However, the company has been producing and selling electric monitors for more than 25 years, so they have some experience in the field, but most of toyotas electric cars were combined with gasoline engines to create a significant hybrid range that the company now offers. Even though hybrids now make up the bulk of toyotas fleet, the company has experimented with electric vehicles. In just last may, toyota released its latest electric car, the pz 4x, all electric suv. However, toyota just made a huge announcement about this ev and youll be shocked. To know what it is, so, if youre planning on buying this new toyota ev, then stick with me till the end to know about this announcement. Welcome back guys before we start make sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons and lets uncover what toyota announced about the bz4x just three months after unveiling the bz4x suv to the world. Toyota made a surprise. Move toyota announced that it was forced to issue a recall for around 2 700 units of the vehicle because of safety concerns over the new electric vehicles loose wheels, and this just comes after the company completed the global introduction of the suv. Now this recall letter for the bz4x was distributed to current and former owners of the vehicle via a wide variety of dissemination methods. The japanese automaker has announced that the measure will be taken for all vehicles sold in asia, europe and north america. The root reason for the recall was the possibility of the wheels coming loose is because one or more of the vehicles wheels detach from its hub.

The driver risked losing control of the car, increasing the possibility of being involved in an accident. According to the notice, the recall is affecting 260 different models of cars. Now lets get closer to the details of this problem. A toyota spokeswoman has warned that the hub nuts, on the wheels of the affected bz4x battery evs, may become loose during limited mileage, use increasing the possibility that the wheel may become detached from the vehicle and if a wheel comes loose while driving, the car will veer Off the road increasing the risk of an accident toyota claims to have notified japanese safety regulators about the issue. The manufacturer has also advised that certain vehicles not be driven until the problem has been fixed, even though the root cause is still being investigated. These automobiles were all manufactured in march april may and june. In addition, over 400 units of subarus, all electric sol terra suv, which was co developed with toyota, have been recalled for the same issue. So will this matter significantly affect toyota? You see, even though the company has been dominant force in the automotive industry. For a long time, toyota entered the field of electric vehicles much later than its competitors. Now, in early 2021, toyota unveiled the bz4x, which is the first battery electric car in the bz family of automobiles, and this electric crossover suv is slated to become the companys flagship product due to its high starting price of 42 000 and its limited availability in markets.

The bc4x has not exactly set the roads ablaze with its popularity following the models. Initial presentation earlier this year in japan, toyota announced that the automobile will only be offered for lease later this year. This decision was made also because of persistent concerns regarding the expenses of continued maintenance, battery performance and value of the residual asset. The road ahead for toyota will be familiar as vehicle recalls have been around for quite some time now. The government required toyota and other automakers to report several million vehicles manufactured since 2013 as part of one of the largest recalls in recent history. This was caused by faulty airbags produced by the japanese company takata, which subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Toyota has global ambitions, so the bz4x recall could just be a minor setback. In 2017, toyota and suzuki modern corporation signed a memorandum of understanding in india to combine their strengths and promote automobiles mutual supply. Does this recall signal a lousy start for toyotas evs toyota hits us with a recalls that might be exceedingly dangerous in any driving situation, and since this is toyotas, first mass produced electric car, its safe to say that any brand new vehicle will have a few problems. Whether a redesign or a whole new model, now there were cable issues with the rebuilt rav4 and the newly remodeled 2022 toyota tundra had its own problems too. However, as this approach has been anticipated for quite some time, it may give rise to skepticism.

The most recent u.s recall for car safety occurred on june 24, which affected 46 000 tundra vehicles. This was because certain bolts on the vehicles rear axle assembly can grow loose and eventually fall off its also possible that this could lead to a component of the axle shaft becoming dislodged from the axle. Because of this, there would be a high risk of accidents if the sub assembly completely separates from the axle, and this could also cause problems with the vehicles stability in the brakes. Now to address these problems, the company said in a statement that the axle flange not turned will be checked at participating. Toyota dealerships and replacement of axle related components done when necessary. By 2021, toyota had sold more than 1.9 million vehicles in the united states, surpassing fords. Previous record, this placed toyota in the lead, beating ford, who had already sold almost 1.8 million automobiles and in the light of failure of toyotas new electric vehicle. How are investors reacting investors and other interested parties were hoping for a more detailed declaration describing a strategy for resolving the problem? There is still a lot of uncertainty about the issue, which is unfortunate and toyota doesnt know where to begin fixing the problem, even though the company is under intense pressure. Investors have also complained that toyota isnt, emphasizing the electric vehicles business enough, especially in light of its rivals. Progress in the sector. The introduction of the first mass market battery powered vehicle has also increased.

The pressure for the company to succeed. Toyota has then announced that it will invest 35 billion dollars in the research and development of its own electric vehicles. Toyotas entry into the market for electric suvs and automobiles is just the beginning. The company also plans to invest heavily and expand rapidly in order to close the gap between itself and its rivals, especially tesla. On the other hand, this is easier said than done from a business perspective, as numerous companies have been consistently developing in the electric arena. The fact that they are well liked in some of the worlds most important autumn markets is a cause for concern. This is mostly attributable to electric vehicles, superior user friendliness over their gas powered equivalents. Now, with tundras issues, toyota can now breathe a little easier, knowing where the problem is. This could cause the axle sub assembly to come completely loose in extreme cases. If that happens, the trucks, stopping power and stability will greatly weaken. The company has clearly identified that the problems affecting both cars series are unrelated. Thankfully, the tundra problem solving strategy makes this recall very distinct to address this dealers will inspect vehicles and ensure that bolts are tightened properly. So the electric car market has grown rapidly and is expected to continue, and its mainly thanks to solid rivals like teslas, electric automobiles, toyota and other automakers have also shifted their attention from gas powered vehicles to electric and hybrid models. Toyota is widely regarded as the manufacturer of the first mass produced electric vehicles.

This means a lot of ground needs to be covered to speed, and since the root cause of the problem is unknown, the bz4x recall presents only a slight roadblock. So after learning about all these things about the bz4x, are you still up to buy this vehicle? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and thats it for this video thanks for watching till the end before you go, make sure to like and subscribe and click the notification bell to trigger youtubes algorithm and see more of our videos on your homepage.