This is the hyundai ionic 5 and it is our ev of the year Music. We recently gathered all the newest and significantly improved electric vehicles. You can buy to evaluate them. We measured how fast they can charge how far they can drive at real world highway speeds and how much cargo they can hold. We also tested performance metrics, like acceleration, braking and handling. Lastly, we drove each of them back to back on the same roads for subjective analysis and feedback to become our ev of the year. We consider four key attributes. The first is mission fulfillment. How well a vehicle serves its intended audience. The second is how that vehicle advances the technology within its segment. Three is how enjoyable a vehicle is to drive, and four is the vehicles overall value, Music doesnt. This thing just look: cool todays roads are dominated by these generic amorphous wind tunnel derived crossover. Blob shaped things, and here instead is this radical collection of hard edges and rectangles, and it just looks fantastic Music, one of our staffers, compared to a modern, lancia delta, as seen through the lens of minecraft. But, however, you want to describe it its hard to ignore that this thing just looks great whats. Even better, though, is that it has a drag coefficient of just 0.29 Music that design confidence continues inside, where hyundai isnt afraid to just try things out the drivers seat. For example, has a power operated calf rest for reasons this entire center console slides back a good five and a half inches, so you can access either seat from either side should the need arise, but past the weirdness or bravery.

However, you want to call it. This is a very large and functional interior, part of that has to do with this vehicles size. This is a pretty big car, bigger than it may appear in video, the wheelbase at 118 inches, i mean thats, full size, suv territory and consequently, you get a lot of headroom in the front seats and you get a lot of leg room in the front seats. As well backseat passengers will also have more legroom than what you get in a ford, mustang machi or a volkswagen id4 rear seat. Space comes somewhat at the expense of overall cargo volume. With the second row folded, we fit six, carry ons back here with the second row up, but once you drop it, we were able to fit 20 pieces of carry on thats a lot. You get a choice of a 58 kilowatt hour battery or a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. The small one is rated at miles of range, while the big one offers a rating up to 303 miles with rear wheel drive this large battery all wheel. Drive version has a range rating of 256 miles, but that includes city driving, which evs love. What happens on the freeway? Well, you get worse range and thats. Why we test all evs by running at a constant 75 miles an hour now in that test, we logged 210 miles with this car Music. Even if those range results are good enough for most people, they arent class, leading what is class leading is the 800 volt architecture and the rapid charging that it allows on a properly working 350 kilowatt fast charger, which can be rare.

As of the time of this recording, but with that setup you can go from a 10 fill to an 80 fill in 18 minutes, thats exactly what happened when we found a properly working fast charger, and if you compare that to an internal combustion engine thats, not That much longer than what it takes to do, a fuel stop with a gas break and a potty break as well. Now, on a properly configured 240 volt outlet at home. You can fill this thing from empty in eight and a half hours, but remember youre, not starting your charge at zero percent full. So you can fully fill this thing well before you get a good nights sleep. What else like some other evs, the ionic 5, can act like a drivable battery with an outlet ahead of the rear seat and an adapter that plugs into the charge port youve got 1900 watts available for tailgating or keeping the fridge cold during a power outage Music? What goods a car, if you dont like driving it and the ioniq 5 doesnt disappoint there, either we recorded 60 mile an hour acceleration in four and a half seconds, which is slightly off the pace of a mustang mach 1 assuming its been launched. Well, what really matters, though, is the 4.8 second 5 to 60 miles an hour acceleration because thats a better indicator of real world speed thats? What happens when you need to goose it to match traffic or accelerate up an on ramp, and it feels pretty good here.

Music whats better, is that this all wheel drive system is rearward biased and you can fully defeat stability control. We cant wait to get some snow tires on this thing and drive it over some fresh powder in the winter thats going to be a lot of fun. That was good, but when youre just commuting and relaxing on the freeway, you find that this is a really quiet car. We recorded 67 decibels, while cruising at 70 miles an hour. What else is there to like? Well, the adaptive cruise control works seamlessly and even helps you make lane changes. It learns and mimics your driving style and you can manually adjust it too. We also like these paddles behind the steering wheel. They look like shift paddles, but what they actually do is change. The level of regenerative braking from none to essentially one paddle driving its a really nice unobtrusive way to make that adjustment for the price range. That starts just over 40 grand and tops out at around 56 000 before you factor in taxes and rebates. The price of the ioniq 5 overlaps with many other evs out there, but this vehicle delivers a lot of what those vehicles dont style for sure, but also an 800 volt architecture that you wont find in any other vehicle, at least at the time. This recording that costs less than six figures, excluding, of course, vehicles that share this platform like the kia, ev6 and genesis gv60.

The hyundai ioniq 5 delivers a good amount of range with an uncommonly quick dc fast charging capability, and you also get a spacious interior and a good ride.