This is the mahindra xuv e8, which is the electrified version of the xuv700. The key is the same. The car is the same. Almost everything is identical, but the front end has been updated. So you can see. This is a continuous light treatment which, on the prototype, is maybe not working. Actually they remove the light button, probably, but that does not matter. A lot of things are not working this guy, because the prototype now so anyways lets look inside here. Okay, these are the lights and, like this cube, sort of a treatment, and obviously this is the bronze treatment on the inside which matches with the logo, which also gives this sort of a bronze treatment or copper treatment like mahindra likes to call. Since this is electric, it doesnt need a grill. So no grill is here. So this is sort of a you know, graphic design and has this continuation for aerodynamic, probably anyways. The hood does not open now its going to be based on the in glo platform, which is a modular platform having the cells of the battery from volkswagen similar to the id4. But this car doesnt seem to be on that platform, but this is a prototype. So the wheels have actually grown bigger in terms of size. Regular xuv comes with 18 inch wheels. This happens to be 245, 45, 20 and obviously aerodynamic wheels for better efficiency and aerobics, because obviously its very important to you know be more slippery in terms of coefficient of drag so that more range and heres a camera.

So you know what this whole platform in glo indian global. It has either a 60 kilowatt hour or 80 kilowatt hour battery pack and it will be rear, wheel, drive or all wheel drive. This xuv700 is actually a front wheel, drive car, but rear wheel. Drive will have 282 horsepower up to 282 horsepower and front wheel, drive the all wheel, drive car will have around 389 horsepower, making it very powerful. Indeed, range is expected to be around 500 kilometers on a full charge in the real world. So thats also really amazing and charging time depends. They will have 175 kilowatt dc fast charging, which will take it from 5 to 80 in under 30 minutes. Only thing is you. Please find me one single super fast charger in india, its not there, but hopefully infrastructure will develop by then everything is identical here. So nothing much has changed and yeah its just an xuv700 with electrification, which is kind of cool because yeah it will help them compete with the tata motors, because this is the first vehicle which is going to be coming from mahindra, which is by december 2024. Still, two years away more than two years away, actually seats are comfortable and all so yeah traction control. Button lot of things are at the moment, not working because uh its a prototype, obviously so theyve actually sealed this cup holder as well. And here let me open this. Everything is identical: 12.3 in screen.

This has changed. In fact, i can accelerate it now to increase the speed so new uh, you know, instrument cluster design. Twelve point three twelve point: three twelve point: three, this third one is not working. Regular xuv700 only has two screens. This one has three screens, and this will obviously have a lot more tech and no autodimming mirror, but there will be one obviously massive panoramic roof as well. The lever has been changed. Rest of it remains the same. This is the change on this car and electrification. Of course, lets do one thing: lets try and go and see whats below so actually turn on the lights and hope that the lights will work. So here we go and there you can see the under body. That is actually the battery pack okay and lets get to the front. Okay, yeah, the lights are working nice looking lights. Indeed, this drl is not working at the moment. Lets do one thing lets start driving right away. Okay, we are going to drive this car, which means that we have to get into drive mode. Steering wheel is super duper light. You know that the xuv is a very effortless car to drive, and this electrified version is no different because, as expected, things are super smooth. The problem with electric cars are everything drives the same: theres no difference as such, because, obviously, instant torque output is there and everything is so smooth, refined, silent and all that the regular xp is also very similar, especially the petrol.

The diesel obviously makes some amount of sound, and here it just feels like a regular exuberated drive. Only thing is theres no sound at all from the engine, because theres no engine theres a battery pack theres an electric motor and lets get into the throttle. Acceleration is actually brisk but its not having that kick in the pants feel because, obviously its not calibrated to do that. Yet i like the way the steering is so easy nimble and you honestly cannot feel the additional weight of the battery pack. So i think its going to weigh around 2400 2500 kgs and if the claims come true, then this would be fantastic in terms of you know, claimed range of 500 kilometers in the real world. That would be so amazing as well. More than that im excited that if this car goes from zero to 100 kilometers per hour under six seconds, which will make it blisteringly quick, but knowing how electric cars function, the top speed will be around 180 kilometers per hour, which means it is going to be Slower than the petrol and the diesel in terms of top speed, because the diesel obviously hits a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The petal also reaches 200 kilometers per hour, but it reaches this so quickly, its absolutely crazy and yes, theres. Some amount of body roll, but its an effortless car to drive. This is the first born electric mahindra car, which is going to be launched around two years time so thats, something to look forward to im, really keen on how they price it, because xuvs price for the top end is already reached.

31 lakhs for the all wheel. Drive version, so this is going to go beyond that and by that time hopefully tata will also come up with the harrier and safari versions. But i dont think thats going to happen because theyre looking at bringing the curve, as well as the avenues, production version, which will be electric, just see that its so freaking effortless, the effortless, is the key word for electric cars and then obviously lower running costs. Considering how fuel prices are going through the roof? Okay lets get into the throttle. Yeah it doesnt give you that kick in the pants feels her. I dont think it has that 80 kilowatt hour battery pack. I dont even think it has a 60 kilowatt hour battery pack. This is just a jugaad setup to give us a first impression of what what mahindras born electric vehicles are going to be in terms of pricing like i was telling you maybe 30 to 34 lakhs on road, but hopefully some subsidies will come from the government as Well so, as i see it, this is just like all other electric cars effortless to drive youll get that torque rush as well. Leaner performance no top end great bottom end and thats, something which ive kind of behearted by for electric cars very efficient, might save the world not really but then kind of soulless as well, but hopefully mind the inject some soul in these cars. With that 80 kilowatt hour, battery pack and obviously 282 horsepower for the rear, wheel, drive version which hopefully can drift as well or probably they might even go higher producing ‘0 horsepower in 89 horsepower with the all wheel, drive version so guys.

This was a quick vlog and a look into this xuv e8. I dont even remember the name but whatever, because it is the electrified version of the xuv700 im, just wondering theyre not able to fulfill demand and supply, or rather not give customers the xuvs already with a huge waiting period by the time they launch this, hopefully waiting Period will not be an issue if you like this log, make sure to give the thumbs up thats a like button and also subscribe to the channel.