So too will genesis the first of its models to be launched exclusively as a battery electric only is whats beside me here. It is the 2023 genesis gv60. It is a compact crossover, coupe and theres a lot of things to talk about. I have a lot of opinions on it too. So stick around lets. Take a look at the 2023 genesis. Gv60 Music. As i mentioned off the top, the gv60 is the first genesis model to be designed exclusively as an electric, only vehicle, so its kind of a chance with this model to sort of showcase, how they see, electrification and as it fits with their other, their branding. As a luxury brand, and so to that extent there is some commonality with their cousins, shall we say the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia ev6, but as a luxury brand, there are some additional features. The similarities, of course, is that all three models, including this gv60, are powered by a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery um. Now they have in terms of output, a couple of differences, and that is because there are two trim levels and while both are all wheel drive, you have your advanced trim, which um has dual motors front and back, except that the rear motor is a kilowatt. And the front is 74. now for that base the advanced trim, which is the lower end trim that gives you an output of 314 horsepower and 446 pound feet of torque.

Now there is the performance trim, which is what i am driving right now and uh. The difference there is, you have dual 160 kilowatt, uh electric motors front and back giving you more substantial performance, and that is 429 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque, but theres even a little bit more to offer, because a really innovative uh feature here in this Gd 60: if you look just down by the steering wheel, there is this little green button called boost, and if you press boost for 10 seconds, you will get an increase in power which goes up to 483 horsepower. With that kind of output, you will get from zero to 100 kilometers in four seconds im not going to try that here on this road, but i did do a little demo of that yesterday and i filmed that take a look. All right lets see how fast this thing will go. We have in sport mode gon na put the boost and lets give this thing. A whirl lets see what happens all right here. We go in three. Two one hit the boost Music. Now a lot of luxury evs tend to be very soft in the ride very bouncy and cushy. What we have here with this gv60 is an adaptive suspension, its not an air suspension, but it is able to detect variances in the road. There is a camera looking ahead and the suspension can adjust itself, so you still have a decent ride.

You also have with it, but its something thats available in the upper performance trim is an electronic limited slip differential because it offers uh more stability on slippy roads and snowing conditions or rainy weather, and you know, especially if you want to handle it and do a You know a performance curve on conditions that are not ideal. You might want to have that extra sort of stability. The gv60 is genesis. First, design meant to be electric only. It is built on hyundais, egmp platform, thats, the same platform youll see on the hyundai ioniq 5 and the kia ev6. So its got some cousins, shall you say in baseline platform, but the exterior overall definitely is genesis and its meant to be familiar, but also new to the brand. This is a crossover, coupe design and you will see some innovative first in the overall exterior design packaging. With this gv60, perhaps one of the most notable new features for the first time on a genus is a clamshell hood. It comes right over the top and over the towards the fenders, a more sort of uniform all in one feature: youve got a emblem: uh, a new crest emblem on the front end of the hood now, typically below the hood. Where youd see your traditional crest genesis. Grill well, thats been lowered. Even further, i mean you. Dont technically need a grill on an ev, but in this case its lower positioning gives a consistency for the brand look plus.

It offers some uh cooling and air intake to keep the batteries cool. Theres. Also active grill shutters to increase increase, i should say overall, airflow and aerodynamics. Another consistent feature in genesis. Design is the dual line headlamps. They are led headlamps, and that is true here. It also does extend onto the rear with the these dual line. Tail lamps also added to the rear. Of course you have this spoiler increased aerodynamics as well. The overall silhouette really is of uniformity. It has an athletic sort of progressive stance to it definitely is distinctive among the other models in the lineup and somewhat distinctive in the overall upper end luxury crossover marketplace. What i do like here are the wheels these wheels are really sharp. Looking on the two trims on your lower trim, you have 20 inch wheels and these are 20 ones on the performance, and i really like the look of it that the cladding is sort of a gray. It matches well with uh, with this new color here, um its called a hanuma mint, this sort of gray its in the pressed material. They say this, this greenish mint color is meant to be indicative of sustainability. Theres 11 colors in total. Four of them are new. This is one of the new colors. You also have um sao paulo sao paulo lime, a very neon color, reminiscent of the old kia soul, lime green, but its still here in genesis, and they have a couple of copper type colors.

They uh atacama, copper and atacama. Copper matte now that copper color is actually going to be sort of a new signature color for genesis the whole brand going forward, but this really is a i i think you know i keep staring at it. It is a very attractive exterior design, and personally, i think this is a really sharp looking car lets. Take a look now at the interior of the gv60 and when i first stepped inside, when i picked up the vehicle, my first impressions were wow. It really is very nice. We have a combination overall of you know, modern luxurious, unique as well, and especially with the lighter color interior. You know i find uh lighter colors, really look more elegant than you know your black leathers. Of course, the trade off is that it tends to get dirty a little bit and scuff uh more noticeably, but it really looks nice um and some key components to the overall look. We have. Of course, this is being built on the egmp platform dedicated to evs. The benefit of that of is that there is no uh transmission tunnel, so we have a flat floor which is good for space. You see here and its open. There is a good room below and an advantage of that is, there is obviously a place to put bags or purses for too long automakers have kind of forgotten uh how women would often carry a person. They need a good.

You know intentional space for it and, i think, with ev platforms now with the removal of the transmission, the drive shaft, you actually have a great opportunity, so i hope well see lots of that also and below the way the center console now works. Is you kind of have this floating center console? It looks pretty good and unique, underneath it theres additional storage, theres, even storage, just below uh here up front, so lots of you know areas to put stuff in the interior. We see a lovely napa leather theres. Lots of stuff soft touch points the wheel, i just love how this wheel feels its its nice and and its a large enough wheel that you feel substantial its very soft, really really nice, the fabric, which you see on the doors as well here its kind of A soft suede its actually, you know touching towards sustainability. It is uh made and woven from recycled pet plastic. Now, when you look at the overall structure and the functionality from a cockpit perspective, theres some really interesting things. One of the challenges of driving an ep without an engine is sometimes knowing when its on ive done it a few times. Ive left an ev and not realizing. I still had it active. So what genesis has done in this gv60 is something really innovative and cool, and i think its a signature item that people talk about and well talk about this beautiful, crystal sphere right here is uh decorative right now, but it serves a purpose um right now.

The vehicle is not engaged, it is not on, but if i press the start button, something happens to know that were actually going. It turns over and now i can actually see my uh my gear selector and the drive by wire beautiful. You turn it off. It. Flips back over again it illuminates and there are different colors you can have for ambient lighting and it matches uh the crystal orb. It really is beautiful. I think its so cool the gear selector is on this floating center console and what we have in total is a sort of connected, uh integrated, cockpit design, which matches up with the two 12.3 inch screens. Of course you have your uh driver information display and your center infotainment and touchscreen, similar to the ionic 5 and the ev6, but what you have here, um you have your uh, your rotator, which selects it your touch screen for infotainment is avail again. You can use your fingers or you can use this sort of command. Also, you have a number of tactile, uh buttons. You have for your client, your heated seats, your heated steering wheel, you even have for your cameras and for your park assist. This is great up here. You also have tactile buttons to get to your home menu and to scroll. You have uh your sort of rolling volume controls in your tuner and you have a really another interesting, innovative feature. There is a little button in the middle here and thats part of new technology for genesis where it is uh.

Your fingerprint reader, where it identifies youd, have to program it ahead of time and through the reading of your fingerprints, when you hit it, it identifies you. It automatically moves into the positions and settings that you have. The fingerprint reader is also part of a dual sort of security feature where the second part is on the b pillar outside theres, a little uh sort of space, and that is a camera that does facial recognition. But fingerprints and and fascia recognition is really high. Tech and another new feature in the gv60 and on the 12.3 inch uh screen here for your infotainment and center. You have a number of features: uh related to the ev one that i really like is um. If youre looking to just do your setup, you have a 3d setup here, where i just hit it and now what we turn to is um in a almost a three you can look, and now you can program what you want to have your setting up for Your driver features or your lighting or or other features inside your liftgate, and then you hit the button and all of a sudden youre going inside. You can even do a move it down to a 360 view and then youre just now, youre scrolling all around more fun than i mean its functional, but its also fun to do so lots of features here. Another neat feature on the doors: are these two sort of strips which are reflective and it pairs with something i really like also is.

When you open the door, you can actually see. There are sort of reflective lights on the side at night time its great, because if someone is driving, you want that extra safety. I love that its little things that genesis has done inside this interior that work well. This is a compact crossover, but there still is storage space, its not a ton but its not too bad. If you open up the lift gate – and you take a look, you will see behind the second row, there is a 24 cubic feet of cargo space. You put the second row: seats down and youll be up to 54.7 and you know its not bad. I actually earlier this week i put a lawnmower in there. I had to help somebody uh mow their lawn. I put a power lawnmower in there i had. I went to ikea and i i loaded it up for stuff from ikea today, so its not bad. At all things considered, there is a frunk here in the g, the gv60, its not a lot. I mean its, maybe one or two cubic feet enough for cables. So i wouldnt call that storage but thats what you have for cargo in terms of driving range. This gv60 has two different uh limits or or benchmarks depending upon the trim. If you are in the advanced trim, which has the 160 and the 74 electric motors, you have a driving range of 400 kilometers or 248 miles.

If you have the performance treatment, you have your dual 160 kilowatt motors that drops to 378 kilometers or 235 miles. I will say again that is just a baseline. Just like fuel economy is a baseline. It is based upon a a rigid, controlled set of testing protocols, and that number will vary. It will go up or down depending upon a host of factors in summer time. In ideal weather, if you dont need air conditioning, you could well expect to go above that 20 25. Similarly, in the wintertime youre gon na have less, but how much less depends again on a whole host of factors. All im saying is that is just the baseline treated as such, where youll really get into more specific detailing is with respect to efficiency, because you know another important consideration, which i often talk about, is not just how far an eb will go. But how efficient is it with the energy that it has, and this gv60 is um? It is made the choice to be a more powerful version compared to say the ev6 uh or the ionic 5. I mean the ev6 gt is a little bit of a different story and theres – probably an ionic 5n coming, but right now this is really more about power and because of that youre going to see a less efficient, uh utilization of the energy compared to the other. Two compared to the sort of overall industry at large and all of evs in total, its not bad.

What were looking at and again depending upon the trim level. If youre in the advanced trim uh, there is a rating of uh, 2.5 liters e per 100 kilometers, which is also 95 mpge in the us. The performance trim is actually 2.6 liters e per 100 kilometers or 90 npg, so less efficient. Now, when it comes to charging the gv60 like its cousins, the ionic 5 and the ev6 uh have the capability of going to the ultra fast dc charge system with 350 kilowatts. When you are on that system in ideal conditions – and that is an important consideration as well uh – you can get from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes, i ive tested it its its working well, and so that claim is true, but again in ideal conditions. In the winter time, its going to take longer because batteries are colder and and batteries just dont charge as fast same thing with your smartphones or your tablet, to your laptops, its all the same thing so in ideal conditions, itll be quick. Now, if you dont have a 350 charger nearby, if its just an old, even old, school uh, first generation dc fast charge with 50 kilowatts youll get 10 to 80 in about 73 minutes. If youre home charging and using a level two uh charger, youre going to look at about seven hours or so to get basically from empty to full. Also of note, with charging its worth, noting that the location of the charge port on this gv60 is well in.

In right hand, north american driving, it is on the rear of the passenger side and again, this is something if youre getting into your second ev. Now and youve got your home charger set up. You know where the charge port is, does matter, uh and so thats. In this case, its on the rear driver side, this has uh regen modes. Of course, on your steering wheel, you have your shift paddles, where you can regen up to four different levels from nothing where youre at zero and youre, basically just coasting to one two and three increasingly more uh resistance and regenerative. All the way up to your one pedal driving, you do have the ability for one pedal driving and it will come to a complete stop even in any regen mode. Youve got to still keep pressure on the pedal when youre one pedal driving. You know the second. You release it youre gon na hard brake, so i generally prefer to use one pedal driving only when its the right situation for a first kick of the can at an all new electric vehicle. Genesis really has hit it out of the park. With this gv60 ive been driving electric vehicles, since electric vehicles have been out there, maybe not the ev1, but i have almost intentionally tried not to be biased but im having a hard time with this genesis. Dv60, i love it. I mean i might want to see a little bit more range with an increase of efficiency over time, but this thing is fun, its attractive, its eye catching theres, great tech.

This is one the. I guess. The only other big challenge right now is availability uh. If you want one put your deposit down now, because youre, probably one to two years out supply chain issues, aside, get yourself to a genesis dealer. If you can take a look at one of these things drive one youre gon na love it i just did. This. Might just be my favorite ev ive ever driven. I hope you enjoyed this review and, if youre not subscribed to my channel, please consider doing so. If you are subscribed, make sure you ring the bell, so youre notified every time. I upload something new thats all for now im eric novak.