combustion s class, its also more affordable than high spec versions of its closest german rival. The porsche taken and by a decent margin too right now it sits above bmws flagship ev offering the ix m60, but not for much longer, as bmw looks to offer an electric version of its 7 series limo, as well as a newcomer in the form of the Polstar 5.

, so keep an eye out for those. The amg tinged 53 is the only eqs grade available in australia so far, and it comes with all the bells and whistles, including 21 inch alloy wheels more aggro, styling four wheel steer all wheel, drive ridiculous amounts of power and torque, which well talk about later and Thats not to mention the somewhat absurd cabin. The mbux suite in the eqs consists of three separate screens while still featuring heated and ventilated seats, quad zone, climate control, a wireless phone charger, usbc outlets, leather interior trim, the signature amg steering wheel, full electrical adjust for the front seats as well as massage functions, but Theres more than that theres a screen just for the front passenger, where you can see all kinds of information and change. Various non driver, critical functions, its neat and a little business class, but perhaps completely unnecessary. So then the eqs has no shortage of stuff, but is it practical lets? Take a look Music now because the eqs has bespoke electric underpinnings compared to other mercedes benz models. It means you can do things like have a smooth cutaway through here and mercedes have even thought what, if you have objects in there, that are going to get thrown around when youre doing amg stuff theyve put an elastic band down here. So you can actually put your objects there and they dont move its really cool okay, so sitting in here and theres heaps of space in the eqs.

I do feel as though adjustability is really good, but theres a bit of a catch which i didnt expect. I feel like the digital instrument. Cluster is either blocked by the steering wheel in my comfortable position, with the seat set to its lowest position, its just the top of the wheel. Here i cant fully see it and if i set it up so that i can see it like so then my arms have to sit off of here, which makes it uncomfortable for longer trips. That was just a little bit of a design flaw that i found that was a little bit strange. Also, this large screen its so big that i actually have trouble reaching all the way across to touch some of the furthest elements, especially when it comes to things like apple carplay, where they havent thought that it would be that far away to operate. Things like navigation functions, theres also some strange things about the menu too. So if i go into one menu here, i can see that theres all these settings and one of them is the settings for the car and thats fine. I can change a whole bunch of things in there, but i was trying to look for the ride control. This car can actually lift up off the ground, and you might actually want to use that quite often given how long it is and how limited its over angle is. So i actually have to find a separate menu which is accessed by a shortcut button here to raise the vehicle height.

It took me a while to find it. I just thought that was a little bit strange, that theres two completely separate vehicle function, menus just little things like that elsewhere, your regular storage appointments are all there as well theres a bottle holder with a sort of a limited height, but a large bin as well. In that door, theres fold out cup holders here, which you can stow away to have larger objects in there as well, and a huge center open console box here, which has plenty of room and a further two usbc ports, as well as the two in here theres. Also, a wireless charger, and this entire section here has a nice soft close, so you can have just that carbon fiber aesthetic, if you want it now. I know this one is an amg, but an s class is a car that most buyers will be driven in. Not necessarily drive themselves, and so the back seat should be completely opulent, and it mostly is back here. Ive got leagues of room in pretty much every direction. Ive got my own sunroof back here as well and theres these nice soft padded headrest things which come with the car as well very business class. One thing that isnt so much business class is theres no screen on the back of the front seats, thats, something that the genesis g80 comes with im, just not sure why this card doesnt come with it. I suppose maybe the intent is that its more amg and it might come on lower variance – i dont know yet, but well have to find out now.

One thing our test card doesnt have that you can get as an option is rear, heated seats, but there is quad zone climate control with its own control panel back here, and you get adjustable air vents, not just in the center but in the b pillar as Well, which is a really nice touch, theres some hard cladding on the back of the front seats for storage and a bottle holder in the door as well as pop out ones in this center armrest its opulent. But in some ways i wish it had a bit more wow factor because it has so much wow factor in the front lets take a look at the boot. The boot comes in at 560 litres, which importantly, is significantly larger than the smaller eqe. As you can see it fit our entire cars guide luggage set, no problems with space to spare, and the underfloor area also has a small storage area for your charging cables Music, the electric era, it seems, brands are much more free to have absurd power levels and The eqe53 absolutely has amg levels of power with a whopping 484 kilowatts on tap and up to 10 20 newton meters of torque, with the amg dynamic plus package equipped. Not only that, but the eqs has 4 wheel steer all wheel drive with torque vectoring and completely customizable drive modes Music. Now theres a fair bit going on when it comes to the eqss drive experience because it is so electrified and it is so different.

But lets talk about that driving noise first ill turn it up here. So hopefully you can hear that now amg has created this soundscape because they know that part of their brand has always been the drama of their cars, whether thats a big amg engine or now in the electric era and trying to replicate. That is a difficult task. This soundscape that theyve created is linked in with your accelerator, with your drive mode with your wheel, speed and it even has a sound for regen idle and when you turn the car on and off, there are four modes, so you can adjust how loud it is To your taste and theres, two completely separate soundscapes, one sounds sort of like a distant v8 and the other one which were using now sounds a little bit more science fictiony its kind of cool, and, i think, at very least in the sport mode, where its kind Of at a medium volume, its better to have it than not to have it, it also projects a sound outside the car as well and again, thats tied in with your drive mode and thats useful to have because youre not just creeping up on people in parking Lots where they might not be able to hear you, as is the case in some electric cars, its not just the noise as well theres, a fair bit of customization across all of the features in this car. Those drive modes are completely adjustable with that really convenient screen and they change everything from the steering tune to the suspension tune to the accelerator response, which is really nice, theres, even a great amount of adjustability for the regen braking.

You use your flappy panels on the steering wheel here to flick through the modes. The standard is a normal, recuperation mode which regens a little bit and then has a blended braking proportion as well or theres, a max regen mode, which i prefer, which almost brings the car to a full halt. When you let off the accelerator, amg has tuned those three recuperation modes carefully, because it doesnt want to offer too much choice to drivers. It wants to keep driving an electric car simple, but interactive, and i think theyve done a great job of that as an s class. Does it feel luxurious? I think absolutely the eqs does, and a lot of it is down to the adaptive suspension tune in this car. Its really smooth it blocks out most of the bumps on the road, while still letting you feel just enough through the steering its a really good tune and its rare to come across one that we have so few complaints about. It has its limits. You can still feel big bumps if you, if you hit them hard enough and thats largely down to those huge wheels, but that, having been said it is meant to be a performance car too, so its great as an s class in terms of comfort and quietness. But how is it as an amg? Well straight up, the handling is really good, theres, a really organic steering tune, despite how electrified this car is.

But there is something a bit surreal about its four wheel, steering its such a massive car, and yet it feels really agile im pleased to see that its, not a weird feeling like some four wheel steer systems can give you in a performance car. It just makes this car more accurate and agile when you steer it and when youre in the corners as well. It does offer you a level of confidence that i didnt expect. I thought it would either feel a little bit weird or a little bit off putting, but it really doesnt its just a good system performance wise well with more than a thousand newton meters on tap theres. No question that this car is fast and its instantaneously. Fast, too, with no transmission to deal with, or anything like that to think about its just blisteringly, quick quicker than pretty much any combustion car youll come across at least anyway. So do i feel like the eqs 53 is a genuine amg. I think it is, but not in the way that weve known them before theres a little bit of that brutality and brashness missing from what weve become accustomed to from its combustion range theres, something clinical about the way. This car attacks the corners and accelerates with its purely silent drive, but i think the way it blends that outstanding performance with the comfort of an s class is just a sample of what we have to look forward to in the electric era: Music with 107.

8 kilohertz Hour battery pack, one of the biggest on any ev on the market. Today the eqs is heavy and, despite its weird shape, which it has adopted for that low drag profile, its not one of the more efficient evs i have ever driven over my week with it. Ive produced a number of 26.6 kilowatt hours to 100 kilometers, which is a little off the 23 kilowatt hour claim, and to put that in perspective, its a bit like the electric equivalent of having a v8 under the hood. But thinking a little bit more about it. With that huge battery pack under the floor, giving it its range, the eqs weighs in at nearly three tons at a full charge. You should expect an excellent range of around 585 kilometers, again one of the longest of any ev currently on the market. The eqs can charge at a rate of 200 kilowatts on a dc fast charger, which is one of the faster charge rates for cars on 400 volt architectures. Meanwhile, on the ac charging standard, the eqs charges at a healthy speed of 11 kilowatts that should allow you a full charge in about nine hours or optionally, a whopping 22 kilowatts, which should cut that charge time in half. Good luck: finding an ac charger capable of that speed in australia right now, but at least mercedes offers it as an option to future proof. Your car Music is there a safety feature that this car doesnt have theres no safety related options, so the eqs 53 gets the full array as standard from freeway speed, auto emergency braking to what might be one of the markets, best autonomous crew systems read more about The full suite over at carsguide. but suffice to say owners wont, be disappointed. The eqs is yet to be rated by ancap. As of the publishing of this video but standard variant scored a maximum 5 star euro end cap rating to the 2021 standard overseas Music. Mercedes offers the eqs with a five year and unlimited kilometer warranty, but the high voltage battery is covered for a whopping 10 years or 250 000 kilometers service intervals are surprisingly standard at 12 months and 15, 000 kilometers and the eqs is offered with three tiers of Prepaid service program for three four or five years at varying prices, read more about those over at It works out to be about 650 a year in its cheapest form, which is far from the cheapest weve seen for an ev but chump change for owners. Considering the upfront cost of the eqs Music theres, no question its fast theres, no question its luxurious, but if im being real with you im, not sure that the eqs is going to be for everybody, that styling is challenging and the interior tech offering might be a Little bit too much particularly for a traditional mercedes buyer, but then again shouldnt an electric flagship challenge: the status quo. If anything, i think thats something that the ecos 53 does really well.