We have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range. Video Wiki is a product review database in video format. Here were a group of product research where we test analyze and research trending products. Our goal is to create a list of top picks with buying guides for every category based on the products, features, quality, price and user feedback. If you choose from our list, you can be sure youll be buying. One of the best products available today make sure to check the products link Down Below in the description, and please like the video and subscribe to our channel to get more product reviews regularly. At number, one home flex, f charger. This chargepoint unit is rated up to 50 amps, making it the most powerful consumer grade wall charger. We could find the manufacturer claims. It will charge nine times faster than a 120 volt cable at Max settings. The product is available with both 14 to 50 and 6 to 50 plugs, although the 14 to 50 version is marked up to a higher price thanks to supply issues like most chargers at this price point, it can be controlled via app using built in Wi Fi. It also supports Amazon, Echo voice commands, but charging box sports a Sleek silver design with a green LED ring. The charging plug also Clips directly onto it for Easy Storage when not in use this device is both weatherproof and energy star rated for high efficiency at number.

Two nigir level, 1 plus 2 home electric vehicle charging station. The me gear level, OnePlus 2 Charger, looks a lot like the manufacturer issued level 1 charge cord that comes with the typical electric vehicle, its 25 feet long and has an adapter that allows you to plug it into a typical three prong 120 volt household Outlet. If you do that, the meteor level OnePlus 2 will charge your EV at essentially the same rate as the cable that came with the car. But if you happen to have access to a 240 volt outlet with a Nema 6 to 20 plug a lot of electric clothes dryers use, these meteor level, OnePlus 2 will raise your charge rate to 240 volt level 2.. A device like this one is the cheapest path to level 2 Charging. Now weve seen this charger marketed under a few different brand names, while the other chargers on our best list all come with a three year warranty the meteor level, OnePlus 2 is warranted for only a year, its also the only one that wont restart itself after a Power Interruption, even if that Interruption is only momentary, youll have to restart it yourself, so, hopefully, the interruption doesnt occur just after you turn in for the night. This is the cheapest path to level 2 Charging quite a bit cheaper, even than buying a replacement level. 1 cord from your EV dealer, the me gear level, 1 plus 2 charges on 240 at the lowest level, 2 rate of 16 amps much lower than the optimal future, protecting 40 or 50 amps.

Yet at 16, amps level 2 should charge your EV about three times faster than the level one cord that came with it. With this charger, you can continue to save your pennies for a more powerful level to home station. In the meantime, youll be able to take advantage of level 2 when you can and worry less about making it to work. The next morning, if you cant, find a public charger on the way home at number three Grizzly level, 2f charger made in Canada. This level, 2 EV charger comes with a three year warranty and full customer support, making it a good option for those who are new to home. Ev charging attached to this charger is a Nema 14 to 50 plug for Plug and Play installation and a 24 foot premium cable. It offers adjustable amperage of 48, 32A, 24a and 16a to take advantage of the most efficient charging conditions. Charge rates vary from 28 to 30 miles per hour at 48, 22 to 25 miles per hour at 32A, 15 to 18 miles per hour at 24a and 10 to 12 miles per hour at 16a, its IP67 rated for water resistance and is also fire resistant. Keep yourself protected with a collection of safety features, including built in GFCI over current over voltage under voltage, missing diode ground fault and over temperature protections. The exterior of the charger features a heavy duty, rigid design with an airtight metal enclosure. It can easily be detached from the wall mount if you ever have to transport it to a different location.

If you prefer to keep things simple, this is the home EV charger for you, theres no wireless capability, so there isnt an app you need to configure and set up. In other words, if you simply want a charger, you can plug into your EV to charge it without messing with any other settings. Consider grizzly at number four Pulsar plus level 2f charger. Looking for a more compact design, because you dont want a large unsightly charger hanging from your garage wall, this Sleek level, 2 charger from wallbox, fits the bill offering 240 volt charging in a small package. The Pulsar plus offers up to 40 amps of power, but automatically adjusts to varying charging needs down to 16 amps. This means charging your EV up to seven times faster when compared to standard level 1 charging cables. It comes with a 25 foot charging cable by using the my wallbox app. You can connect the charger to your smart devices, allowing you to wirelessly control and monitor your charger through Bluetooth or Wi Fi with the app you can create charging schedules to reduce the cost of charging, as well as set reminders and get notifications of charging progress. Have two EVS at your home and need a pair of chargers. You can connect more than one of these Chargers to the same electrical circuit, thanks to built in smart power management, which will automatically balance charging for the most efficient energy distribution.