We are here at the M1 Concourse for that Woodward Dream Cruise, and this is the culmination of the past few days. This is that vehicle that youve been waiting for this is it. This is that upcoming Dodge Charger when we say charger. What are we talking about? We are talking about a Dodge Charger like none other before, but when it comes to what this Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee is all about is electrification, but before we get into this electrified, pumped up muscle car lets talk about whats, going on here, 1966 very important Year for Dodge, that was the birth of the charger. Now, of course, in muscle car era version 2.0, we have those iconic names, charger and challenger, but things are changing and Dodge understands. They need to change with those times with the rules and they are ready to attack the rule book, actually throw it out and go about it. The good old muscle car way, so what they did was they took some pages from their past history, specifically with this car 1968 Charger. A lot of people were curious. Why the charger doesnt have two doors and instead produced with four doors. Two doors are back and guess what theyre bringing pure electrification many different power levels, but all going towards that direction of muscle, car goodness. What I want to find out is has Dodge, struck gold with this charger, especially being a Charger Daytona, and then, on top of that that SRT Banshee name lets go ahead.

We got that whole graze of Thunder color were gon na find out with this 2024 model. Lets check it out right off the bat. I think they hit the nail on the head design wise, because when I see it I immediately say hey. This is a Dodge muscle, car youll notice at the front. Yes, you have a lot of other brands. Looking like jelly beans, looking like marshmallows thats, not what theyre doing here, they had to obviously increase aerodynamic efficiency, but they still had to keep those character lines so up front. I love what they did with the lighting. I think this is a trend. Youre going to see with many electrified Vehicles is taking that lighting to another level. We actually have basically a quad headlight design. Even though theres two headlight areas, you actually have that quad LED headlight design, the daytime running lamps and then, as we work our way down functionality, just like on your Challenger, just like on your charger that you currently have youre going to have functionality to the venting That massive front glitter large enough to where you could actually eat your dinner off of it so youre not giving up that aggressive muscle car look but guess what youre getting that electrified goodness now, as we kind of slide across the center youre going to notice something. Maybe new to you, but its definitely not something new to dodge. You have that fretzog emblem. I love the way its illuminated.

It almost looks like its 3D and its just floating there in the center and then, of course, we have the r Wing. If you go back to the early days, like that 1970 time, period of Daytona and NASCAR, obviously that Daytona Charger all about aerodynamic efficiency to give them that Winning Edge thats, where they took this design and thats, why its a Charger Daytona. So I love the way they have. This patented R Wing thats actually starts with the front, but as we kind of rise up onto the hood area, youll notice how the air is going to pass through and then on top of that you you do get your bulge, so every guy every girl wants That bulge, with their muscle car youre, getting it still, even though that this is a pure Dev system, but definitely from the front up onto the top, and underneath has that clear character design. Now, as we come around the bend, what are we working with wheel and tire setup on this particular one thats sitting here we got 21 inch wheels and I like what theyve done theyve kind of taken some of what they have now, but also brought that other Spin, so we have some nice machined aluminum, all the way around, like I said, 21 inch wheel, dark metallic gray Center, I kind of like the way they worked, the inner design sort of almost like a piston in a way or that electric motorcycle.

We got massive six piston calipers with the SRT badge. What does SRT stand for Street and racing technology? We got that Center, locking wheel nut area and youll notice. The massive two piece rotors so were talking about not only straight line performance, but also braking and handling performance, because thats something thats going to be a little interesting with this vehicle. When you go battery electric vehicle, it lowers your center of gravity, thats, actually going to help with handling its going to be interesting to see what they do. Motor wise, obviously theyre talking about two electric motors nine different levels of Power Ranges plus Im, going to think that theres going to be some recharge and regen braking there thats going to help with the overall power, but it could be power levels greater than any Challenger Or charger Hellcat that youve ever dreamed of and you got that all wheel – drive grip, no slip but theyre also talking about modes where you could have your donut mode, you could have your drag strip mode and still have that muscle muscle car smoke them. If you got them fun, but definitely Wheels with the tires looking great with those Pirelli P Zeros coming down the side, weve got that Banshee badge. This is another area where badging, I think Dodge does it. They hit the nail perfectly on the head. You got your Rumble Bee. You got your Hellcat badges. It really just brings out that Essence and being part of the Brotherhood being part of that club.

Now, from the side, remember Im six feet tall. You can see the dimensions of the vehicle and this being yes, you cried for a two door charger here is your two door charger now on this particular one. We do have carbon fiber mirrors, looking good and Im, hoping that some of these are going to cross over. Some of these touches are definitely going to cross over onto the actual production vehicle, its interesting how they were able to keep the silhouette of a muscle car but still have like. I said that nice lower drag coefficient to try to get as much range as we can, but obviously theyre not going to do Full Sacrifice like some of those other brands working our way towards the rear. You got those flush mounted door handles out back whats. Crazy is when we look at the rear end of this vehicle youre looking at 325 on the width of these tires real nice and meaty, and then, of course, as the roof line slopes into this rear section, its actually almost like a sport bag. So kind of think Audi Sport back in a way what thats going to do it not only gives you that sexy shape, but its also going to give you versatility thats, going to make your crossover SUV friends a little jealous now coming around the back. Just like we started up front super slick, you got your LED lighting. The fratzog badge look at the way that they did the venting on both sides and then super clean across the whole lower section and especially that rear diffuser area.

Now whats interesting is that this is the first electrified vehicle with actual sound exhaust sounds and basically the way you want to look at. It is sort of like a pipe organ. They call it fretsonic sound, Im gon na. Obviously, we got some footage of that sound that were going to bring into this review, but before we get to that lets, go ahead. Lets get inside and see what the future holds for Dodge and your next muscle car Music, wow, Music, Music, foreign Music. This is it we are in this new Dodge Charger, Daytona SRT Banshee. I definitely want to thank everybody at Dodge for allowing us to sit inside of this. It was something that not everybody got to do, but you know what we try to bring you the best here on Radys rides and the most detailed reviews, but I know youre saying to yourself well Joe: I understand that were going towards electrification. I thought I was going to have to get some jelly bean Tesla or something that was going to be born to drive. I really am digging the muscle car look and definitely the idea of having nine different power levels. The all wheel drive the different options for doing rear wheel, burnouts having that drag strip mode and everything in between how much is this going to cost? Now? Obviously we are not at that point yet so we are going to have to wait as the progression goes with this design and see what that end.

All pricing is going to be now. If I was the guesstimate, I would say the top trim, which is what were in the Banshee, would probably MSRP for around a hundred thousand dollars, but well have to wait and see, like, I said, no word on any pricing or power levels. But we do know youll be able to use that 800 volt charging capacity, the battery pack and in the belly of this beast and those two electric motors for all wheel, drive but lets get to it to the door panels. This is where they let the Dodge designers just go crazy. I love the style to the top portion of the door panel. You got that beautiful contrast stitching and then this almost 3D design in the middle of the door panel and, like I said about the exterior, I think something thats going to help create a unique Dodge experience is going to be the lighting, so we had that ambient Lighting on the interior starts on the door panel, but youll see it goes to other places as well. Nice teaseful speaker Grille, cover obviously thats going to be an important component to it and then probably one of the largest door, Pockets Ive ever seen, and if you are hungry and youre looking for that muscle, car snack, you could easily get the length of that. Probably I would say almost two and a half foot long Subs make a meatball with extra parm in that door, pocket now going from the door panel to the dash more of that beautiful stitching.

I love absolutely love the Daytona name. The script is perfect. The font is perfect, theres more that LED lighting the Stitch work and then guess what they have redesigned and updated the infotainment. I know that was something that many people have been wishing and wanting for here it is nice. Large infotainment obviously touch screen, obviously going to be able to have Im sure the performance pages and all the other goodies that we are used to in our current muscle cars from Dodge. You got your AC vents dual climate control, even the way that they did. The hazard button there well thought out and then tons of storage space underneath there. This is where youre going to be able to keep your Time Slips youre going to be able to keep the pink slips and everything else that you need. We got the return of the pistol grip, shifter nice shape well set up and thats. Another key component is going to be obviously a transmission that has some gearing to it. Remember Porsche has a two speed transmission, this theyre calling the erupt erupt. You get it like eruption or to change up with that transmission setup. Youll notice in the center here youre going to be able to have your different modes shut off the traction, control launch control, all those goodies, nice material with the stitching and then to top it off. Look at these seats one piece back, absolutely love more of that stitching a little bit of gloss black and then you got the fretzog badging, all the way down great stitching and then youll notice on the sides, the ambient lining and the design that looks like a Heat sink very, very cool attention to detail full carbon fiber tub thats.

Another thing is that youre actually sitting in a vehicle carbon fiber, think about the weight savings and then youre going to have this massive glass roof and then check out the rear seats, love the way that they did. The two plus two setup with the rear bucket seats, you got your ambient lighting and just beautiful carbon fiber everywhere and all the touches on the center console. But why dont you go ahead, get your butt over here. I want to show you, behind the business end on this wheel from the charger all right, guys, business time behind the wheel of this first ever full Bev from Dodge. With that charger name, two doors check it out that beautiful carbon fiber tub that Im sitting in love the day, Daytona name illuminates, LED lighting and then, of course, the pedal box. Nice tasteful aluminum, throttle brake and dead pedal. You got those special Mopar style, fradzog floor mats with the stitching. We got our seat, controls on the side, Im six feet tall now. Obviously, I have not been able to touch much of the Interior, but obviously, with the electric assist I would be able to move it, but even being six feet tall. I still got plenty of room and then the steering wheel, almost d – shaped similar to a C8 Corvette, but you got the nice flat curve up top, but the striping in the center. The blue Stitch work. I love the way its got.

The LED lighting with the carbon fiber, our SRT badge Power, Shot. You hit that thats going to give you more power off the line and then, of course, we got our Drive modes and regen braking paddles and a digital gauge cluster. We cant turn it on right. Now, but expect that to have tons of clear graphics, readouts and features for this vehicle plus you got an Alcantara headliner that even goes on the a pillars, but why dont we go ahead. One of the best parts Is Yet To Come, not only obviously that frat zonic sound, which is patented, just like the r Wing up front, but now were going to get in the back and see what kind of cargo space we have in this muscle car. All right guys, not only does this car have that design tying it back to the pass. The twin Motors, the all wheel, drive that whole erupt transmission on top of that youre. Getting versatility that Im telling you right now will make your grandmothers SUV very jealous with that sportback style, rear, hatch, open, look at the amount of space and what we did was we were able to talk with the designers, the engineers and the Dodge team. We folded. One seat down kept one seat up to show you where were at from this angle, what it looks like and what kind of space do you have with the seats up and then what kind of space are you going to get with those seats down? I love the way we could show from this angle how the rear AC vents are, how that center console its like a floating center console, as it comes all the way back with the nice soft armrest area, raw carbon fiber.

This is the kind of stuff that you just dream about doing to your own car, the whole tub carbon fiber and then the Fret Sonic sound the thing that produces the sound of this electric muscle car. You have this featured box clear, see through glass with the carbon fiber and the interesting fratzog design in the rear of the vehicle. Now I know what youre saying Joe, we want to see you go on throttle. We want to see this electric muscle car in action. I promise you its going to be coming, but this being a special night here for the Dodge speed week, being the culmination of all the excitement going from present to the bridge to the future of the Dodge brand and the muscle car. But until were able to get behind the wheel and hit that power on button theyre about to throw us out here, so if youre ready, Im ready lets, wrap it up from the M1 Concourse all right guys. This has been one of those iconic events that were going to be thinking about, while were sitting in our rocking chairs and say. I remember when that day that Dodge rolled out their first full electric muscle car. I definitely want to thank David Darren and the rest of the whole Dodge team for allowing us some private time and access to this vehicle. Let me know what you think: what are your thoughts on the design? What are your thoughts on the patents that they placed? Not only on that R Wing, but also that Acoustic sound with the exhaust system.

Let me know in the comment section: is this your dream, electric muscle, car Im dying to know, and so are the people at Dodge gon na read through those comments, but until we meet another day for another iconic event, if youre new to the channel youre on Your way out hit that subscribe button. I promise you its worthwhile come back for more if you are a subscriber thank you for being part of the radius rise family. Of course, we got to thank them real muscle in this room behind the lens of that camera. Lg ready working it like a champ show Lori some love in that comment section.