This nissan kicks is a good crossover contender of the chili cooler for territory and the mg news jst, those in the same price range but are all, are gasoline engine or it will be a directly competitor with the more expensive, hybrid toyota cross. This model is a sweet spot that misses pioneering on electrified vehicle. This type of hybrid electric vehicle is good in philippine market. This is because the charging station infrastructure in philippines is quite limited, and the introduction of the electrified car is one of the game changers. For our country that have limited charging station, because this car is powered by electric engine, but battery is energized by the 1.2 gasoline engine think about it like a generator charging your battery when needed for an electric vehicle, you dont need to be worried on the kilometer Range of this car, as long as theres a gasoline station nearby, you can run this vehicle coyote. This car have a v shaped grille, so yeah double v shaped. Then it has an led and drl light and led, and then we comb here at the bottom, what we have in the engine bay is the electric engine that needs an e power with 280 newtons meter support and 130 horsepower, while on the other side it is The combustion engine, the 1.2 engine liter that will charge the battery. What i like in the site is it young, stylish, linear from buck until liters of door, small curb shaded circles and then two tone callers for the top of the line.

Sure, if you can see it and you have a 17 inch wheels so much at the back, so i have some unique uh tail light, so this one is only a reflectorization line at all whats already lighting here is when we open the cargo, it has a 480 liters of space – or you can also expand this around 835 liters of cargo area. You just need to fold the back seat say still have a gasoline engine for charging the battery, so it has a 360 camera, so one at the back, then we have also at the side on the boat side mirror, and this is it where you can find The camera so same thing on the other side and management camera and below the emblem Music. Fourth, camera exterior lets go inside and check it out and also lets test drive this the seats for the knees and kicks are all leather, as you can see its a good quality and very comfortable shock. The cluster panel is made of 7 inch display with digital plus analog speedometer. You will notice, there is no rpm, as this engine is running on pure electric motor. The door is made of hard plastic with leather handle or impartment armrest steering wheels is leather up with multi function, control of the cluster panel and infotainment system. The dashboard are plastic with leather stitches. You know italian magnetometer, soft leather stitch. Its infotainment system is an 8 inch display panel with an android, auto apple carplay and 360 camera.

It has an auto climate control. This is your electronic parking hand, braking and maintain auto hold here. So you start the engine and arrange it to a yano holder. So you can remove it for more storage, oil, iron and water, divider minion gear, selector, yeah, its so electronic, eb bottom fuel, electric compression drive mode button for eco, normal and sports. Then, in terms of uh light you can see here: white, deep user sha. So something like a cheap plastic, but this is the white dip user for the light, so yanyon, so its up left and right and this one. So you have some vanity mirror, as well as on both and me by native beer with light path, power, sensing, supernatural, Music, Music, Applause, Music holder, so sitting in the back is quite okay, like foreign Music here two for both yeah, then this is the plastic finish. Yeah plastic finish its like an armrest when youre resting, yeah, speaker and speaker and another cup holder, thats right place. A b then remove the parking handbrake electronic parking handbrake, remove it thats right so notice. We are already riding 40 kilometers, so you need to manually lock the door so when youre driving here its quite quiet. But if the engine is running you can hear the humming sound of the engine seems something like a small little bit of generator sound. But swift seems okay, i mean its not quite loud, its like a small engine display with only a 1.

2 engine, so its tolerable and im, not sure if you can hear it. Let me quiet dropping it know, so your people already stopped the charging but youre not able to hear it, but imagine youre, driving a car like a 1000 2000 rpm thats. What you are hearing from the engineer for the battery has four bars for me. I have two bars now left button charging continues. What i notice is turn on turn off, so thats saving you money or fuel, and the good thing about this one is when you are driving, especially and downhill. Your kilometer range are increasing because of the regenerative charging. So just best best thing, he said always drive in b mode. The good thing about this b mode is: you were set uh. You will only press the break button if you want to have a full stop or is purely or near up to your front of the car. Otherwise, it will always slow down automatically so quite smooth ride, and this is a the horn is not quite good, but you can easily replace that in aftermarket horn by the way, this knees and kicks is quite in the sweet spot where we know on our days. At philippines, dont have electric um infrastructure, we have very limited charging station, usually in manila, you go to province, there is no charging station. So this mod this model or this type of car is quite good fit right. Um, you have a gasoline where you can have a range you will not be afraid of.

Where should i need to charge right? You just need a fuel and you can go anywhere and that fuel will serve as your generator to charge your battery. So no need to worry about range of the battery, so thats the one of the good thing here, and especially if this is in the introductory price of around 1.2 to 1.5 million. So i think this model is the top of the line, so it is around 1.5 million pesos see the price is quite good or quit in sweet spot, because if you go for the hybrid for toyota, it will cost you around. 2 million or electric cars could cost you around 2 million for the nissan leaf. So this really is quite cheaper than the toyota cross. But the good thing about this one is for the the fuel efficiency of this one, so its around 20 kilometers per liter, ah relaxed driving style. You may be reaching at 22 kilometers per liter, even in city driving thats, quite good right, because if you want to compare that to the gasoline engine you will only get around. The worst is six when maybe highest for city driving is 10 or 11 double well. If youre gon na compare it for the long drive its always the same, others, car can also reach maybe around 20, but usually those fuel efficient car for long driving highway will be around maybe 18 max 20, but it depends on the displacement, but this one you Will not be um worrying about overtaking or speed.

You get a torque what you need, especially in sports mode for the other car. You have a small car with a small displacement engine and yeah. It uses a pull, but for the power you may miss the fun and driving, but here you can still have fun and driving the engine is quiet, so dashboard engine is running charging the battery. So so far, but management running slow and theres still a charge so and comfortable um high bumpy roads. Here in the philippines, there are lots of um an even surface, so ice nice and suspension yeah its like a serious gravity and youre feeling driving this ones like sturdy um, develop driving still running by the um electric engine. The only difference is young engineer. Your gasoline engine is turning on and off to charge the battery im not sure how youre gon na charge in the full lets say. I call it the one bar material, oh no, now you can have the full eb. So this is what you like. When you step in the bus, three more electric vehicles, they move forward. Unlike normal automatic car, you can see theres some delay or lag because theres some like beautiful gears here. Once you step it, you see the torque in terms of maintenance im, not sure. Yet we will see this brand new dozen electric engine and it has a mechanical combustion engine, but for electric engine, theres, no much maintenance, usually but rylanian uh.

So you submitted those, they still have some gasoline engine and you can change oil, so you can still youre not able to see some maintenance costs here and like youre gon na buy the electric car youre just wearing on the battery here. Theres, a battery theres, an engine that you need to maintain as well as im, not sure whats, the maintenance needed for an electric engine, but so far they said that theres, no maintenance for electric engine im just excited to try. This start all the way for the sports mode lets see straight fast, see responsibly still need to follow. The rules currently im just running 80 kilometers per hour, but a striper can go around 100 theres lots of cars in front of me so yeah we are driving around 100 kilometers per hour, its quite smooth, so we are exiting in the start of the way, its Easy to drive its quite nice and in viewing angle of the road you can see it so its like an suv, youre driving an suv. Unlike the car right. You can see this, but this one can easily see whats in front of you, Music um. It still goes to flowing, you need to get used to it. It will help charge your battery, you ipad, which is a good thing. You know its like. You have having a free fuel, you have a good grief and the gravitys center of gravity is nice. When you are in the curb you can easily control this car limousine paramaga Music.

You can hear it its ready Music step on the gas. You can steal the engine driving its trying to charge the battery hmm Music for around 1.2 to 1.5 million. You can go to the nearest nissan store.