Will this too be a flop? Lets uh look into it and dive in so its from 62 990 dollars? Not that bad but uh, of course, thats the real wheel, drive model and the rear wheel. Drive gets about 312 miles of range, so theyre estimating well take a look. Its got a level two home or public ac charging blah blah. They have a 19.2 kilowatt public or home charger. I dont know thats, actually quite a lot to be able to charge at home with our electrical grid im just telling you and it says it could get up to 52 miles range. I really think thats a little strange. Yeah 11.5 is usually what the home chargers have and that can get you up to 37 miles of range, so 7.7 kilowatt included dual level charge cord. I dont know up to 19, with the all wheel drive up to 21. With the rear wheel drive, it seems like the rear wheel. Drive is charging faster too, so it can also charge at like a supercharger which is 190 kilowatts, and you have 76 miles of range in about 10 minutes. So lets see learn about charging okay, so the you get a uh charging credit of 1500 with evie go. I dont know where the hell youre finding those because ive never seen them 850 plus chargers in more than 30 states, with more coming soon. Why wouldnt? They just go with an electrify america, its kind of strange to me.

It also just comes with a portable 7.7 dual cord included optional wall track. I dont know its a little strange im, not really exactly sure which charger you get or do you get the 11 or do you get the seven with the car? You should be able to get the 11. My car comes with that my e tron. Now this is basically going up against the audi e tron. If you ask me, you know luxurious whatever. It is really low range because you know the audi claimed super range and it never happened either, so this car may fall into that same category. Unfortunately, now the new audi is coming to where the new e tron, it should be. The q8 e tron and its supposed to have like 350 miles so thats supposed to come in 2023. I honestly dont think its gon na come only because of everything thats going on, but we shall see now. How does this thing? Look its not really pretty looking ill. Tell you that much just looks like a you know: normal kind of cadillac. I guess i dont know its kind of strange looking Music here, yeah yeah, pretty decent. Whatever got that big screen like the escalade, i guess i dont know if its got the thing inside where you can watch the sp derive from basically the speedometer look. You know the dashboard that cruise thing they have in here, where you can kind of just thrive.

I dont know its kind of strange, but anyway this isnt, the first attempt with cadillac um trying to do some electric you know. Does everybody remember the elr? You know this was a big flop and what this was was basically a chevy ball, a volt uh with the drivetrain. So it would give you like 35 to 40 miles ish on, like a hybrid sort of style, and you know cool looking car. It was just really expensive. It was about 75 000 dollars. They only made about 3 000 of these, and these things ran from like 2014 to 2016. They just made under 3 000 units, and you know it just really wasnt. I guess something people wanted. You see the pricing here. 25. 000. 30. 000. I think thats a little bit much. I used to see these things, for you know basically nothing. They were kind of plummeting, but now, with everything going on, everything is kind of expensive, so but um yeah, this car really didnt make it very well, and you know chevys first attempt i mean cadillacs first attempt to kind of get into this market now. What is their best selling vehicle, of course, at cadillac? You know lets face it: its the escalate now theres a ton of profitability in these escalades dealers get over 30 grand for these vehicles. 20 grand ridiculous numbers ive been hearing out there, this new escalade v. Are they going to get top money for this thing? If you could get your hands on it? This thing is probably the worst thing on gas out there, but people want it.

You know, does cadillac really know what their buyers want? I dont know you know just because they sold out of these lyrics. Does that mean on the second round? Theyll be popular im, not sure, because ive been reading a lot of stuff where – and this is true – most people theyll do the electric car thing one time and then theyre kind of ready to get out of it. You know its a different sort of lifestyle and never knowing truly what your range is, and what i mean by that is this: each charging station gives you different kilowatts. I dont care what vehicle you own, what it is sometimes, if theres more vehicles there too, it will kind of reduce the charging rate so thats something you got to think about yeah. It really does just kind of like stretched out a little bit so, but anyway, this will be cadillacs thing, theyre, going to try to see what they could do here and you know try to get in the game. You know they no longer have a sedan or anything like that. I dont know if people want that, its a shame, theyve come out with some really cool vehicles over there. You know like that 16 cylinder cadillac, but now everybodys just trying to think that hey its all about electric and supposedly you know, cadillac wants to go all electric too. I really believe that this is going to put car companies out of business.

You know their top dog is a gas customer guys just stick with it. You know the escalades doing fine people dont care that it gets six miles to the gallon. It is what it is. So one of the things i noticed is here: oh you know what lets lets just get into the nitty gritty here. Okay, so you pre order yours now right. The price here is: look at this starting around 60 grand for the rear wheel drive with model starting around 64 000. Okay. So of course most people are gon na go with the all wheel, drive now heres, where it says. Look at this, you always got ta. Look at the little asterisk excludes tax title, license: dealer fees and other optional equipment. Final price set by the dealer guys have you seen the hummer, so the hummer was basically around 100 grand. These guys are asking a hundred thousand over sticker theres been psychopaths out there, who paid 250 000 dollars for a humber, thats crazy. So this could be actually the real problem here because of dealer markups. So yes, youre, going to put your whole hundred dollar pre order. In there all right, but the problem is going to be that when the dealers get these vehicles, theyre going to want to make more money on them, because this this vehicle is fairly cheap for a cadillac. You know for a luxury vehicle – and you know most of these dealers theyre all rip offs, theyre just dying to make money because its been so difficult out there and the pandemic, and everything else has changed the car industry in a sense where you know especially general Motors they love to give cars away zero percent for 72 months.

You know you name it now, dealers, you know they used to have like 5 000 vehicles on the lot and never be able to sell them and lose money on lets, make as very few vehicles as possible and sell them for top money and thats whats. Basically, going on so i really believe that this theyre going to price themselves out just like every other car company and thats. Why tesla? You know the price you see is the price you pay theres, no nonsense for all the review. You know poststar. Actually doesnt um mess around with the pricing either, so you got post off, you have tesla and of course really, and if you could ever get one like you know, i pre ordered mine, ill see it in like, possibly if you know they get their act together, But you know they just lost another 10 billion dollars in a couple three months too, or whatever it is theyre focused on basically um building out chargers in the wilderness. Instead of actually, you know building trucks to sell to people to make money with, but hey what do? I know im just the guy in front of this big computer here so yeah well see how what happens, but i am expecting that um these cadillac dealers will do whatever dealership out. There does basically try to rip you off and make money with it. Theres grill here in the front, i know theres a lot of lights going on uh me id probably want to have, as least things amount on possible to get the most range out of it.

So anyway, this has been a little car hater on the 2024 cadillac lyric. Do me a favor? You know you got to subscribe. I mean i dont really tell people enough.