First talk about the honda ease design because, as far as evs go, i think the honda e is one of the most endearing cars out there. All you have to do is look at it and you get a warm feeling about what youre going to drive now. The interior of the car and the driver functions are also pretty awesome, but well get to those in a minute. Now the color itself is stunning. The color is a crystal blue and this model, being the advanced model, also comes with the 17 inch wheels, as you can see down there, the other bit has it has cameras for mirrors, which is awesome. It takes a little bit of time to get used to, but they are pretty awesome and its great to see that things like camera mirrors have made their way out of the concept model into the production model. Now other cool features we get on the honda is, of course, a sky roof there at the top, which ill show you once we get inside the car, but we also get pop out door handles which look very, very cool, and some nice led headlights, which makes On the e feel and look like its from the future now in terms of performance, the car will do 0 to 62 miles per hour in 8.3 seconds from its 35 kilowatt hour. Battery and power is equivalent to 154 miles per hour 154 brake horsepower. Sorry and 315 new meters of torque, now the advanced advanced model is quicker to 62 than the base car, which does it in nine seconds and runs the equivalent of 20 brake horsepower.

Less range from the honda e advance on paper is 137 miles. But of course, thats dependent on how and where you drive it motorway miles will eat the battery much quicker than short city trips. Additional features you get with a honda advance include a front windshield de icer and hondas parking assist as well. Now the honda e will also charge on a 50 kilowatt hour charger to 80 in just 31 minutes now, whilst the range isnt massively huge, the charge cycle is also pretty short, which is which i guess is beneficial boot space is pretty good. You know for the car, it is its not massive, of course, but you can still fit some decent sized bags in here as well, which is nice to see okay. So now we get to the interior of the honda e, which this is where for me. I absolutely love it lets first start with the cameras, so, as you can see here with the cameras, these are your rear. Well, your side view mirrors now its very easy to when you first get in the car to automatically look over here, because thats just thats. What you would naturally do it takes a little bit of time to get used to your your right, mirror there and your left mirror there. But when you do its very cool, we also get this, which is the rear view mirror. But you can also flick it and it will provide you a camera through the rear mirror, which is very cool, but it does play with my eyes a little bit ill touch on more of that in a moment.

Now, if we look at the kind of main center display lets start over here now, youve got the main site very simple, very minimal. It shows your power, your electric charge over here on the right. It gives you your speed. These little bars here are the sensors for the adaptive cruise control and also for the lane assist. So you can see with the adaptive cruise control. You can shorten, make it uh closer to the car in front and also to activate the lane assist. You also get heated steering wheel on this car, which again is a very nice thing to have other things that we get you can see here. If i touch on the camera button, it will then change here for us to have a bit of a 360 surrounding view of what exactly is going on. The center display is broken up into two different parts, the first of which theyre two kind of customizable screens. So you can do what you want with it, so the first thing ill show you because i think its extremely cool. If i go over here to all apps and i select my aquarium that will take both of the screens and it will load up my fish there, it is, and with the aquarium you can, you know feed the fish, do whatever you need to do. You can change the settings you know, depending on how many of these fish you want its very customizable.

You can change it to a more uh water based bed, its completely up to you again. Whilst i think this is quite gimmicky, i think its also very cool, and i do like it now if you wanted to do something a little bit more functional. Of course, if you plugged in an xbox or a tv or anything with hdmi, you can see the screen here. So im not going to show you here, but many people have plugged an xbox into the hdmi port and if you want you can play xbox games. But eighth, basically anything if you really want you could put a tv in here. The other part as well, which i havent touched on, but i will shortly is again with a with a three pin plug. You can basically connect anything to it like if you wanted to bring a coffee machine with you when youre going out on an early morning, sunrise trip. You could do that if you dont just fancy going to a coffee shop and want a bit more peace and quiet again, not that you probably would do that, but you can and thats the beauty of it other things that we can do here. If i go on to the all apps and we wanted to customize so i may want to have, for example, the clock here on one screen and if i go over to this screen here, i may choose to have the sat nav on so again.

Very, very customizable: i think we can flick them around. You know if you wanted to do so depending on what youre after, but i do really find this quite intuitive now. The other thing as well is you can flick between your screens so its its very much like a tablet in terms of the materials. You obviously have this sustainable material with a kind of nice, bronze, uh, stitching pattern, im, not necessarily sure on the color of these uh seat belts. But you know it is what it is. The seats themselves are very comfortable. They do have some bolstering theyre, not the greatest bolstering in the world, but in terms of comfort factor. These are nice seats. If we take a bit of a look at the rear, again very similar the rear seats uh, they are not theyre, not very fancy. Theyre not very flush, but they do the job and again theyre comfortable seat. One of the things i have found already is: i normally have like a dog bed which i put in here and its quite easy to clip in because this this center divider here is split into two seats. Normally most cars. This is split as one, so my own dog seat wont fit in here. So i need to find another solution for that, but again thats a very first world problem, but just want to know if you are going to have a dog seat in the rear of the car.

Just be mindful that this is a one seat fold down now. Earlier on, i mentioned the sky roof again extremely nice here. It just allows for so much light into the car, and, i think thats, just such a good thing as well, particularly when its a nice sunny day like today. If we come down here to the center tunnel again, i like this kind of wooden material. I think its very cool one of the key things i quite like is the amount of foot space here. You know youve got space here, theres no unnecessary tunnel. Weve got some nice storage space in here as well, and if you fancy putting your cup holder in, but youve got ample space to put a cup holder a drink in this cup holder, which does have a nice kind of brown leather strap to it. Now, in terms of your driving modes, you can obviously drive it normally in drive, and you also have the ability to kind of have the the heel assist and that will also work your heel hold basically and also to do your uh one foot braking. So you dont have to touch the brake. You can just slow down by using well just by lifting off on the accelerator. Youve got two different driving modes: youve got normal mode and youve got sport mode. Depending on what you choose. Obviously, sport mode will drain the battery much more than normal mode, but the other part as well depending on where you are you can see over here.

Weve got the three arrows pointing down, because ive got the one foot driving option selected. If i wanted to use aggressive regen, i have it set to max if i wanted to slow it down. All i would do is just click here and you can see that it becomes much more well. It coasts a lot more, so it charges less, but it allows you to travel more. You would need to use the brake if you are going to stop, however, and on the other side, with this paddle, this is just to make it a bit more aggressive. So you can toggle that so these arent gear changes. If anybody had a look, so i talked about the 0.62 miles per hour 8.3 seconds lets, give it a quick little squirt. Now, why not were in sport mode Music there? It is its a very cool little car and im gon na say off the bat. Just the driving experience is something quite different as to what im normally used to the first of which is, as i said, looking at these camera mirrors, which, like i said it takes a bit of time to get used to, because your natural thought process to look Outside the window, so whats ive driven this for a bit now, ive got more used to it. The bit that i still struggle to get used to is this rear. Reversing camera mirror. I can flick it and i use a rear rear camera to see out the back, and whilst i love the concept it messes with my eyes a bit.

So i prefer the normal mirror here. But the next part that we really want to touch on is whats. The drivability like on the honda e, because it looks great its got plenty of tech, but does it feel like a fun car to drive because, yes, this is going to be a great little city car, but is it something that you can enjoy around the corners? Like im doing now, and the answer to that is yes, it is rear, wheel, drive and if you get excited and you put the traction control off, you could have a bit of fun with it, but because its such a nice nimble, short wheelbase car, you could Throw it around which is which is awesome. I mean coming around these corners here. Look at this not much body roll and, of course, because youve got that center of gravity through the battery. It just means that its handling is pretty good in terms of the steering feel itself its a little bit wallowy its, not very direct you do have to you, know the steering input you have to put quite a bit in here. However, the turning circle on this car is pretty extraordinary uh. Normally, when i come out my drive, i normally i come out and i full lock and i worry whether im going to go and drive into the neighbors drive. But this its almost like a 90 degree, turn circle in terms of kind of your day to day driving your punch youve got more than enough power to get yourself out of a lot of situations, even in you know that sport mode, you know once youre around 40 miles per hour, it does start to slow down, but from that little acceleration with earlier on thats.

Basically all youre going to need for a kind of day to day driving car its, not a fast car but its a fun car and i think thats. The important part there as well and if youre, going to look in the market for an electric vehicle, my mini cooper s, feels quicker. It feels like its got a bit more plunge, albeit has got the same, what very similar size battery, but i i i i feel more drawn to this just because its different in the cooper, the mini cooper s, its ultimately still a mini cooper, which has had The internals replaced by battery, whereas this its his own standalone platform that honda have kind of created and – and i love that about this car and its just such a great little driving experience so yeah the price, as we say, thirty seven thousand pound here for the Advanced version you do get like, i said the uh, the who is it the electric and not the electric, the de ice, the front windscreen and we do get the honda parking assist. It is still quite a bit of money, but i also do think its such a cool car as well and you know, have all the evs out on the market. I think this is one of my favorites just because of the way it looks and the coolness about the quirkiness about it, yeah its a very cool car. Would i buy one if i was in the market for a city car and it needed to be an ev? This would 100 be up there in terms of the contenders to go ahead and buy it, but anyway guys.

I hope youve enjoyed this quick little review on the honda e. If you did please make sure to subscribe for plenty more content to come, and of course i will see you all very soon on the next one.