. This is the first ev of the channel um and i just want to be able to. You know showcase it for you guys today, so giving it a quick walk around. Obviously, this thing is very good. Looking i actually really enjoy this nice blue paint, its not my favorite color that the ionic 5 has to offer, but its definitely up there. I say like the dark gray, i believe its some sort of matte color is a little bit more appealing, but i mean just look at these led tail lights i mean, even just like the stance of the car, is pretty much perfect for what youd want out Of a you know, a little crossover, ev um to tell you more about it. Also like look at this plastic cladding, we got along the wheel wells and then the aggressive corner styling, with the little slant mark through the body panel, there um and then obviously these front leds too, were pretty nice as well uh right now i have the parking Lights on because, when you put it into park, youre not actually able to just have your running lights on before. I take this thing for a spin and show you all the you know driving features. Let me actually open the tailgate for you guys to see as well and so theres a little button. You press right here. Nothing is electronic, its all hydraulic. As you can see here, we have a pretty wide open trunk, its not the biggest, but you know the seats go down.

Obviously, you can make more room into the cabin too, if youre carrying something a little bit longer its a pretty good size uh. The one gripe i have with this is theres. No really nice place to touch where you can put down the trunk. You kind of just have to grab this inside latch and then push down on the panel, which i dont like having to touch the paint of the car for, but anyways its just a small little gripe lets get in and drive this beauty so welcome to the Ionic 5: this is our first channels ev and yeah lets get into you know some of the driving features. So obviously you know we see this big screen when we get in you know, the interior is actually pretty nice, its its generally simple and theres. Definitely you know some like soft plastics here theres, not like a ton of hard plastics. Maybe, as you go up, your dash youll get some, but so far everythings nice um driving this. Over the last day, there hasnt been any sort of like weird rattles or anything like that. Ive been able to comfortably fit four people in here with no problems and its been its been pretty good to me so in this front screen here. Obviously, this is kind of like your home menu right here unless youre using apple, carplay um, and once you click on this car, which i thought is pretty cool like you can see the nearest charging station you can see.

You know your mileage with the ac off and on which is kind of funny um. You can like schedule your climate and stuff like that um and then, once you go to the home menu, you got your map. You know you got your ev information which we just went over. You can put on your heated seats from here theres no hard button, climate controls here and also we have hard buttons down here. I will say that i dont like the buttons on the steering wheel and the climate control, because theyre gloss black, and once you touch them, you know you can see, probably see here that it gets really dirty. Um gloss. Black is great until you have it for a couple weeks and then its it gets dirty just so fast, no matter how much you clean it um, then. Obviously we have like a valet mode in here too, which is nice, um and then obviously down here you can see your media how to connect. You know your phone and stuff like that too. You can do obviously like phone projection apple carplay. I will say that the apple carplay is only wired, so you have to use a little usb cable running from the bottom of the dashboard here, which kind of sucks, because youd want to keep this area kind of open. You dont want a cord like rubbing against your leg as you drive, but with that being said, we obviously have this front screen here.

Im, not sure exactly how much you guys can see, but it shows you a picture of your car um. This car has blind spot monitoring, so itll actually pop up on your car, like here and here like if someones in your blind spots, which is kind of cool. When you switch into you, switch your drive mode, say you go into sport. You know everything kind of changes as well and obviously in eco too, so it kind of shows you different things like sport mode will show you torque instead of your efficiency as an ev and then obviously your range changes with each mode too, which is kind of Cool that being said, you know you can hold okay to get into the settings. Then itll show you like driver convenience things um in any sort of hyundai youll. Have this exact kind of system, but usually it shows up here unless you have the digital dash like this all right so lets get into the driving. So in order to obviously you know being my you know, first ever ev, this ones interesting. So you have this little uh. You know almost like a another stock coming out of your steering wheel. Um you flick it up to put it into drive. You can flick it down twice to put in reverse up once neutral and then this little thing is park. Um and then obviously you still have a start, stop button, just like any car, except it doesnt make noise.

When you start it up, really, you know theres no engine um its. You know youre just on an ev platform. So when you hit start, you just hear a little chime and then your car is on so lets flick it into drive and get going here all right so starting off in sport mode. This car is actually extremely quick. So this is the ionic 5 with all wheel drive and the 0 60 is said to be at 5.2 seconds and with the instant torque it feels much faster and really that 5.2 seconds is all youll need. You know you can get up to speed very quickly. No matter really where you are because theres no gears so youre not downshifting to get more torque youre, not you know up shifting when you hit the limiter theres, none of that its just its all instant power, which is pretty unique to get used to honestly and So in sport mode youre not going to find this car to be super engaging, you know the steering doesnt really change um. Really, just what will happen is your throttle spots will increase and thats what ive found uh. You know. Obviously you get this different dynamic in your front gauge cluster, but really nothing else is exciting uh. This isnt meant to be some sort of sports car anyways, so just enjoy it as an ev, because, frankly, youll have enough power and youll also have tons of comfort.

In here so automatically switching like right into normal mode, you can feel like this uh, the the you know not per se gas pedal, but you know you can feel the throttle kind of let up a little bit. It gets a little lighter and uh youre instantly. Putting less power down as if you were in sport mode, so that being said just in normal, you know this. This car is very comfortable uh. We have a huge you know greenhouse in here with it being eaten ev. The dash is a lot lower um. So you can really see out of everything my girlfriend commented, although she really, you know, enjoys the interior, its kind of like a fishbowl in here, and i agree with her, and so when you put that when you put it into sport, it just kind of like Put your pedal to the floor like its its pretty insane how fast this thing picks up um you dont really get a lot of uh like wheel, hop or anything like that too, with, like you, know, front wheel, drive cars. Obviously you get that um. You know everything kind of hooks up. You know the tires work well with this car im, not sure exactly what its on but id imagine its all seasons. Right now, the efficiency weve been getting is just over three miles per kilowatt hour. Im, not really sure. If thats good or not, this is the first ev ive ever driven, so i cant tell you, but it has improved since ive gotten the vehicle.

I think when i got it, it was at like 2.5, so ive been driving it pretty conservatively over these last uh. You know this last, like 24 hours, that ive had this vehicle. We have a really nice seating position. It doesnt go as low as you might want it to. You know, im about 5 10 and i feel kind of tall in this car. Given i i still have maybe about six inches in headroom from me to the you know, to the ceiling of this car um. But i will also say that obviously like im, just someone who likes to sit a bit lower in their in their cars – and you cant really do that in here. The drivers seat is the only one in this in this ionic five. I dont know if you can option it up, but this in this ionic five. This is actually the only one that gets the electric adjustments. The rest are manual as far as the usability of this infotainment system has gone its been great to me so far. I commented in my last video doing the 2021 toyota supra that i had issues. You know getting everything going just kind of figuring out how to connect my phone uh figuring out the navigation system. Just you know how to get around in the menus. It was difficult in this hyundai theyve kind of figured things out. Uh. You know everythings pretty simple. You have a nice front home page where you know kind of shows you everything just right up front where you need to be as far as like more in depth settings.

Obviously you can have you know you, can press ok in the steering wheel and get everything as far as like driver and uh, you know like convenience options are all in there and so you know everythings been set up in a in a easier way for the User, as far as cup holders go uh, we have two in this front here and then you can kind of use this little cubby here as a third cup holder, which is funny um and then theres, two in the back seats as well. So at highway speeds. You know this ionic 5 is actually pretty comfortable. Its generally smooth the tires do a great job at keeping things you know stable and quiet. You know theres not a lot of tire noise, which is great. I will say that there is a lot of wind noise. Um, you know this interior is probably not you know, packed with sound deadening, but you know its generally quiet, especially with no engine, but yeah id say that, like on highway speeds, um its pretty easy to get up to speed, uh its pretty easy to cruise, and Just kind of set your cruise control to kind of do the work for you, and it even has the little uh like steering icon on steering wheel that allows the car to take control for a little bit and steer in this system. And my system in my in my hyundai it doesnt last long before it tells you to put your hands on the wheel, take with that what you will but yeah with that being said, you know the system works well.

Ive ive come to trust it. There are places where, like you know, the the lines arent as good, and so you know you kind of get it to short out on you, but itll beep at you if its going to shut off so keep that in mind as well. So, as far as range goes, i believe you know were at 50 right now and the range is 130, so you know add that up with the all wheel drive you get about 260 mileage um, so its its, not amazing. You know in my gas car. Obviously i get about 400 in my elantra ive also had cars that you know, dont really get more than like 300 as far as mileage too. So you know, as long as you have you live in a place where charging stations are pretty accessible and you have one at home like its, not really a big deal as you might make it out to be, and you know ive ive heard people talk about, Like road trips being a concern too, you could always you know, rent a car, or, if you i mean most, you know american families at least ive ive, seen uh being around a lot of american families. We have multiple cars. You know take that into account too. You might have two cars, one could be an ev. One cannot be. You know that might work out too. You know have a gas powered car with more range in it.

You know theres. Definitely adjustments to be made. You know driving an ev, but i can tell you that, like in a daily commute, this is a much better option than you know say any gas powered car. You know you dont get the jolts from transmission shifting as far as all the like buttons and places that you touch like on a regular basis, such as your you know. Your turn signal stock like im using here, or you know, the one to control your windshield wipers or the one that you use to shift into gear. Uh theyre all amazing, like honestly, theyre, really nice quality um. It feels like im in a way more expensive car. You know, obviously, this ionic five starting at about forty thousand dollars, and i think that, just in the right places, theyve added the right quality buttons, which ive definitely criticized cars in the past, for including, like maybe, a cheap, steering, wheel or cheap buttons around. Where you, your hands, are usually always so props to hyundai. On that, i will say that these door panels are quite simple and they definitely saved a lot of money on them. Um they do kind of collect fingerprints too. Ive noticed um. So keep that in mind, but where my car, like on the outside of the doors, has like that gloss black, this one actually has a matte black, which is way better because it doesnt show fingerprints as often um and thats very important for like when people close.

Your doors obviously like, as they close your doors, you know they get their fingerprints on that part of the door, so its great that hyundai didnt include that gloss plaque in this one. So, as we switch into eco mode things kind of lull out um, obviously youre gon na get better fuel economy in here, just by the nature of how the car behaves under the uh under the eco mode um, your throttle response is basically none. It acts as if youre you know, youre, not even here, youre gon na get pretty good efficiency in here um and if you wan na, go crazy, put it into sport mode. You know if youre bored just driving ev, which you probably will be um but yeah with that being said, you know obviously ive talked about this car being boring, but at the same time you know evs are a great way to you. Know kind of like have a more relaxing commute in your workday, because you know when youre driving in stop and go traffic. This is definitely the best thing to have, especially if it has like radar crews or, if it has, you know the one pedal driving all that stuff is really great and ive heard. A lot of people comment on how when theyre done their drive and their ev, especially like some of my co workers like they often are. You know a lot more awake when they get home theyre, not as tired from their commute or not, as you know, drained from just you know, being in stop and go traffic, so keep that into consideration when youre looking for your next car, maybe its an eevee.

If it fits into your daily life even being in new hampshire, where you know things are a little more rural and parts of my uh parts of my life compared to say, like california, we still have plenty of charging stations out here. I dont think i would have an issue finding one. So how does the ionic 5 fit in with its competitors? Obviously you have the tesla um. You have the ford mach e, you have. You know the kia ev6 and you know some other evs are coming out. As you know, we progress as society and honestly i can say that i havent driven any of those, but i will say that this this ionic five is definitely the best looking. I think that just whatever ev you choose make sure you at least get to drive two of them, maybe three, whatever you can kind of get your hands on just to gauge what you like in your ev and what you know manufacturer. Might you know suit you? The best ill tell you right now: the ionic 5 has been a really good car to me. Over the last day, i have had really great first impressions of it. I wish i could have it for a longer time and get to know it a little more but ive been driving it. You know a couple hund, you know almost a couple hundred miles and i will say that, like i havent had any problems with it other than the fact that i myself, like im, a very sports car enthusiast.

So i just get bored driving it. But for a person, whos not really looking for something crazy, just looking for something comfortable, thatll get to and from work in a safe manner and also you know have all their tech features that they want. This is definitely a great option for that.