We did a very deep dive so for this interior segment, Im going to be talking about what makes this rear wheel, drive, sedan different and why this thing costs half as much this car as tested is a hundred and four thousand dollars and its reasonably well equipped. Mind you in Porsche world, nothing comes as standard and everything is all a cart lets start with the exterior. First, the sedan is one of three body style options. Your other two are two variants of wagon bodies. To me this is one of the sleeker looking bodies. It is the most common, however, and it is the least practical when it comes to exterior changes and colors Porsche does a really really good job. I think this frozen berry, metallic color on the exterior looks spectacular and the optional Wheels look really really good. On this thing, Porsche does a good job, making us look fairly expensive. The trunk space for the sedan is quite good. Youre, looking at about 14 and a half cubic feet which puts us on par with many executive sedans, the rear, seating occupants or the rear occupants. Dont get as much space as they do compared to the wagons even with the same glass roof youre looking at less Headroom, and because this cars footprint isnt massive by any means dont, expect executive class sedans level of rear leg room. If you have a taller driver. I mean over six foot tall, a full size.

Adult will not fit behind them. However, if you have more reasonable sized drivers who can get people back there, the one nice thing about the ticon as a whole when it comes to the interior, is the noise floor due to the body rigidity, because this was an electric car in the battery packs. Add a lot of that there is very low in VH. You dont really hear anything in this cabin other than the slight sound of wind noise and the distant Roar of the tires, its a very quiet, solid feeling cabin. I talk about that. A lot in Porsche products when it comes to the front run occupants. This feels like a typical Porsche. They do a really good job at this and unifying the seating position and really the the forward view in most of their products. It feels like you are sitting in a more sporty car. You can get nice and low in the seat. You have great visibility and all of the primary touch points like the pedals, the steering wheel and everything you interact with come right to hand. It feels very. I hate to say thats just ergonomic the door cards are nice and big. All of the touch points in this cabin like the door switch gear and even the infotainment stuff feel quite expensive. The gauge cluster is All Digital, it is configurable and it has the premium Porsche five pod layout in cheaper Porsche products like the Macan and 718.

You get three gauges, things like the 911 Panamera and cayenne. You get five for the 2023 model year. However, Porsche has done a good job, updating the infotainment. That was one of the big complaints that Mark had with the regular tiecon it was slow and the display quality and at least some of the graphics looked pretty dated. The infotainment in this car has been refreshed to look like the new infotainment found on 911. It seems faster to react. It now has Wireless Android auto and it seems a little more stable though I havent spent a lot of time with this. So ask me, after our next loan we still sadly have the All Digital HVAC controls. I think Porsche does a better job in things like the cayenne and 911, where, where you have a good mix of physical and touch controls, where this HVAC system is all touch, it looks a little better than it used to, but its still, not as intuitive to Use, but with all that said, I think its time for us to head into the shop and put this thing up on the lift foreign with these small battery packs. Again, yes, because people ask for a affordable version of the taikon and when I say, affordable its, not affordable its a hundred and four thousand dollars well its more affordable than 200 000.. That is true. This makes way more sense at this price, so whats the difference. This has one motor and a smaller battery pack, so we are working with 79.

3 kilowatt hours. I think its 79.2, so 79 points dont, jump cheap there and thats good for about 250 miles worth of Ranger and 240 250. and the horsepower Jack lets talk about that. So youre, looking at low 300s and 250 foot pounds of torque, but when you put this thing into launch control mode, it UPS, the horsepower to 402 when you go with a bigger battery pack, which is optional on the rear wheel, drive model its about five thousand Dollars and it UPS the horsepower to like the mid 400s like 469 with launch control and its regular early in the high 300s. Is that accurate, its uh 469 with launch control and 254 torques man and uh the base level power is 375 horsepower and 250 pounds of torque. Just I had to look at my phone because all these numbers they mean nothing to really most people, its still really fast its about as fast as you would get from any six cylinder turbocharged like premium luxury sedan. So why are you paying less? Why are you paying a hundred thousand dollars lost for those? Well because again, its one less motor than you get in the Turbo S, and as stock or standard the suspension system is far less complicated in Porsche version. You can option everything to this car and if you really want to learn everything, there is to learn about the J1 architecture, which is a Porsche developed, full electric architecture for this vehicle.

That Audi, then bought from Porsche to put on the RSE Toronto or e tron watch your other video, but this is a multi link, front and rear, largely aluminum, very rigid body structure and as standard. Unlike the Turbo S, this does not get the Adaptive sway bars with the 48 volt Motors does not have rear, steer as standard. It does not have the enormous carbon ceramic brakes. These are standard Steels and it does not get the air ride. You can option air ride to this vehicle and you can option a mechanical limited slip in the rear, so this is like the poor, mans tycon right here. This is like the Everyman rear. Wheel drive only no fancy bits yep open diff, though they claim its torque vectoring by brake and its open, diff yeah. So with that, I think its time for us to take this thing out for a drive Mark looking forward to it. Oh yeah, Music, foreign, Music, hey Jack. I brought you another Porsche, oh thats, a shock. This is an owner car though, and he did the smart mans color to Dario blue plug in charge up text. Your mom scroll to feed boom done rear wheel, drive all wheel, drive, sedan or wagon any color. You want match your eyes match your dogs. Eyes match my eyes. I cant even wink sounds like the future in here. Oh it does. This is the rear wheel, drive tank on open, diff small battery, no air ride does it have, does it have an active or a wing? Well, maybe the trunk when you leave the trunk open honestly right.

This is this – is the the Counterpoint to the ticon. We did earlier, which is almost 200 000 yeah. This is the one that you are probably going to buy or more realistically lease. This is 104 Grand, and this is the answer its like a five series or something along those lines from Porsche or a Panamera. More accurately, all right, so I I looked at this two ways, one its the first one. I set my ass in here thats. What I see is how much it is. Okay, I can. I can eat the hundred grand because its a really solid car uh the question was, is what is it compared to like what are the direct competitors and when you said, eqs, okay, thats, an easy one Ill take those whats, the other one, the Audi yeah, the E tron, which is basically this car and uh, I dont know – maybe the the I 4 that we drove earlier remember that the dual motor BMW yeah yeah, but what Porsche does better than all of those other brands is Laughter. What do they do? Is chassis, tuning yeah, youre, right right? This car is unbelievably solid feeling when youre in it right its so rigid, and I brought this up in the original video and thats unchanged for this. You feel like youre in a giant concrete box with amazing suspension and none of the bumps. None of the weird vibrations really make its way back into the cabin and all its really just relaxing vehicle.

To be yes and I think thats the thing right. Okay, so for me personally, I would never consider this. I think at a hundred thousand dollars theres far better luxury cars, but theres not far better luxury cars available right, so this by default does not have a ton of competition and all the same characteristics of the more expensive one like almost 80 percent of it is Here and the ride quality ride, isolation and smoothness um is amazing and even on coil springs. It doesnt have air right its just. This is what they do amazing compared to other competitors, and it doesnt feel like a gimmicky space. It feels like a Porsche. It doesnt feel like the eqs where you yeah. Definitely this feels like a real car at a price that, if you have that next, like that upper level, income youre gon na, be so happy with this. Do you miss the speed? No, I dont, I dont, think its necessary. I think if I had a hundred thousand dollars for its icon, I have two hundred thousand dollars for a GT3 to go, have fun on the weekends this becomes my commuter car, where all I care about is am I gon na get to where I need to Go and back and charge it at night and I still have the Porsche experience aside from the speed, because you really dont need the speed honestly with the type of commuting that youre doing on a daily commute.

So the owner of this character, Braun, he commutes anywhere between 50 to 100 miles a day, given what he does for work, and he told me that on longer drives like if he knows hes going to leave the Illinois area he just takes his guy in and That I think thats the answer to this car, but thats also the shortcoming right. If you live in our area and youre trying to do a really long distance driver or road trip, this doesnt work, but if youre just commuting and you live within, you know your range and you charge it home after every day of work, its a perfect vehicle. No its its perfect, it still carries over all the things that we liked from the other one two speed gearbox, so theres a little bit more natural Driving Experience. I love the way the steering wheel is in this, its a bit smaller again its just not a gimmicky Driving Experience. Tycons dont really come with any options. The premium package that adds things like cool seats, stuff that comes standard on a 50 grain car immediately bumps us past six figures, yeah its an expensive vehicle Im gon na bring up one other thing. The open diff obviously were having a good time with it. But I think the the PTV plus system will add a lot to this, and if you do option this thing with air ride, it will further isolate the ride in this car yeah.

For for sure I I mean you, obviously, if you want more, I think this is a really great spec. This is the commuter spec and still expensive, but its great. If you want more, you can add it youre just going to be paying a lot more and then you question like: do you really need it? Is it what is it really adding um a bigger car payment? Pretty much I mean thats, true, bigger lease payment for sure so Mark with that. I think its time for us to wrap this somewhat short Porsche. Video up thanks Jack, oh Music, final thoughts on the Porsche tycon, this being the rear, wheel, drive or single motor variant. If you watch this or our previous taikon video youll, know a few things that its not just about slapping a Porsche badge on there and inflating the price. Well, of course, thats always going to be there a bit. They take all the things that this brand is known for, which is great driving Dynamics. Natural steering, brakes handling. It doesnt feel like youre riding on top of a giant battery pack, which is something that the modern EV world is doing. Also in attempts to wow you with all their technology thats, not what this is about its a plenty competent vehicle. It feels like a performance luxury sedan, and that is where it is at its best. Now. The single motor variant here is definitely more on the economy.

Side in terms of pricing compared to the dual motor version we drove, and I think it delivers about 80 percent – that of that. What that car did it does its not as fast. Obviously, it doesnt have the insane suspension, adaptive suspension and all that, but it does most of everything that you want from an Eevee that youre going to daily drive, maybe plug in at work plug in at home and then on the weekend or every other day. Youre going to take your sports car or more performance vehicle, and this becomes your hauler, your your everyday, normal vehicle and thats. What I I really like and respect about it, yes, its expensive, but again you know youre looking at equally expensive competition that dont do the driver car things as well as the tycon big surprise.