I was saddened to hear that until today, because dodge announced a brand new charger, daytona srt – and this is a pure eevee car, but not only that a pure eevee muscle car one that we have never ever seen before. Im actually really excited about this. So let me tell you more about it and lets take a look at what this is all about. First lets look at this quick introduction, video and then well. Look at the details together, some more the dodge charger daytona is going to redefine american muscle right now. Things are pretty good in the muscle car space and dodge is doing well, but the industry is changing and it is changing fast. The industry has invested a half a trillion dollars to transition to electrification, and you know what dodge didnt want to follow. Dodge did not want to follow what everyone is doing in electrification, so we literally had to make our own invention make our own way and start from scratch. We needed a car that looked like a dodge drove like a dodge. It sounded like a dodge. At the same time as being electric so were coming with an all new design, it is going to be the slipperiest car that still looks like a muscle car. We incorporated the designs from the original charger. Daytona aero treatments on the front end but still looks like a proper muscle car. We added sound back into the car with the patented fret sonic chambered exhaust system and were going to make it drive like a proper dodge with an electromechanical shifting system known as the erupt system.

This car will literally change the way people look at electrification in the muscle car space. Now lets look at this more in detail because quite honestly, theres so much going on right. Even with this shot right here, this looks like a proper muscle car, its amazing, its futuristic, its kind of like the current challenger right now right. But this is not a challenge. This is a charger daytona. I love the look. It still has that retro vibe, but you could definitely tell this has been futurized. This is the car of the future love the way it looks, but right off the bat. Do you guys notice something? The logo has changed theyre, bringing back the logo from the 60s. That is a huge change from recent dodge cars. We know its just like a couple slashes right, but yeah that looks amazing, especially when its lit up and look at the front opening right with the led strip thats surrounding the opening. That looks quite amazing and just look at the hood too, the hood bulge and how you still have that air dam right where it allows air to go through or to air vents. I should say, and the side profile looks amazing, looks absolutely amazing. I would buy this car in a heartbeat if this was for sale right now. I buy it right now and take a look at the led tail lights right, very, very reminiscent of the current um challenger right now, of course, a little bit different a little bit wider, and then you can see that lit up logo in the middle right looks Good uh, this new fratisonic sound system right well hear a little bit more of that at the end of this video but thats.

The one thing that most muscle guys gear heads complain about ev cars, dont sound like a car right. So if you create a muscle, ev car, it has to sound like a muscle car and they are definitely doing something about it. It doesnt sound exactly like a v8 Music, but it sounds a little a little weird but still sounds way better than any ev car out there right now, uh before i get to that. If you take a look at interior, i mean this looks like a modern interior. This looks like something that that can go in production now, im gon na rewind a little bit. This is almost over, but take a look at that. Obviously you have dual screens right: um got a main screen for the infotainment system about 12.3 inch, probably 13 inch. You have a digital gauge cluster, which we dont really have a good look at the steering wheel looks like a modern steering wheel. All the buttons are a capacitive touch right, so no physical buttons, but that looks like a proper srt steering wheel. That interior looks pretty pretty solid other than i would say, the red stripe on the top of the dash, maybe thats a little bit exaggerated. I dont think you need to have that much red that much glow that could probably be toned down, but everything else in here you know going forward a little more. You see the buns underneath the infotainment screen.

A lot of modern cars are like that right. So you have your your uh uh, your climbing controls and uh. You know adjusting your temperature um, your heated and ventilated seats, all that stuff thats there um. So that looks good. There is the erupt system right that we heard the president talked about that something to do with the new transmission. Most ev cars right now, like teslas, have no transmission its just like a gear reduction setup. Some of the other manufacturers like audi and vw. They have like a two speed kind of transmission right, but its interesting. What this erupt system will be um. So, from what i have heard and from what i have read supposedly, this erup system will still use some sort of traditional transmission and gearbox and im guessing. The reason for this is is the feel right in the muscle car you want to feel the car shift. Part of the fun of driving stick is being able to bang your own gears right, even if youre in automatic you still kind of want that shift shock in a way so im guessing thats what this erupt is going to do its go its going to simulate Some kind of shift shock or or allow you to manually shift in some capacity. So that will be very, very interesting and you can kind of see a little lever on the bottom here. Its kind of cut off im wondering if theres another view uh that will show it.

Let me get here, lets see yeah, you see a little sh. You know a little shifter right there not a whole lot, but take a look at the details on the door right i mean, i think, thats a little exaggerated, but you take a look at the the rest of the door. Panel looks pretty production ready and same thing with the seats sport seats. You know. Overall, the interior looks like its a finished product outside the you know, the the outrageous red thats spread all over it looks pretty darn good, pretty darn good. Take a look. Look at the back, even though theres two doors right, four seats: sport seats in the back, so this is obviously for four people. You see carbon fiber backing thats pretty nice. You have a large trunk space, thats nice, although this is yeah its more like a hatchback right. The trunk is not traditional trunk. Its a bigger hatchback so allows you to put a lot more things inside much easier. You get a lot more cargo room that way. So thats also a welcome surprise so that thats good too i mean overall. This is this is mind, blowing good right now i got cut off about the sound so supposedly at full throttle. The sound on the outside will be about 126 decibels, which is the same as a hellcat at full throttle, so they plan on making the sound on the outside sound loud right. As for whether or not its going to sound menacing, i dont know because we kind of heard the sound and it doesnt sound, very menacing.

Let me let me play that again: Music, yeah, that that wasnt, a very menacing sound you you could hear it. It sounds better than all the other evs out there, like i said, but it doesnt have that v8 rumble right um. So hopefully they do something about it. You know sound the feel right thats. What makes a muscle, car muscle car i obviously got to be fast and im sure this is going to be extremely fast um. The ceo doesnt talk about numbers, but he did say that there will be different kind of power levels and the the top one will be something called um. The banshee model, which is 800 volts. So whatever that translates to is this go beat uh um a tesla. Plaid is it going to be over a thousand horsepower right. We dont know at this point, but we do know that dodge really wants to push the muscle car ev industry forward. So who knows, they may just do something that shocks the world right. So, overall, im really excited about this. I like the future of ev muscle, because yeah ive driven a lot of ev cars before in the past i own a couple: ev cars and theyre kind of boring.