A luxury suv should be audis done it with the e tron and mercedes has done it with eqc. Where has bmw been well today? Im going to answer that question: introducing the bmw ix, xdrive, 50., Music Applause, Music, Music, okay, lets address the elephant in the room, and that is this gargantuan grill, but lets be honest, its not the first time weve seen this grill weve seen this on the m3 And the m4, and to be fair, that grew on me and im sure it grew on you guys. So we have looks that only a mother can love that grill does serve a purpose, and that purpose is that it hides all the safety electronics of the car, and it has healing properties just like deadpool, but unlike deadpool, its actually useful. And what im saying is its made out of polyurethane, which means if it does get scratched, if someone doesnt like your car and they scratch the front grille, it will heal itself so talking about the overall front design of the car. I really like this bonnet. It really looks similar to the m4 and m3, with these aggressive bulges in the bonnet that lead into the grille. I think it makes it look really aggressive and sporty leading down to these headlights. The nice thin design with their laser lights, complement that aggressive front bonnet and make this car look really aggressive and has some presence on the road when youre driving it.

When we move down to the front bumper its got the sport pack, so that means it gets a more aggressive front bumper and actually has vents that serve a purpose. Coming back to that grill, i dont know what you guys think about it, but let me know in the comments because it makes its way into the bottom portion of the bumper and has more like a beaver like or bunny like teeth look, and i dont know Im a bit iffy about it still, but again it might grow. On me now, im going to say this: most electric cars have a front with this bmw. Unfortunately, you dont have that so youve got to ask yourself: how do you fill up the washer fluids? Well, bmw thought about that. You do it right there. I think thats, pretty cool, moving down to the side of the car. The car gets even better, especially on these 22 inch optional extra wheels, which i think is a must on this car. We have the mirrors that have a 360 degree camera on it. To give you a 360 degree view of the car and then moving on to these door. Handles bmw has moved away from your traditional door handles and has actually integrated the door handles into the door when you open it, youre represented with a frameless window, which i think looks really sporty and really cool and then, when you close the door, you have soft Closed doors, how premium is that, then? We move towards the back end of the car and from this angle it just looks like a slammed.

X5 dont forget its a pretty big car. Its got the same dimensions in the x5, but doesnt. Look like an x5 at all. Sorry guys, but we had to relocate. Todays weather in australia is just hectic. So sorry about that. But lets not digress. Lets talk about the rear end, the best part of the car. I personally think i love how the car tapers in at the back here with the sloping, roofline and then finishing off with this spoiler, then coming down to the lights. I love these rear headlights and how bmw has made them nice and thin just makes the back end, look really aggressive. I love how the lights turn on like that. When you open the car as well, then we move to the bottom portion of the bumper, where you normally find exhaust bmws gone away with that. Obviously, because electric and theyve added, like a diffuser kind of thing, i dont know if it actually diffuses anything. But i understand why the designers have to do this. It gives the car a bit more character and presence, and i like it, the cool thing about the badge which ill mention is that the actual badge pops out and cleans your camera at the rear here and allows for gunk and grime to be washed away very Easily theres also another camera at the front that pops out of the grill to clean that as well. I think thats, a very, very innovative design and good on your bmw lets talk about boot capacity, so the bmw ix x50 has a boot capacity of 500 liters.

You can increase that to 1 750 liters by flicking two switches in the back here which allow the back seats to fall down, which i think is pretty cool which allows you to slide things right through. But after having the car for about a week, ive found out that theres three things that annoy me about the back, and that is once you flick those switches. It would be cool if you could switch it flick through them again and then they come back up. But you cant do that which is quite annoying. Another thing is this parcel shelf, even though that its premium solid and really really nice theres nowhere to store it so youre left with either throwing it to the side or leaving it in the back there and also the recorder here. You think this off. Why are there lights here? Isnt there lights on the boot? Well, bmws integrated those lights into the boot which looks cool, but it also means you cut out more space from what you could usually have for boot capacity. And now you have to put lights in the back here for safety reasons when youre on the side of the road, which is quite annoying as well. But one interesting thing in which youll notice right here is that most of the car is made out of carbon fiber, which is pretty cool, lets move to the back seats. There is plenty of room in the back of this bmw ix x50 for anyone, no matter what size with plenty of knee room, legroom and headroom.

If youve got dual climate control, usbc chargers in the back and also air vents that are integrated into the pillars. Instead of a traditional door handle, you have a button to open the door if you need to fit a child seat, bmws covered this with a nice and easy pull strap instead of clips hello. Welcome to my cocktail bar because thats honestly, what it feels like in here, the only thing thats missing, is a cocktail, a cigar and the jazz music. In the background, i will not let anyone say anything bad about this interior, its the best interior in terms of an electric suv on the market. To date, i think bmws done a fantastic job of making this distinguishably different to any other car in the range as its flagship, ev suv. It just feels very special in here from the high end materials to the build quality, its just fantastic, like. Let me talk about the they use crystals, instead of just normal plastic for the seat, controls for the idrive system for the gear selector for the volume control like they could have just used plastic, but they didnt, they thought about. It. Theyve also used nice timbers to put in the middle of the console, so i feel like it pays homage to all bmws instead of just again having just plastic as well as the copper finishes in the dash in the air vents in the side door cards, they Could have easily put fake carbon or gloss black, but they didnt, they thought about it and they thought you know what this will make the interior pop.

So i think thats, a very, very good job coming to the steering wheel. I dont know if this is a circular, serum or square, i dont know, but it works also. I like that its open here, so you can actually see the cluster gauge as its an electric car. You dont have a cluster gauge, and this is another thing i like bmws done as well. Instead of putting a big screen in the middle theyve thought about it, theyve actually put a curved display, so youve got a 12 inch for the driver and youve got a 15 inch display for the infotainment system, and i do really like that. Rather than having a big screen in the middle Music practicality guys well, plenty youve got a place to store your phone. There youve got wireless charging down here. Youve got usbc charging down here and youve got a place. Put your coffee or your drink bottle down the below there, and you also got big door bins. The seats well theyre, just brilliant. You feel like youre sitting in a lounge theyre so comfortable. They have massage functions, its heated seats as well, so they just work and theyre. Really nice to sit in the leather itself is apparently dyed with olive leaves, instead of other harsh chemicals and youve got a imprint on the dashi of an olive leaf to let you know that its been dyed with olive leaves, which apparently are more sustainable. Also that the the leather seats are sustainably sourced, i dont know what that means.

Does that mean theres, a cow in a field that doesnt have any skin and they plant another cow, or i dont know thats that they say that. So who knows what that means? But apparently thats what they say. Besides all that lets take this for a drive, so the car is 112 kilowatt hour battery. What does that translate into well 385 kilowatts 765 meters of torque, sending all that power to a bmw x, drive all drive system with an electric motor at the front, an electric motor at the rear. How do we put it into the most aggressive mode well easily? We put modes, we go on the sport. Everything glows red lets see what this car can do naught to 100 in or about there yep thats, quick, thats, uh, quite quick um. The way this car delivers. Its power is so unique and so much more different than any other electric car on the market, especially where it excels, is the suspension its so smooth. It uses air suspension. So all the bumps and undulations in the road are just eaten up by that air suspension and you just dont feel anything its so smooth and i cant complain about the ride. I just think youre, literally driving in a lounge and thats what it actually feels like. So you might ask yourself the sound that the car produces sounds very familiar right. Well, lets name a couple of movies that might trigger who you think came up within the sounds batman interstellar.

If you havent guessed it already its han zimmer hans zimmer was the person responsible for the noises the bmw ix xdrive50 makes, and you know what they sound fantastic sounds like youre in a space shuttle. So youve got to remember with this bmw as well, its a completely new platform, its not based on any existing platforms. So it is completely new from the ground up, and that means a completely flat floor inside, because theres no need for a tunnel for your gearbox or your drivetrain, which is really useful for practicality in terms of storing terms of the infotainment system. Well, you have gesture control to turn up the stereo, which has a harman kardon sound system, which is quite nice. You can also do touchscreen, which is really easy. You can use the idrive system or you can use the bmw voice, control which doesnt work all the time. Youve also got apple, carplay and android. Auto and youve also got an electronic chromatic sunroof, which means by the flick of a switch. You can turn it from frosted to clear which is really really nice, but the one thing that irritates me is that when you want to change the climate control, you have to physically go through a couple of settings, so you actually have to hit the climate menu To turn up the aircon and then to go back to your normal screen, you have to hit the climate control button, look its not the worst thing in the world.

Id probably get used to it, but i would rather have physical buttons down the bottom. I dont know why they keep doing this theyre, trying to make everything minimalistic by putting everything to the info uh. I wouldnt do it id rather physical buttons, but i get it. I understand the reasoning behind it and i could just get used to it at the end of the day. Okay, now were going to test out the turning circle, so this bmws fitted with rear wheel steering were in a quiet street im going to try to do a turn around in a full lock. I dont think its going to happen, but fingers crossed lets. Try it out so no ones coming and no not gon na happen. Uh. Look. The car is a big car after all, so cant expect that to always be the case, but it does move pretty well for the size that it is okay, so drivability guys. So it is a bmw, after all, so theyve thought about that and ill see. Now the bmw voice controls come on its gon na. Probably ask me a billion questions, uh, sorry about that. So yeah like i was saying it sends most of the power to the rear wheels, which makes it a bit more driver focused. You expect that from bmw um, but it does weigh two and a half ton. So dont expect it to feel like a m3 or an m4, but it still does give you a response in the steering in the sport mode.

It feels direct. It feels sporty and theres a bit of weight to the steering, so i do like that that about it, and it does give you that feedback and it feels good, it feels direct um. The range now bmw claim a 620 kilometer range. Realistically, i think youre going to get something around about 545.80 thats. What i i im, probably getting about 580 once again uh! No, i dont want to try once again try again or say i didnt quite understand you again. It knows that im talking about it, see so im. Sorry about that, but, like i was saying, youd expect a range of around about 540 or 580 thats. What im saying um 620, mostly, would be, i think, highway miles. But besides that, i think its a great car to live with day to day, and i cant complain about it all right so were about to just recharge the car and one cool thing about this car, which i really like is its got a 360 degree camera And the car thats on the 360 degree, camera is the same color as the car that you bought. So in this case its the charcoal gray, which head off to bmw for doing that and not just making it some random color so lets recharge. So were charging now, so the bmw ix, xdrive 50 has an ac and dc charging. If you have a fast charger near you, you can charge up to 100 kilometers of range in about 21 minutes.

If you have a wall box at home, youre, looking at one and a half hours or one hour and 40 minutes which isnt too bad, the annoying thing is, is that finding these fast chargers in australia is quite hard, theres, not a lot of them around and Thats an issue, but i guess over time, more people buying electric cars. They wont be such of an issue after all. So since the car is fully charged, lets talk about the regen braking now regen braking what it practically means is when you come to an intersection. All you have to do is take your foot off the accelerator and the car will come to a standstill or it will stop okay and with the energy thats been used for braking, it will then store in the battery for later use. Now, in the beamer, its called b mode and its either on off, which is quite frustrating because in most other electric cars, you have different modes of it, which you can choose the severity of how much it breaks. So i wish this beamer had it, but it doesnt its, not the biggest issue in the world, all right, so youre probably wondering sao. Why havent you mentioned the price of the car. Well, i wanted you guys to fall in love with the car before even mentioning the price now youve got to remember you get a lot of car for what youre paying for in terms of the texture and the quality of the leather from the safety features that The car comes with such as radar cruise control, lane, keeping assist blind spot monitoring and all the other bells and whistles that you would expect on such a high end car.

So what is the price tag? Well, that price tag is 169 000 on this car. 176. 000 – and i really think its worth that much now, if you recall at the start of the video, i did say that it has looks that only a mother could love and after owning this car well driving this car wish.