There is the xuv e9, and this is the b05. But before we get to these cars lets look at the platform, which is right in front of us. So basically, what they have done is made the cars rear wheel drive by default, which produces between 228 to 282 horsepower. You can get it with all wheel, drive capabilities where you get an additional front motor, which combined produces 335 to 389 horsepower. The result is, it goes from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in under six seconds, yeah. That is quick and they are claiming that the range will be around 500 kilometers, like theyve, given exact numbers, but i think in the real world, around 500 kilometers is something they can achieve. Now this is the battery pack. The cells actually come from volkswagen similar to the id4, so you can get it with 60 kilowatt hour battery pack or 80 kilowatt hour. Battery pack in glo is the name of the platform, its a full electric platform in stands for india. Glow stands for global. Of course, because they have global ambitions with this car, in fact, it has got fast charging capabilities. It can charge from 5 to 80 in just 30 minutes, using a 175 kilowatt fast charger, which is not there in india at all. So you can see it has the best ground clearance for an electric car, of course, and the wheel size here is 245. 50 20. But you know the wheel.

Size is different across all the cars, so there are actually five models, but we are going to be talking about only these two right now, because the other two are parked somewhere else and obviously it has got all the protection and they are looking to get five Star and cap rating theyre, also looking at euro encap rating and all lets quickly look at the b05 okay. Firstly, i like this thing where it says: aero bridge i dont even know what that means be, can stand for born electric or battery electric, but this is a new brand, a sub brand which they have launched for electric vehicles and, of course, they have electric vehicles Under the xuv brand as well here they say that they can actually project messages, yeah thats right, they can project messages here. I just hope the camera does not start reading this qr code. It says inglo architecture. The tech shield is what it says, its obviously going to get level two adapt functions. How do you like the design of this car? I think it looks like an absolute beast. Okay, it looks quite wide honestly and the tire size is also impressive, because this one is bigger than the one on the xuv. So 275. 45. 21S. I love the way they have done the whole. You know design of the alloy wheels now this is very concept. Sort of a car it says, be aerodynamic because it gets cameras here.

The interior is locked at the moment, but youve got two screens, i believe, 12.3 and 12.3. And then you can see the steering wheel, which might remind you of the tata curve. Okay again, minimum buttons is what theyre looking at and theyre looking at a lot of connectivity and great human hmi human machine interface say swipe to connect. Here again, it says the same here: nice paint finishing now. This is a coupe suv amazing, because this piano black finishing, looks nice and then sort of gives you the urus vibe as well and yeah. I think light is here and then very nice big light treatment. Again, it says zero five right there see the size of the tire, really nice and then again this will definitely remind you of the urus nicely done, but no rear, viper washer. So let me just show you. The car from this side looks really very cool huh and the thing is theyre going to start launching it from 2024 late 2024 and then six month intervals will start launching other cars. So all these cars will be on road soon enough. Actually, the price of this, i think, should be around 20 lakhs im just guessing, because the top end model is not the b05, its a b09, which will be the flagship above 30 lakhs on road, but considering the tech and the kind of battery and range and All that its totally worth it, because we can realistically get a range of more than 500 kilometers its the common platform with, i think 70 common components across cars lets get to this one, because this has the color from the tata curve.

Okay, now the thing is uh, because this is on the xuv brand. It has the twin peak logo, which is actually finished in copper. In fact, they have copper elements here on the lights as well, which is kind of funky and this huge light, which runs across its kind of nice now. Obviously, this is not open, because electric car does not need a grill, but it will have level two. A dash and theyre, obviously targeting five step in for sorry five star cap rating of course looks actually fantastic. Okay lets look at the wheels now the tire size have. Oh, my god, this piano black finish is on the outside, which you do you. I usually dont see with cars as such. This is where the charging port is, which will be there on both the sides. In fact theres no camera here, but i believe theyll get a 360 degree camera this. Obviously, pops out things are actually based on the xuv aero concept, because this is again a coupe suv which looks really nice now here the interior is not completely done, but theyve got three 12.3 in screens three of them one two three: this is for the instrument. Cluster thats for the infotainment system, and that is, if you want to work from your car, that will be very much handy. Coming to the rear. Again, nice light treatment, sort of a thingy which we see on uruses and all those performance, suvs, x5m, okay, shark fin antenna, of course, and at the rear you can see its a very minimal design like not very busy.

Usually mine is known for busy designs, but no no busy stuff happening here at all vessels. Fingers of truth will never hunt for an exhausting electric car because there will be none anyways. Let me quickly come to the tires and show you the tire size like. I was telling you this is smaller when compared to this car in the side, which is the b05 245 15 20 nice design. I hope you know all this comes to production, because if it does its definitely going to sell well, but you know things are missing here – you get proper mirrors, unlike the b05, but you know do not get wipers at all so thats missing here. That car also does not get wipers so thats again missing ill quickly, show you the screens so one two and a three now this looks like the adrenox screen, which we see in the xuv700 and the scorpio n, but obviously it will be like kind of different, Because its going to get a lot of tech as well its a very interesting proposition from mahindra, and obviously they are going to work on ride, handling balance, which will be pretty good for an electric car as well. They say that the skateboard – this is actually known as a skateboard, the you know, platform with the batteries, and everything is going to have be the and lightest in the segment and all that so thats also something to look out for.

So what do you guys think? How does this look? I think it reminds me of the tata curve to an extent, and the color actually reminds me too, of the tata curve to an extent. The steering wheel also reminds me of the tata curve to an extent, and we know the designer of mahindra was in tata motors earlier now. They call it the hardcore design so guys. This is a quick look at these beautiful new born electric cars from mahindra. In fact, the length of this particular car is 4790 mm, so almost 4.8 meters, which is quite long for a coupe suv, im, not sure how the headroom is going to be at the rear. But let me try and take a glimpse. Okay, it gets a panoramic roof, considering the pricing which is expected. Obviously it will get all the bells and whistles, because the xb7w is still loaded. This is going to get a lot more features in comparison and this one is 4360mm. So i think, by the time this one gets launched, i think 24.25 tata curve will also be on sale, so they both are going to rival each other. Wheelbase is 2775 mm, and this car also has the same wheelbase, so they can vary the wheelbase also slightly so thats the whole aspect or positive of using common. I mean of a modular platform, of course, and then they were actually discussing that. Maybe they will give this platform to volkswagen for their cars.

Meanwhile, volkswagen obviously providing the battery uh cells for the battery pack, of course, so guys. This is a quick look at these two beautiful mahindra cars and thankfully theyve actually shown us what underpins it. The new platform, of course beautiful, if you like this vlog, make sure to give the thumbs up thats a like button and also subscribe to the channel.