Okay, lets get into the cable first of all: uh, yes, uh, so uh im reviewing this vehicle after almost uh almost a month now so based on that im going to provide all the details regarding what is good and what is not good about the vehicle uh. Yes, so, first of all, this vehicle is having certain um display panels. The display panel is here in the front uh. If i switch on the display panel, it will be like this. It switches on shows the battery level speed, odometer and some network because it have some inbuilt uh. You know connectivity uh, which actually helps you to locate the vehicle where, wherever it is through an app and yeah, so the build quality of the chassis is good. The body is quite strong, however, there are certain things, for example, the first of all ill talk about the the the major issue that im facing right now is the underworld see? Basically, the vehicle is showing me under volt thing, which i can show you if it shows again, because i have uh yeah. Exactly it is showing under volt under volt is the issue which is not letting this vehicle move. Even if i am switching it to drive mode see, there are three modes, one is front which is uh on the left, and one is reverse, which is on the right and which is neutral. It is in the middle neutral is in the middle, left, is forward, right is backward and middle is neutral.

So if i put that on after switching on the vehicle, if i put this see, you should notice that the battery level is 89 percent and even after at 89, i cannot move the vehicle im giving race and it is not moving. At all the hand, brake is also off ill show its not there its not no hand brakes and giving race. The vehicle is not moving. Okay and theres, no nothing inside the trunk. The trunk is completely empty, completely empty trunk, totally empty nothing inside the trunk theres. Nothing here, okay, so this is the biggest issue and it stabbed a randomly. It stops randomly so the vehicle is stopped randomly and then there was a leakage in the cabin the leakage on the mechanic team and fix the leakage. They have put some silicon here, which you guys can see. Silicon uh prevented the leakage from coming inside the water leakage, while uh driving the vehicle in rain and then well look into the seat belt, its a weird seat belt, no its like its not connected cross. Diagonally, but it is instead just like on your waist, you can wrap it around your waist and just use it. This is a stupid kind of. I think this doesnt make any sense. This kind of seatbelt, because when you are when you hit, when you are in an accident, the body the upper body moves here like it, it bends forward. So if you are held down from the waist, the person will definitely hit his head on the on the handle, so the the seat belt should always be diagonally on the top, and then we have an issue with the side view mirror see the side view mirror.

Does not show much while you are driving, you cannot see the vehicle which is just behind you. You cannot see a vehicle which is also you know on the sides. It just shows some far view of the the the vehicle behind it same on the other side. On the left side, side view mirror and uh its not what my point, the point is its not big enough that you can clearly see the oncoming traffic from behind of this vehicle. Uh handle is very wobbly, while im riding this vehicle through the portholes. If there is any while see, the indian roads have the common issue with the potholes potholes, are there wherever you go in india, so when youre driving this vehicle in a pothole, the handle is very wobbly. The wobbly handle will actually, you know, cause very, very much imbalance while driving this vehicle see again im im, just repeating this thing, its under bolt and this vehicle. You cannot reliably trust because it will stop anywhere in the middle of the road and you dont have any any ways to you know: um push it on the side, because its too heavy its like almost 700 kilograms of this of this vehicle. And if you, if you are loaded with goods in the trunk in the in the no no in the storage behind, you, cannot move this vehicle on your own. You need to at least need three four five people to push it on the side of the road, and this happened to me a week ago and it stopped in the middle of the road – and i was like i have to like – you know, get help.

So the also there is a low quality. The quality of the storage here in the cabin is also very low, so you can see the kind of storage they have given its not not at all good. The storage is extremely like its kind of see its locked, but its the quality of the product is not good. Quality of the storage is not good. The quality of storage is completely uh, its like very low quality plastic and uh theres a lot of gaps. A lot of gaps which actually you know kind of uh, see the lock, is completely moving from one side sideways its, not a lock. I can twist it with my hands with some other key and can be opened easily see im using two different kinds of keys to open up its one. Single lock see its useless completely useless kind of a storage with a lock on it, which is not at all functioning and then now we have backlit. The issue was with the backlit, which actually means uh. If i, if im not even applying breaks, the backlit is not switching on at all and also earlier, the issue was when im not applying the brakes. Also, the backlit was on backlight was on and the back light. I mean the red the red light, which is usually indicating that the vehicle is stopped or we have applied the brakes. So they what they did is they sent a mechanic, the euler motor streams and a mechanic, and they said that the backlit, the backlight will not switch on.

It will not switch on uh and it will be fixed because they are working on some kind of software bug or software issue which they have with the vehicle and they will fix it and the rnd team is working on it and it will eventually uh. They will do something about it and they will fix the issue, but at the moment, the vehicle, if i apply the brakes, the back light is not switching on. I need to switch on the park lamp while im driving to keep the vehicle noticeable on highway. If im just driving it without the back light at night or you know, while applying the brake also, it is not showing back light on the highway. It will be a very uh, dangerous situation for the driver or and also for the vehicle. So i need to keep the sparkle lamp on all the time while im on highway at night to let other vehicles know that there is a vehicle in front of them and, secondly, headlamp when im switching on the headlamp or the wiper, mostly the headlamp headlamp, is Causing a lot of battery drainage im. Sorry! So if i keep this headlamp on for almost 30 minutes to 40 minutes, the auxiliary battery will definitely drain out very s very fast, and i then i cannot so use the wiper. Wiper will not work. It will not move and and yeah and the vehicle have a very slow pickup thats.

What im thats thats? What i have noticed so far. So if you are in a traffic and uh when the red, the green light goes on you, you know, you are in the middle of the traffic and you just wanted to race it, and you know you accelerate and all the vehicles around you are just moving On on a decent speed, you know, but this vehicle without any load in the trunk is super slow. The acceleration is very, very, very slow, its not at all good. I would say when it accelerates, with like half of the speed of all other vehicles around me like, if they are 10 meters ahead of me, im like five meters behind them with any kind of vehicle. If i compare it like three wheel, three wheeler another three wheeler or a four wheeler or a two wheeler or a car or a truck – i mean, i would say, the truck has better pickup than a big truck. A fully loaded truck has a better pick pickup than an empty vehicle of euler motors, this, this vehicle very, very slow, pickup, extremely smoky, so uh yeah. These are the. These are the feedback that i have given. So i would say, yeah its not good at all. With all these kind of issues, so the the euler motor team should rectify all these problems and fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will not be in the business for long, because people will definitely put reviews, they will discuss about it and its going to be a big problem for them all right.

Thank you. Please do uh comment, uh.