Coming to the point, in the year of 2020, bajaj has started its first electric version, uh scooter that is badachita evie, which is considered as one of the strongest electric scooter in the ev industry and, of course, uh, which, which is uh one of the costliest ev. Also in this video, we are going to do a test ride for this vehicle and before going to dive in, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications whenever we upload the videos. Now i will give you a specification overview of this baja cheta kv this bada chetak ev uses a 2.9 kilowatt hours lithium and battery, which consists of lfp composition. That means a lithium ferro, passport composition and coming to the motor these. This bajaj chetak ev is using a solid gate, drive motor, which is having a capacity of 3.8 kilowatt well coming to the charging time of this vehicle. This vehicle takes five hours to charge fully. That means zero to hundred percent and talking about the range and top speed of this vehicle, this vehicle is having a claimed range of 90 kilometers and top speed of 67 kilometers per hour. Now i am going to start the test ride for this vehicle and i will tell you all the details later in this video guys. So this is our baja chetak tv. If you see here, this is a friend part of this vehicle. This vehicle is having a headlamp, which is which looks like a horseshoe one and coming to the front section of this vehicle.

These are the led, uh blinkers. That means led indicators so guys. Now we are going to start the test ride for this bada chata kiwi. We are not having any physical, its having only a keyless entry uh if it is in your pocket also. We can start this using this button, not to start this vehicle. You have to press this button for one time: Music. Yes, it has started. The interface will be looks like this after starting this cycle, this is the speedometer. This is the range meter, this is automator and this is s4c. That means a battery percentage you can see here. This is the date and coming to the buttons for this vehicle. This vehicle is having two modes. First, one is echo mode and the second one is drive mode in echo mode. We can expect uh a top speed of a 45 kilometer per hour and in try mode we can expect a top speed of 67 kilometer per hour. Now we are going to test this vehicle, whether it is going uh, 45 kilometer per hour, speed in eco mode and 67 kilometer per hour in drive mode and also well try to do some range test. Also now we are having a range showing the range of 64 kilometers. Now time is to 2 37 uh a.m, or this is horrend button. These are led indicators and this is a light button. This is high beam and low beam button and, as it is having a bluetooth connectivity, we can enjoy the music.

Also, this is play and pause button speaking frankly, this vehicle is not having enough electric space when compared with other vehicle see. This is the this much only we are having like space and we can carry uh like water bubbles and say lindas. We cant carry but most of the middle class people used to carry water bubbles and cylinders here, but we cant carry here as it is having low leg. So that might be one of the minus uh point for this vehicle guys. I i just forgot to tell you one thing: if you press this mode button, once you will be able to see the percentage of of the battery now we are having a percent of 66 percent and uh. With these 66 percentage, we can go up to 60 below 64 kilometers. That is the range for these 66 percentage Music now im in eco mode, Music Applause, Music bajaj is most favorite brand for every indians when it comes to petrol version, but now uh for electric version. It should need to have some experience like every indian. Every customer need to adapt this, then only we could say whether its going to be a brand in electric vehicles, also or not already im in 23 kilometers per hour speed. If you observe here, these are aluminium one, Music and also now its in landscape right. You can rotate it and you can make it a portrait also see here like this, but uh speaking frankly, these uh the display cluster, is not having enough brightness so im in im able to see the all the details here, but some people may not uh see The details of the display cluster, so that is also a minus point, and i asked the dealer about this vehicle.

They are saying that it will automatically switch to uh next mode when it reaches the maximum speed in this mode. Now, im making a? U turn. Music is having a linear acceleration, like uh im, feeling that im just riding tvs iq. Both the vehicles are adding same uh kind of acceleration now im in 46, 48 kilometer per speed, 49.50 thats in echo mode. Only we are able to at the speed of 50 kilometer per hour speed its uh top speed is a 67 kilometer per hour. Only now i will switch to next mode. That is sport mode. Now i im in sport mode im, not feeling like im in sport mode in our other vehicles. We have already tested some other vehicles right in other vehicles. We used to get some kind of feeling when we shift to sport mode, but we are not getting any kind of feeling in this vehicle when we switch to sport Music. This chetak vehicle is having 12 inch tubeless tires, which are allowable equipped with drum brakes at raid and disc brakes at front Music, actually im not getting a good time to test the top speed of this vehicle Music. This vehicle is having a boot space of 18 litres and also there is a glove box here in which you can place your wallet, phones and also in that glove box. Also, we are having first aid kit. Music 70 to 80 of this vehicle is made up of a metal only, that is steel and 30, like this glow box and a food pecker which is uh which comes with aluminium.

These are rearview. Minerals also comes with the aluminium only and coming to the brake levers. This gives you a retro feeling and uh. In my point of view, when you compare this electric version with the normal petrol version of ubadachetak, there will be no similarities at all Music, but chetak is not having any kind of sound. While you are turning once again talking about the display im, not able to see uh the display, because it is having a low light, so that is also one minus thing for this vehicle: the seat first bada chetak ev, is having us ample amount of space. That means three people can sit and ride comfortably, but its only allowed to sit uh for two people. Only brakes plays a crucial role while you are in traffic and talking about the brakes for this vehicle as im riding uh this vehicle. I guess im comfortable with the brakes and coming to the suspension uh. They have used a mono suspension for the both wheels, which are coil spring one. Yes, it is also comfortable. This vehicle is having a led headlamp at front uh, which is having a shape of horseshoe type im trying to move in a high speed, but i am unable to do that as it is having a heavy traffic here. Applause Music. I asked the pillion rider also about the comfort of this vehicle. He is saying it is having a very uh good comfort Music in hyderabad.

This vehicle is having an on road price of 1.58 lakhs and coming to the warranty company is giving a warranty of three years or 50 000 kilometers on battery and seven years or seventy thousand kilometers on weight. 61.64 64 is the highest speed that we have attained. Now now, im in sport mode, only 46, 57, 58, 59 yeah, 68. 69 69 is the top speed of this vehicle in sport mode and let me switch to the normal mode. That is eco mode. Sorry actually im able to see what is there on display, as it is having a low light now im in echo mode, as in echo mode also, we are going 60 kilometers per hour speed. The dealer who has given these vehicle is said has said that this vehicle can automatically switch to drive mode when you reach 45 kmph speed. So there is no need to switch the modes again and again. If you want to switch, you can switch, but it is having a provision that it will automatically switch to drive mode Music while riding this vehicle im getting a feeling that im riding a tvs iq one, because the both vehicles are almost uh. Having the same feeling. While riding so, if you see other vehicles which are control one, we are having the same speed like same acceleration when compared with them also, so that means you dont need to worry about the acceleration when you are in traffic, actually im a 5.

5 feet, height person. So if you see here im able to touch the ground by sitting on the seat of this vehicle, that means 5.6 feet. People can easily touch the ground by sitting on this vehicle. The seat is also not so rough and not so soft. Its a some kind of medium one but price wise. These ev is somehow costly only as it is having only 90 kilometers range and 67 kilometer per hour, speed, theyre having for 1.58 lakhs theyre having many other electric vehicles which are giving more uh more top speed and more range when compared uh with these. But i think they are offering this vehicle for 1.58 lakhs only because of its build quality and brand theyre, also selling their brand Music. My point of view actually im satisfied with the performance of this vehicle and its, not so great its okay, but when compared uh. This vehicle, with the uh, like with the price that it is offering, it is not so great because they are taking almost 1.58 lakh rupees and they are not offering at least 100 kilometers of range and a top speed of minimum 80 kilometers kilometer per hour. So before, if you want to buy this vehicle before going to buy this vehicle, you have to check whether you are comfortable with this 67 kilometer per hour, speed and 90 kilometers range, because everyone wants to have more range, but its not having that much of rain.

So that you should need to remember before buying this vehicle and thats all for now guys thats all about the test ride of this vehicle im satisfied with the performance of this vehicle before going to purchase this vehicle just cross check yourself, like are you? Okay with the range and the top speed of this vehicle, as it is having less range and less uh top speed, so that is the main thing uh. You should need to remember before going to buy these evm and thats all for now guys, if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos.