Now the entire user review in full details is in our bangla channel, but then in this channel well just make a short summary of the entire user experience now. First of all, the user got it in the year of 2021 july 2021. He already rides a 500 cc motorcycle, which is of course heavy and cumbersome for daily use. Plus the mileage is pathetic thats when he started looking for scooters and he came to know that even patrol scooters dont have a very good mileage. He started looking for electric scooters and he had two models to decide between. One is a hero. Atria and the other is standing right in front of you. He found the build quality of this model better than the hero and he got it for around 58 000 rupees on road now. Obviously, this is a no license. No registration category, you dont, see a number plate here, which means the top speed is limited, at least by the company standards, to 25 kilometers per hour. But then the company has given three modes here and the third mode you do touch a speed of around 38 kilometers per hour now mind you. That was the speed you would get in the initial days. Now, after a year of ownership and 10 000 kilometers of riding, the top speed has reduced to around 36 kilometers per hour. Now, that is primarily because the battery has degraded here in the battery pack used is a lead leadership.

Battery pack, which comes with a one year, warranty which means now when he goes to change the battery pack company, will not support him. He has to buy the battery pack of his own. Now, a new battery pack, a leadership battery pack – comes for around 17 000 rupees in the market, a good quality one. The good part is that this existing battery pack, he can sell it off and get around 3500 rupees from there now. What they do is they recycle the lead present in this battery pack and they use it for other purposes, which means the effective price for a new battery pack will be around 12 to 13, 000 rupees and hopefully that transfer another one to one and a half. Kilometers to justify its cost now with that, even the range has come down. It was previously 65 to 70 kilometers, but now it is only a 35 to 40 kilometers now, although that does cover his daily run. But then the leadership battery pack present inside has started to swell and therefore the urgency to get it replaced. Even the charging times previously, it were around 10 hours is now 12 hours and, as you can see, it has a hub motor mounted in its rear wheel. Now the owner has driven the scooter in rain and flood so much so that the motor has become completely submerged in flood water. Even then, it has not caused many issues. What has caused him an issue is, of course, the inherent quality of the hub motor mounted in rear wheel, which means, when you get a puncher, then that becomes very tricky to repair.

He has visited different shops and, as per his knowledge, there is only one local mechanic who is able to get the puncture done now. Why do we say local mechanic? Because the interesting part is, the owner has never taken this scooter for servicing in the entire one year and 10 000 kilometers of run. This scooter has not seen a single servicing and ill tell you the riding experience of it later now. The writing experience for me was something like this that the first thing you notice is an immense leg: space awaiting you, which means you can keep your legs further apart and have a grip of this sword, wherein you feel like youre riding a cruiser motorcycle or a Cruiser scooter of sense, this is how you can sit given the immense leg space available. But then, if you want to keep your leg curled up like this, and if you happen to be above five, eight five nine, then you might have an issue now notice. How my leg is curled up at an angle which is not very natural to the human body. This increases this gets steeper and steeper as your height increases, which means its not very comfortable if youre, five, nine and above and youre riding a distance of lets, say 10 kilometers or something like that other than that for average heighted riders. It should not be a problem. You will notice, there is a for the pillion, there is a backrest available which does help and there is an immense glove room available here.

Besides the generous room available in the boot space as well, the lights are good and, most importantly, even without any servicing. This scooter has held up good. Of course, you do notice some niggles some wobble, because the screws and the nut balls they need a little bit of tightening other than that. There has been absolutely no issue. The owner is very happy with his purchase after one one year of owning and 10 000 kilometers of driving. All he had to spend on. It was the electricity bill to charge his battery thats it for now and well, let you know more as it unfolds for this scooter for other scooters. Please subscribe to this channel to stay in the know.