We just went all electric guilty as charged. We still have our rights the right to remain loud, the right to be irrational, the right to break form and push peoples buttons. We have the right to dodge convention, see what i did there Music and we have the god given right to save the muscle car, so go ahead, sentence us to life without reason and throw away the keys. We dont need keys, Music, all muscle, all electric Music, Music, Music wow, so wow wow foreign, oh wow, Music. This is the charger daytona srt banshee and because its a dodge bev, it will be an assault and battery on convention, like i said when we started, is a very simple formula: look like a dodge, sound like a dodge and drive like a dodge. The first challenge was to make a muscle car aerodynamic now lucky for us. We did this over 50 years ago so successfully, in fact, that we were banned from racing. The original charger daytona was legendary for the way it pushed air around its nose cone and through its tail. This daytona will be legendary for the r wing pass through that you see here now. Those of you in the know, probably already spotted the fratzog logo up front thats a clue that were doing something that only dodge can do and our patent lawyers will remind you all of that. Now how about that r wing? It looks really cool right and the tie back to the daytona nascar is great, but does it actually work? Is this the slipperiest car in the world nope and thats? Okay, we dont care were willing to give up some range to look badass, but its a huge leap forward from where we are today now its a concept.

So i cant share with you the exact number, the exact numbers, but, to put it into context. Think of the aero drag of the 1934 airflow. This is the industrys first aero car then fast forward, nearly 100 years to todays car, the wide body charger. The arrow of todays car is 25 percent better than that car. Our target for this daytona is to improve another 25 from todays car thats, a hundred years of aero progress in a single generation, not bad and still bad ass. Next, it had to sound like a dodge the charger daytona isnt just going to be remembered because of the looks its going to be remembered because its been amplified by its patented sound chamber, while other evs are focused on keeping quiet. We amplified ours thanks to the patented frat sonic chambered exhaust. The output is going to be as visceral as those that came before it 126 decibels of output. How loud is that thats hellcat loud thats tower fly by spill. Your coffee loud this bev exhaust guarantees that dodge will never go quietly. I dont care if its an ev, if its a dodge, it needs a loud pedal and the charger daytona has the first one ever. But what you really want to know is: can the daytona do more than look good and wake up your neighbors? Can it perform like a true muscle, car look, everybody knows, evs are fast, even the boring ones are quick.

The instantaneous torque is impossible to deny, but the visceral experience of a muscle car is more than that, its more chainsaw than it is cordless drill. So we made sure that the driving experience will be marked with familiar dodge attributes. The typical single speed transmission in a bev super efficient, but we know that part of what makes a dodgy dodge is the way our power throws your shoulders into the seat back at shift points. So our engineers designed the new erupt system. It is a multi speed. Transmission with an electromechanical shifting experience, thats pure dodge how unique yeah thats also patented at every opportunity. We use this new tech to make a muscle car a better muscle, car now youre all going to ask me so im going to get it out of the way. What about the power yeah im not going to tell you that yet, but what i can tell you is it will share another very familiar dodge exclusive direct connection. The charger daytona will launch with three power levels all the way up to the 800 volt banshee system, but were also developing nine power levels through direct connection. You have nine total power levels on this car and all of those power levels will come standard with our exclusive power shot push to pass system. Direct connection is also going to allow our drivers to unlock the features that they want, like a slam mode. Drift mode drag mode and yep, even a donut mode, and finally, remember where i started probably forgot already: no one wants cars because everyone is now used to the in demands, the utility and all other capability of the uv.

Our designers and engineers raised the bar there. As well, the daytona is adaptable on the inside as well. The combination of the massive rear hatch, its hard to tell its there, but its a massive rear, hatch and folding flat seats, make this dodge eevee play more like a dodge uv and with all wheel drive that has not just all weather capability but increases performance. Substantially. Look heres the facts. We didnt ask for the rules to change. We didnt want them to change, but they did and we can try to outrun them, but that would be a nine second pass straight into extinction or we can do what we did read their rules study. Their rules find their gray areas then unleash the banshee. Now trust me, this is not the ev that they want you to have. This is the way dodge.