We thought dodge was being late to the ev business, but with this they are way ahead. I mean the chairs are changing the muscle, um ev business, okay. But at this point let me just tell you what were looking at so um. Take a good look again at the e muscle with the charger concept that was shown to us a couple of hours ago, and it has an eso system too guys. It is called the frat sonic chamber, though its not entirely clear if it is driven by. I think we do know first up design wise its standing with retro body panel shapes, and you know, retros to the 1999 charger concept. It wears the fratzog logo and has a bunchy emblem on the side aka the name of the powertrain guys. So what exactly have dodge done with this now dodge is keeping quiet here, but it uses an 800 volt architecture, four electric motors and has an e wrapped transmission with various speeds, with different shift points and boost functions. They call it an electro mechanical shifting experience again when we go back to the exhaust. It sounds crazy. Im wondering how they are good at doing that, but it pushes a performance sound through an amplifier and tuning chamber located at the rear of the vehicle up to 126 decibels, which is mind blowing inside. You find it a 12.3 inch center screen, which is angled towards the driver with a six inch digital instrument cluster and an eight inch heads up display, delivering vital vehicle information.

It has also a hatchback nature and full four seater for plenty of storage and cargo room. As youve seen its just a concept for now, but when it makes it to the production line at 2025, i bet its gon na change. The e muscle car space and dodge has taken a different route. Im proud of them. Theyve done something right this time and the the good deal is that you know um, you really are getting to enjoy a pure ev muscle. Looking back so guys. This is what we have. We dont know what you think about it, but if you have any other comments you can put in the comment section wed like to hear you. But if you dont lets go ahead and just appreciate what dodge just put in front of us right. So the sound is looking insane. Banshee is a perfect name and also the simulator transmission is sick. They really did their homework on this one. Other companies should follow suit. Thank you have a great day until we meet same time again. Bye, bye, Music is going to redefine american muscle right now. Things are pretty good in the muscle car space and dodge is doing well, but the industry is changing and it is changing fast. The industry has invested a half a trillion dollars to transition to electrification, and you know what dodge didnt want to follow. Dodge did not want to follow what everyone is doing in electrification, so we literally had to make our own invention make our own way and start from scratch.

We needed a car that looked like a dodge, drove like a dodge and sounded like a dodge. At the same time as being electric so were coming with an all new design, it is going to be the slipperiest car that still looks like a muscle car. We incorporated the designs from the original charger. Daytona aero treatments on the front end but still looks like a proper muscle car. We added sound back into the car with the patented fret sonic chambered exhaust system and were gon na make it drive like a proper dodge with an electromechanical shifting system known as the erupt system.