This is also the replacement for the Kia in Nero, which was the second biggest selling EV in the UK in the first half of 2022 big shoes to fill, then you could also get the Nero in regular, hybrid and plug in hybrid guises, but the full EV Version is expected to account for around half of all Nero sales. It certainly starts off well its not exactly a pretty design, but you cant mistake the new Nero for anything else. One thing we really like about the design is that the plug for charging it is centrally located, which means it doesnt matter which side the charging cable is. When you visit a public charging spot. Also useful, is this cubby hole under the Bonnet because it means you can keep a charging lead in here closest to where youll use it. Some electric cars have more storage space under the Bonnet true, but the cars electric motor also lives here, and the old Kia inero, which had a similar front motor layout didnt, have any underbonnet storage at all. How long it takes to charge very much depends on how fast the charging point is that youre, using so if youre, using a domestic three pin socket, for example, that will take around 30 hours. However, your most likely solution at home is a seven kilowatt wall box and that takes just under 10 hours and, if youre out and about the maximum charging speed, is 76 kilowatts, which will give the car an 80 charge in about three quarters of an hour.

Theres. Only one battery size and thats 64.8 kilowatt hours prices start around 36 000 pounds going up to low 40s. This mid range one is just under 40 000 pounds back here. The boot is noticeably bigger than the outgoing model theres 475 liters, which is 90 liters. More than a Volkswagen ID3 full electric, which is a rival in terms of price theres, an adjustable boot floor too, which is useful for sliding heavy objects in and out plus, an impressive 1’2 liters of luggage room with the rear seats folded down now the Nero EV Isnt, the widest of cars, so sitting three people across the back is going to be a bit of a squash. That being said, two will be very comfortable indeed, and the absence of any sort of Hump in the middle of the floor really helps add to the sense of space. The Improvement in cares in most recent years is probably most evident from the drivers seat, because not that long ago, Kia Interiors, although were well appointed and solid feeling they were just a little dull, a bit like my twin mobile. Not so here there are dramatic curves, intriguing metal effect, trim, finishes, vegan friendly, faux leather and a single panel for the infotainment touchscreen and drivers instrument panel. That would not look out of place in a BMW or Mercedes and it doesnt just look swish. It is swish. Every trim level gets smartphone, mirroring electric windows, climate control, adaptive cruise control, theres stairs to help you keep in your lane and automatic emergency.

Braking that detects cyclists pedestrians, as well as cars, step up to a three spec car like this one and you get heated front seats and steering wheel and electric drivers, seat, blind, spot warning, front parking, sensors wireless phone charging and a larger upgraded infotainment system top spec Models, meanwhile, get extra luxuries, such as a heads up display a sunroof and ventilated front seats, but for all the equipment on offer theres. No better example of how well thought out this Kia is than this set of icons here, tap it and it toggles between media controls and nav, including these controls here and tap it again and youve got the climate controls in terms of efficiency. The Nero EV really impresses youre likely to get around 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour of electricity, which is really good, considering an SUV body style isnt, always the most iro Dynamic of shapes. Officially, the Kias range of 285 miles means that you should get 4.3 miles per kilowatt hour and that is easily achievable with a bit of economy. Conscious driving, but even 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour is better than the 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour. That weve experienced with the skoda enyak IV in terms of real world range, then the 64.8 kilowatt hour battery will get you around 240 or 250 miles before youll need to charge it up. Three and four spec cars also come with an optional heat pump, which helps boost the Neros cold weather efficiency, as it uses less energy to warn the cars interior than a high voltage heater, you should be able to rely on the Neros Energy Efficiency and predicted range Figures too, because in our experience, the instruments in electric gears are some of the most accurate in the business, so you shouldnt be suffering any weight anxiety, which means you can concentrate on what the cars like to drive, which is really rather good.

It doesnt have overwhelming amounts of power, but thanks to the instant response of the electric motor theres, always more than enough pulling power to accelerate quickly out of Junctions or to make an overtake. It certainly feels faster than a naught to 60 time or 7.8 seconds would suggest. Also, despite being front wheel, drive only its actually a very well mannered car when it comes to handling the front wheels, seldom feel overwhelmed by the torque running through them and theres really good feedback in the steering wheel. So you actually know what the front wheels are doing and despite having a bit of lean in the corners, it still manages to feel like it has a decent amount of grip. The ride, meanwhile, is also pretty good. It doesnt have the cushioned floaty feel of a DS or a Citron, but it is subtle enough to smooth out rough road surfaces and potholes effectively. Part of the reason for this is because the Nero is actually quite light. Its about 75 kilos lighter than the Volkswagen ID3, which is a smaller, less practical car, its pretty hard to fault the narrow EV. You might not like the way it looks, or you might want a more exciting car to drive. If thats you, it probably isnt tamed at you. If you want a compact family SUV, thats efficient, well, equipped solidly built and comes with the peace of mind that a seven year warranty brings then theres, nothing really to beat it.

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