Some people, you know, have concerns about how much is going to be able to be used like a truck. It does have good towing capacity at 10 000 pounds. If you get the heavy duty tow package with that, you will lose some range. What you have to do is with the ford pass app and the touch screen in the dash. You can help to plan out your trip so that you can make sure that you dont run out of juice. Now, with this truck, you can go to a dc fast charger and you can get about eighty percent of the available charge in about 45 minutes. Um prices on thats going to vary depending on the charging system, but 80 at 45 minutes. They dont recommend that you charge it higher than 80 percent just to cut down on the the heat on the battery itself. This particular truck is a pro series, so its more like a an xl work truck. If youre looking at the regular f 150 line, the differences are, it does have the 12 inch screen in the dash with sync 4, so you got the apple carplay android, auto. All those conveniences this particular one – has the standard range battery dual motor. So what youve got here is 230 miles of range on a single charge um. So if you think about going where you might be going, you just have to plan out your route as far as where you might want to charge the optional battery that you can get on.

This is the long range gives you about 320 miles of range, depending on how you drive and what youre doing at the time, from the videos that ive seen where people have tested the range, when youre towing seems that you lose about 40 percent of your range. When youre towing, now you would do the same thing with a gas engine, you would have less range on that as well its just its a lot easier to fill up gas than it is to wait for it to charge, but some of the options that really Help in electric vehicles, you do not have in a regular f 150. You do have the front which is uh your front trunk and thatll hold 400 liters or 400 pounds. You also have a four electrical outlets up here. If you need to run anything you might want to run, i was thinking 32 inch flat screen. You got a cooler down here in the bottom. You put your playstation or apple tv in here. You got tailgating central right here in the front of this truck, so theres a lot of options. You can do with this truck power wise. You also have power outlets in the bed um. This one has the base 2400 watts in the bed, but you can also do the 7.2 kilowatt in the back when youve got the extended range battery, so that will give you a total of 9.6 kilowatts between the front and the rear of the truck to power.

Pretty much anything you can even get a charger that will allow you to charge your house if your power goes out. Itll automatically reverse the charge from the truck to the house, so that you can power your house and you wont, lose everything in your freezer. So theres tons of options with this truck the new suspension in the rear, with the independent rear suspension, really helps with the ride quality. Thats new for this truck, the regular f 150s dont, have it just the lightning and the new raptor have the independent rear suspension and that really does help with the ride quality. The other thing that helps with the lightning is, since you dont, have that big heavy engine up front to to put all the weight up on the front of the truck youve got a battery thats down here, low and under the cab. So youve really got a really good weight distribution front to rear, plus your center of gravity is very low. So if your handling is better, everything is better because, because of that weight, distribution and low center of gravity, a lot of people have been looking at. You know changing wheels and tires on these. The things you got to keep in mind. There is, if you change those its going to change the weight of those which is going to also affect your range. So you want to be mindful of everything you do to change the weight of the vehicle itself, because that affects your range.

If this particular one is our demo model, so it will be here until january, the 18th, at which point it can be sold. Someone has already put down deposit to secure the truck when it is available to sell, but its here for everybody to look at its on our showroom. If you want to come by and take a look at it sit in it check it out, come on.