Many netizens commented that this is amazing, Its surprising that British princes have become a BYD users. In fact, I think that BYD, both in China and the world In the field of new energy vehicles, definitely leading the way And Tang EV is a flagship model among all BYD models. It represents BYDs highest level of car manufacturing. Now our company has a 2022 BYD Tang EV That car just went on sale in early June, So Im going to introduce it today Lets experience the treatment of a prince 2022 BYD Tang EV. The biggest change is the shape of the front face It completely eliminated. The traditional grille, Significantly different from the 2021 model, uses low wind resistance front shape, maintains a consistent design style with Yuan Song and all BYD EV models, including Han, But in order to highlight the Tang model as a flagship among all BYD products, Many more advanced and Technology elements are applied, For example, the front face shape is under the overall design and appearance concept of DRAGON face. The headlight has 3 dark blue trims. The color of the lights looks very deep with the whole LED lights. Another one is the two very long light strips on both sides below This light strip will turn on when the lights are on at night, But the daytime running lights are still in the position of the headlights. The overall body size of the 2022 Tang EV does not change much from the 21 model.

Only the length of the body has increased by 30mm. The wheelbase has not changed. The only thing that has changed is the shape of the rim. This is a brand new design Adopts a low wind resistance design. Another one is comparing with the original top version. Its rims have been changed from 22 inches to 21 inches now Fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. The brakes used here are also very famous Brembo brakes, But just covered for aerodynamic. Looking at the rear of the car, not much has changed. Rear windshield wiper is hidden Horizontal light bar running across the back Very neat tailgate. A small 4.4 second sign is added on tailgate. This logo represents this. Car Has a performance of 4.4 seconds from zero to 100 kmh In the aspect of the interiors. Byd adheres to the principle of using real wood, real carbon, fiber and leather. Although the 2022 Tang EV does not use wood and carbon fiber in its interior, But the application of leather is still very wide, The backrest and seat cushion are made of nappa calfskin. Very soft. The style of the pattern is also follows: the design of the dragon scale It echoes the front outside dragon, face shape from inside Then look at its center control, both sides of the center tunnel, the steering wheel and the interior panels of the doors are all made Of great touch leather In 2022, BYD Tang EV – There is a very important upgrade – That is all models have upgraded the audio system to a 12 speaker, hifi level, Dynaudio audio system.

You can also see that there is some ingenuity in the interior design of this car. The camera and the facial recognition camera Both cameras have small covers that can slide on and off. This ensures the privacy of our users. There are a lot of people sitting in the car and worry about. There is always camera waching them, So I think even the prince was sitting in this car. You will not worry about your privacy and itinerary being leaked, So what are we afraid of The 2022 BYD Tang EV has not changed the size of the instrument panel and central control screen. It is still a 12.3 inch full LCD instrument and a 15.6 inch center control screen that can be adaptive rotated. The 4th generation Dilink 5G intelligent system on the Tang EV UI of the entire interface has been optimized. Microphone is provided in the center armrest. You can sing karaoke in the car. The 2022 Tang EVs biggest change. Is these two independent second row seats? This car is the 6 seater version Sitting on these two separate seats, More comfortable, Bigger space. The seats are the same as the front ones. It also uses the same dragon scale design The backrest also uses the same material. The back and forth movement of the seat can be adjusted electrically. There is also ventilation, heating and massage function. Even the headrest can be adjusted on both wings. I think the prince sitting in that 2021 BYD Tang would feel comfortable as well, not to mention this 2022 Tang EV.

Secondly, I think for the convenience of the function This time the 2022 Tang EV has also carried out some more detailed upgrades in the seat side. Theres, a small storage box for mobile phone, Two USB charging ports are provided as well. You can charge your phone anytime Very convenient on the left seat Cup holder for two drink bottles. The armrest can be placed like this. It can also be unfolded to have a wider area. Another important optimization point of the 2022 Tang EV is It makes some improvements to a healthy environment throughout the inner space of the car. It uses a water based spray material. Soundproof cotton is made of the material that the masks we wear every day are made of, And the air purification systems in this car also have CN95 high efficiency, filter, PM2.5, Filtration and negative ion air purifier. These can greatly improve air purification efficiency. In addition on this top version, Tang EV model, It is also equipped with a fragrance system, Make the whole cabin environment more comfortable, no odor. All the people sitting here will feel more cosy, Driving this 2022 Tang EV. The biggest feeling is that the car is very quiet. This is also a feature of electric vehicles. On the other hand, also shows that BYD Tang EV is a flagship model of the BYD brand. A lot of homework has been done on the sound insulation and noise reduction of the car body. A very big change is that The entire electric drive system has been greatly upgraded, which includes The energy of the battery pack, has been upgraded from 86.

4 to 108.8 kWh. The most intuitive change is the increase of battery life. Although this car is a four wheel drive model, But the CLTC range is increased from the previous 505 kilometers to 635 km now And for the two wheel drive version of Tang EV. The maximum range has reached 730 kilometers, Not only the increased battery pack and the increased range Cooling and heating function on blade. Battery packs is technically improved. Now this car It adopts a set of technology of direct cooling and direct heating Replaced the original water cooling. This makes the battery more efficient in cooling and heating, While achieving high efficiency. Byds blade battery also has high safety In the hardest puncture test. On the battery the blade battery barely changes, It also carries a heat pump system with a wider temperature range Make the air conditioner more effective, especially in winter Blade Battery Performance. Under the action of heat pump, air conditioner, it can be ensured as little loss as possible, Because this is a top model. All the configuration is installed on this car As a top model Equipped with a Dipilot, fully intelligent driving assistance system, Its easy to control, Just press the button on the steering wheel, Just press the button on the steering wheel on the front head up display. You will see speed and a steering wheel and a lane keeping sign. It is equipped with a set of disus c intelligent, controlled suspension. It can actively adjust the softness and hardness of the suspension electronically monitor the bumpiness of the road respond quickly Front, suspension and rear suspension are controlled separately.

Basically, it can filter the vibration very thoroughly. What excites me the most is its acceleration response. You can drive at a constant speed on the road When you need to speed up to overtake You, dont have to switch driving modes Just hit. The accelerator pedal Can be done in an instant, Especially this four wheel, drive car Front and rear motors together have a maximum power output of 380 kW 700 Nm of torque. This four wheel drive system With very intelligent electronically, controlled software logic, Torque, output of front and rear motors can be automatically assigned. This intelligent electronic control system is also an unique configuration of the four wheel drive version. Its energy recovery system works very well. 2022 Tang EV has two level energy recovery. One is standard, The other is the stronger one In the state of standard recovery. This car is actually not that different from a normal gasoline car. When you release the accelerator, pedal Recovery will have a little effect, But if you switch it to stronger When release the pedal, The car will exert a greater braking force. Help you to lower the speed better. The 2022 Tang EV has been upgraded in exterior interior ride. Comfort and battery life Makeing this car almost impossible to find any shortcomings. This is also on the basis of BYDs, profound accumulation in design and development, battery, electronic control and other technologies. The comprehensive power consumption per 100 kilometers is about 17.2 to 17.

5 kWh The power consumption is even lower than the officially announced 17.6 kWh. So this can also reflect the authenticity of this car in terms of cruising range. 2022 BYD Tang EV, Not only as a reception car for Prince William. It is also a means of transportation for our ordinary consumers to travel daily. This car has a sense of luxury, dynamic performance and long battery life Can bring us a better experience among the same class EVs.