Yo whats up this is the byd tang and in this video im going to show you guys, the awesome chinese luxurious interior im just kidding with you guys, but okay. So um you see its a really big car. If i stand next to it, im 173 centimeters. Still you see im almost as tall as the car, so fun fact. This car is roughly 10 centimeters taller than fat ditrum, its a big car lots of space more space than each one more like model x, five seater space and maybe not too long hood well, okay, long ish, but this is based on a faucet platform thats. Why were not going to waste time here? Theres, nothing to see there lets check out the back. So because this is chinese premium electro outdoor, then we have kick sensor huh. I always have to kick around the norwegian flag, yes, so tons of spacer. This is a seven seater, so we have a bag here. You could take it out this uh for the cable and then here we have some stuff like what the heck is. This thing huh some kind of weapon, yeah man freaking on the space here. So here you can take up the third row with some straps zoop like this or just fold it down again, and actually you see here, you can recline well. This is in the most upright position, so it actually reclines even huh. How about that reclining third row, and then here we have some stuff accessories, a type two wait that was or the other one was a bit super cable, and now you can actually take out this one if you want to use space.

This is just a hundred by velcro, and then you can take out this just to show you wait that it is pos. How did i take it out again how to hold it its firmly and yeah? You see in case you need to use that space, but you probably want to have the the emergency stuff here on this foot like this and then for the most time you just use utilize space here, let me do the measurement with a laser cannon, so this Length here well its measured in the middle. How do you measure your penis right by the root or by do you measure it like here or wait? How did it get so dusty? Oh, the car is full of schmutz, okay, but anyway, back to what youre supposed to do: wow 113 centimeters – that is proper deep. What about the width here? This is 101 centimeters or if you will extend something bigger here. This is 100 and centimeters. That is proper. Big, what about the height here in case you need to have a dog cage or some 74 centimeters, and then diagonally entrance. Try to point the laser cannon, wait its supposed to be like this right: 83 centimeters and then the height loading height is fairly flat. Theres a tiny little thing here, but let me try to measure the loading height: oh 81 centimeters, its kind of high but yeah, and then wait. This one is supposed to have an ankle coupling.

Maybe this one doesnt have it, but it can tow 1500 kilograms. Oh, we have 12 volt outlet here 120, what oh thats, 10 amp okay, but we actually outlet. Here we have also 12 out in the front. I guess this is a subwoofer. You see the cup holder were going to investigate those once we are in the third row. Oh, we have actually relatively sturdy hooks here, see here and here for securing cargo. I like this, some of the korean cars. I wonder if it was an e near or something they, they just put a pool joke uh, some kind of plastic hook. This is metal sturdy. I feel like this whole car is quite sturdy. Now i follow the seat, so the seats fall fairly flat. I also put the passenger seat in the first row. All the way forward so now were gon na measure. How big or how deep is your love uh this length here? Wow 206 centimeters this length here, 226 centimeters. You can put ikea stuff right in here, wardrobe sofa. This thing can swallow anything. What about the diagonally? Oh 240, centimeters, each one go home, tesla go home, the only car that can match this. One is neo, es8 super spacious. I have to do the test here. Let me show you guys what were talking about here. Okay, i can lay down here, and i can even stretch my wow. Even if i stretch my arms, i cant reach the the uh the seat there.

That is how big this car is holy great wall of china, and now we try the third row so im just going to climb in here. Look here: voila! Okay, so i sit here. Oh this is cramped yeah. This is really cramped, so you want to put the small asians in the back, but we have a cup holder kind of awkward position to have it here, not sure you want to have a cup holder here. Theres no usb here wait whats this, but this does im not sure what this one is, but theres a speaker that way huh. What is this thing? It doesnt seem like youre supposed to open it, but also usb there thats good other than that wait. Do we have any? Are these speakers here wheres the air conditioning went in the back whoa. We are lacking that one um. We have some lights here, so it could be hot here or cold depending on which season, but i have to take up the seat here. Let me take up this one, at least to give you an idea: whoa, it gets always it gets cramped in here. You want to put kids or small people here and im still 173 centimeters, and i feel claustrophobic here, but what you can do, i guess, is just have it like this okay were going to check the width of the seat roughly here lets see if we can See it yeah. Okay, i have to measure roughly there 133 centimeters thats fairly wide, and then this car can recline.

So you can do lets see. How is this again yeah? You can recline the seat to get a nice comfortable position and if you need the space you can take it up and then you can just click it there. Now. This is very upright short bench position and you can even pull this forward to maximize the cargo space and even in the most forward position, i still have sufficient space here and its still better than when im in a third row, so thats really good. Oh look at the space here we have event there. We have some straps here for putting your uh. We have some speakers there space for stuff. This one is soft. You see i like the design it looks and feels premium. This is premium chinese car build your dreams. Events here, adjustment wait is, did they copy this from bmv huh, okay, and here we have two usb yeah, two usb a unfortunately no usbc in this car. All right and the seats look like this and we also have panorama roof and we have lights here. The headrest can be adjusted up all three of them. You see huh chinese safety and look here you can yeah. I like this. You know some cars. You have to fist like this zoop and then you open here. You have a little table there. You open here. You have cup holders. Huh huh, wait wheres the ski opening. Oh, i guess they dont have snow in china.

The head room, oh head room, is actually not that great well im, im now kind of reclining. So then i get slightly more as i get like one fist or headroom. Let me just oh yeah. Wait: uh huh there, oh man about one fist of headroom here kind of yeah. What if i go more upwards and upright? How is it now? This is kind of tight wow im surprised that the headroom is not better so and the middle seating aint bad, because you have flat floor so huh. To my big surprise, this is a fossil platform. Well, or is it, but it actually has flat floor and the middle seat here, let me check again is okay? Yes, if you only you, if you have the seat, sit in the middle seat, sit in a byd tang, not most of the other cars i tested and then here we have good driving position. Well, maybe i should fire up the car electric adjustable seats. Huh lumbar support and even ill show you here, you see better. This one can be extended. Many cars that dont have this extension, but at least the german cars have it. So this is really good. Its important for people with long legs and look even the steering wheel is electric adjustable and you get all these equipment with the panorama roof and everything in the base price, at least in the configuration norway heres a memory here, then the sound, the the sound effects.

Music, they are included, unlike some other german authors, where you have to pay extra for the sound effects. So let me see this one with pivot, but it wont extend okay drock, what the heck yeah. This is good. This is good man, good theres, open, open and close the trunk space yeah. So we have some light here. We have close it close. Okay, are we closing it wait? Are we closing it? Do you have to hold it? No, i have to hold it. Okay, let the press and hold very close okay and then listen to the door. Closing sound huh, Music thats, not bad, that that aint bad man. Well, i still, i still feel like this is bmv design. They even made the feel the click sound and the feel to be just like bmw man, these chinese people theyre getting better and better at the copying, but i kind of wish to have adjustment here, but here we have to do like this close and open yeah. Here we have cup holder with the key thing there. You can close the lid here like this. Where do we have more head? No, no, actually just feeling it for the the gear shifter, okay, whatever we have some buttons here, all right. This is for regeneration. This is uh, i guess some kind of snow mode, and then here we have eco sports. I can show you now what it means here so uh. It says larger.

This is region, you can go standard or larger for region, and then you have the sport and eco. You always want to be in sport mode. When you have an eco mode, you are limited to roughly 230 kilowatt, but then, when you have it in sport mode, you will have a 360 kilowatt hour per hour, power, yeah uh, then uh, yes, and then i guess here we have the the uh. Maybe traction can offer some kind of snow mode thing right, so the screen here can be rotated: huh, huh. Okay, we have physical buttons on the steering wheel, Music, okay, so so thats, good yeah theres. Even a button here too, do this. Why why its pointless yeah? So i like the feedback when you touch the buttons its not that happy crap that you get so thats good. I feel like this thing will might be a little bit hard compared to some of the ones i dont see any head up display here, but other than that it looks great, i have to say the interior. Actually even the seat looks great. You see here you can adjust. How do you adjust this one? Okay, uh, i dont know uh im not gon na ruin it, but yes, and also this car has good interior lights. I, like it and also i dont know if you can see it here, but at night these tiny leds, they light up the interior. So you see stuff here just like bmw.

You know this is good because the chinese they copy the good stuff from the western cars and then they dont copy the bad. And then i can show ive been sitting in a seat for a long time. During my 1000km challenge and the only fans run – and this is comfortable these seas, these seats are comfy man and we have seat ventilation. I can show you guys how to activate it. You have to go here, you have to go here and you see here. We have the only fans mode, then it turns off uh ac and then, if you go to heat here, you can wait. Can we do? Oh? Okay? Maybe only mercedes allows you to run the heater and the fan at the same time, but i cant put it on two: you have even have steering wheel heater, huh, okay, you hear a little bit of noise, but it sucks good yeah. I have air proof purification and this one though quick purification, okay, buy weapon defense mode on uh. Is it do anything kind of ish, okay, whatever, but im going to show something else, since we are here in the infotainment? So if you go here like home, okay, if you put the car in drive now all right – and this is – this – is kind of annoying all the whole. Oh yeah, i had to buckle up to get the auto, but whatever im gon na youre gon na use the turning.

Now when you turn this comes up, this is brilliant. You suddenly see the 360 view. Oh wait! Oh theres, a i splattered, a bug, theres like what the heck wait. Now, how do you get back to that? One? No, no! No! Wait there! Okay! Okay! Let me just park! I i got. I messed up. Okay lets! Try again normally when you turn right. No now it doesnt show up, oh no, its because the the app is running uh somewhere. Wait: okay, okay, um uh enough! Nothing to see nothing to see you just have to restart. We got to just start everything. Im gon na go to bed now and wake up again, and we we do this again. All right software, though its not the strongest point in this car. Okay, booting up china, os okay, think id have been dry first, give it a drive. Okay, look! Look! This is to prevent curb rush, maybe because asian drivers are bad drivers, but you can see like the right repeater or whatever the 360.. You say here: huh huh, huh, im going to show you something else: cool! Okay! If you go into reverse like this, and you back up right, if you click on the car, it will become transparent. You can actually see through the car. I dont know how they do this. This is ancient chinese secret, but its freaking look at that wow. This must be chinese intelligence, like how the heck can you look through the car like that huh stop.

Cheating abc, always be cheating theres, a spot there. Ah wow. Oh damn, okay, here center console space. Here we have usb a two of them. We have a micro micro, usb micro, uh sd card slot. We have a 12 volt outlet here yeah, but this one cannot be adjusted upwards or forward. So its stick stuck like that thats a little minus. So there you have it the byd tang. So this car actually starts at roughly 620 630k nook. Only if you dont get the winter tires just get somewhere else cheaper, but think about this. For this kind of price, you get 1500 kilos, towing capacity, roof rack lots of space, awesome interior lots of features. Huh, can you find other cars with also, i forgot to mention 509 horsepower huh. So do you like this? Do you like this huh, okay, the software might be the worst part of this, but other than that seems like this is a freaking bargain compared to first of all, maybe cars. If you start specking up, maybe cars or fat eatron, they would be way more expensive. Yeah, okay, okay, at least that is going to be way more expensive, but this one has the blade battery and it can actually go fairly far far but okay, its fat. Its thirsty just bear that in mind, but not that much more thirstier than a fat eatron and it has more space than a fat heatron. This is a in a bigger space class than those cars, so i think thats going to be it for now.