They are actually doing this beginning with the supply chain and continuing all the way through the production phase and into the end of life phase of every product and with the help of bmw i vision circular. It is possible to achieve a completely climate, neutral business model by the year 2015., although the term sustainability is currently being banded about by everyone. The concept itself is not new at the bmw group. In fact, bmw started incorporating environmentally friendly business practices as an essential part of the companys overall strategy. As early as the 1970s and with the launch of the brand new i4 e drive, 35 bmw has at long last presented consumers with a second vehicle from which they can choose when buying an ev and become a climate neutral business. Hey guys welcome back to tech revolution. This video is gon na be exciting, because today were going to look at the new, affordable ev from bmw. That will definitely change everything and, as always before, we continue make sure to hit the like and subscribe buttons and lets get to it. So automakers skipped over producing, affordable all electric sedans and went straight to making pricey electric sedans before moving on to even more expensive suvs, and although tesla had stated that its model 3 would be available at an affordable price of 35 000. The vehicle was never advertised on the companys website. It was only made available to a select number of customers for a brief period of time and because of this, there are not many options available to customers.

Looking for an affordable electric sedan to choose from the model 3 and the pulse star 2 are two of the most reasonably priced electric sedans now available for you to buy the starting price of the model. 3 is 49 690 dollars, while the pulse star 2 may be purchased for 49 800, although they are not precisely inexpensive, they are far less expensive than the current crop of luxury suvs and now bmw is seeking to enter the fold of electric cars that are reasonably Inexpensive with the launch of their brand new i4 e drive 35 model. This electric vehicle is known as the bmw, i4e drive 35, and it offers a price point that is marginally more appealing. It will be the least price electric vehicle that you will be able to purchase from bmw in the united states, and it may even be the least expensive, bmw ev according to a company that test drives evs when driven the 2022 bmw i4 e drive 35 appears To be the same as any other 4 series vehicle now, one of the automakers best selling vehicles is a four door sedan that draws attention with its enormous kidney, grilles and slim roof line, and there is a good reason for this. The electric vehicle version of the car is the result of the automakers efforts to design a platform capable of accommodating various power trains and bmw. Consider it the best of the four series is this: the bmw i4 and the even more cutting edge, bmw ix.

Electric suv are both members of the second generation of bmws electric vehicles and, after many years of promising, to produce an architecture that would tolerate numerous power. Trains, bmw has successfully accomplished this goal using its own proprietary technology. The german car manufacturer is also responsible for an incredible achievement while achieving outstanding fuel economy. The bmw i4 handles and performs like a genuine bmw sport sedan. The bmw i4 may also function as a grand tourer when driven on public roads. Thankfully it has enough fuel capacity for the majority of car trips. Now the epa estimates that the four door sedans battery will last for 301 miles when it is equipped with wheels measuring 18 inches. The battery pack also has a gross capacity of 83.9 kilowatt hours, and it has a capacity of 81.5 kilowatt hours that the vehicle can use daily. According to bmw, it can still receive up to 200 kw of electricity via dc fast charging, despite the vehicle sitting on a 400 volt platform. So where does bmw manufacture its new i4 ev late last year, bmws munich assembly facility cranked out its first i4 electric vehicle. Now the bmw munich facility has been in operation for almost 100 years, so the completion of manufacturing of all the electric i4 is a significant event for the company. Bmw also has plans to electrify 50 of its model. The lineup at its facility in munich and the manufacturer of this vehicle marked the beginning of that future for the company bmw invested significant time and resources in getting an almost century old factory, ready to manufacture fully electric vehicles.

Most notably, the munich assembly line must also keep producing internal combustion engine cars and, alongside the i4 vehicles, such as the bmw 3 series, the bmw, 4 series, grand coupe and even the bmw m3 are also manufactured in munich. The electric powertrain and high voltage battery featured in the bmw i4 are the primary features that set it apart from traditional architectures. In addition, around 90 of the body shops, current systems can be utilized for the new model without any modifications, and only the floor assembly and the rear end needed additional ones. In order to function correctly, the integration of the high voltage battery into the assembly was yet another problem that involved a great deal of complexity. A brand new, completely automated battery assembly mechanism that operates from underneath now secures the battery pack to the body of the vehicle by using bolts. In addition, high resolution camera systems that are entirely automated conduct a comprehensive examination of the surface in advance. This guarantees that it is spotless and devoid of any contaminants that can result in harm. Now, an investment of 200 million pounds was required to integrate the manufacture of bmw i4 into previously established production structures. The i4 was a significant step in the right direction of the newbie class, and this vehicle was intended solely for electric propulsion systems and was scheduled to go into production in munich and maybe other plans towards the middle of this decade. The automotive industry is undergoing a period of profound change and bmw is fully prepared to meet the challenge.

They are also making significant investments in research and development to influence the futures, mobility for the good of their customers and thats it for this video. So now what are your thoughts on this very affordable ev that will soon hit the market and do you think bmw is capable of making excellent evs for the future? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below thanks for watching till the end before you go make sure to like and subscribe and click the notification bell to trigger youtubes algorithm see more of our videos on your homepage.