The only thing making sounds is: are the veins? No chime, nothing to tell you that it is switched on, but anyway, so yeah gets off the mark very silently just the way you expect electric vehicle. The acceleration feels pretty good handling manners again. It doesnt feel too heavy theyre hinting. It would be around 2.5 2.6 tons when the in glo platform is properly integrated with this car, but uh yeah it doesnt feel too heavy. I mean its feeling, nice and agile fact. Its feeling, almost like the regular xuv 7 double, almost feels like its a regular petrol or diesel vehicle and theyve, just sort of muted the powertrain, its thats, how natural it feels. So i quite like how the vehicle is driving doesnt feel too lethargic its not just about the instantaneous talk, but you know even the way its delivering power when youre sort of doing a roll on mid range kind of thing, its its working quite well. So yeah pretty impressed. Of course, the file version is what will make sense, and that is when well have a better idea of what this vehicle feels like, but electrified version xv7, double okay, uh lincoln, with a lot of changes, of course, so a particular prototype joe. It is not on the in glo platform that weve shown you. This is using similar components. Theyve put it all together to just give us an idea of what an electrified xuv700 would be like design is obviously going to be different.

This way front end. It is very much like the e9 concept that we saw uh. This key uh led signature that is going from one end, uh all the way to the other, its quite chunky and the turn blinker element is only the one on top. Actually, it is running here. So you will see its only on top its not on the side and the lighting elements are down below. You can see the projector beamlam up top uh threepot arrangement decry and they are calling it the mahindra logo with the led but of course yeah its led tech, uh, johannes detailing production version for the grill. Of course, evs dont need big grills vertical, so please go and check it out. 21 uh 20 inch wheels 245 45 sections, and these have that aerodynamic design. Of course they have wrapped it up completely. But again the design will be very similar to the e9. Like video decay, if you have not seen it both each other, the pop out door handles exactly like the xuv, the tailgate proper xuv. You know theres nothing different. There im, not sure if this opens – or this opens right now, good so yeah. It is a three row: s affordable, three row, electric vehicle and the twin peaks logo, because this is electric, copper bronze me a goldman, whatever color you want to call. It call me colorblind if you like blue color lighting. That is how they will go ahead.

Uh, when they do the uh, the final prototype, no tailpipes xuv, there will be one more infotainment and that is for the passenger seat, so that is primarily what this vehicle will get and rest of it is particular prototype. Everything is just like the xuv, the sunroof air three row seating here. All of that is just like the xuv so features which just keep out filling it. This is the main highlight feature, or, of course, javier production will be on the inglo platform. A particular prototype is a mix and match of components, vehicle production, enterprise platform and december. It will be a little higher than the xuv, of course, but they want to keep it as affordable as possible. So merrick helmet is rear, wheel, drive version, but you never know they have an all wheel. Drive available on the in low or rescue battery capacity or gate will be about 60 kilowatt is uh. What im guessing right now and the sportier vehicles will have the 80 kilowatt version and they will also have all wheel drive qqs, because your power output is between 360 to 400 uh psd power output. I dont think it makes sense for this vehicle for from a business standpoint for them, so i think theyll only keep it for the more premium be range. Sixty kilowatt uh. I think the power output will be somewhere in between 240 to 280, ps and uh 175 kilowatt key fast charging capability.

Hogies, please put them in the comment section below ill answer them myself and uh launch timeline top commander until next time.