Thats not to say I have low expectations for Volvo, but this isnt exactly a new vehicle. The C40 recharge is essentially a slightly more stylish version of the xc40 recharge, which is an all electric version of the standard. Xc40 thats been around for more than a few years now. This coupe, like SUV, is basically a copy and paste, though a couple things set: the C40 recharge, apart from its sibling, the most obvious is that sloping roof line which gives the vehicle a swoopy profile at the expense of some interior space, and then the rear is Slightly different with lovely new tail lights that extend upward along the more rakish back glass altogether. This package is understated, but still stylish, especially with Fjord blue paint, an extra cost color. No, I said fjord, so the C40 recharge looks great, though it is much more than just a pretty face. This vehicle offers startling performance, it has plenty of tech, and the interior is both very premium and decently comfortable. But before we get to all of that, lets check out a few numbers to see how this Volvo compares to some of its most important rivals. The C40 recharge features a 78 kilowatt hour battery pack. As for competitors, the 2022 Audi q450 e tron sportback Quattro thats a name has an 82 kilowatt hour battery. The Tesla Model wise is estimated at 75 and the 2023 Genesis gv60 is fitted with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery.

Naturally, all of these packs use a lithium ion chemistry on longer drives. Youll definitely want to DC fast charge that big power brick. This Volvo should top out at 150 kilowatts enough to go from 10 to 80 percent in a projected 37 minutes, thats a respectable, if not Stellar, figure, though its still enough to top the Audi which is advertised to Peak at just 125.. In comparison, the Tesla is expected to max out at a thundering 250 kilowatts and the gv60, like other egmp based cars, such as the Hyundai ioniq, 5 and Kia ev6 should accept electrons at a rate of up to 235 kilowatts as for range between those top ups. The Volvo is rated at an EPA estimated 226 miles which isnt that great in comparison, the Audi should be able to go 241 miles between charges. The Tesla gets as much as 330 in Long Range trim with 19 inch Wheels, but with 20s expect 318 or 303. If you get the performance model as for that Genesis, the base Advanced trim can go 248 miles between charges, though the performance grade is rated at just 235. inside the C40 recharges interior is pretty much identical to what you get in combustion, powered and electric versions of The xc40 – and that is very good news, because everything is beautifully designed and carefully constructed. None of the materials used in here are particularly opulent, but pretty much everything feels very premium. There are loads of low Sheen, soft Plastics and matte metallic accents.

I also love love, love this carpet, like material they put on the door panels and that blue color is so fresh and vibrant. This is also the very first Volvo that is completely leather. Free, no animal hides were used on the steering wheel, shifter or seats, and this is a change that Ive got to say absolutely does not feel like a downgrade. This is some pretty nice stuff, Music, put the camera down Im just having a sandwich. Okay, you think Im sharing my sandwiches. There are, however, two elements of the C40 recharges interior that I think could be enhanced and number one. Is this plastic block off on the dashboard Engineers removed the traditional push button ignition? They actually installed it in the drivers seat. So that when you sit down, it turns the vehicle on kind of a clever feature. Although this looks like a complete afterthought and then theres the sort of terrorist trim theyve got on the dashboard and the door panels, it looks cheap. The back lighting at night is kind of cheesy, and personally I would much rather have aluminum or bamboo or reclaimed barn wood, something else, but anyway lets talk about passenger Comfort. These front buckets are very firm but commensurately comfortable. They also power adjust in eight different directions, plus they have four way Lumbar and manual extending lower bolsters a feature. I always appreciate the C40 recharges back seat has generous leg room, though not surprisingly, Headroom is a little tight because of that sloping roof line.

The outboard positions are heated, though. Unfortunately, the split backrest is very upright and does not adjust. How did I get back here? Ben you left me in the b roll again well thats better anyway. While we are talking about this vehicles interior, we cannot ignore the tech and front and center. We have a nine inch portrait style touch screen that is colorful and crisp, plus its home to a Snappy and intuitive android based infotainment system. As such, this includes a host of Google services from the Google assistant to the Google Play Store to Google Maps, which is super, responsive, very intuitive and always up to date, which is exactly what you want in a car. Strangely, though, Android auto is not included because the system is already Google based. Unfortunately, apple carplay is missing as well, though this Smartphone mirroring system should arrive later this year via an update ahead of the driver is a 12.3 inch. Digital instrument, cluster, and it looks nice, though its not very customizable, only offering two different views, theres Navi, which shows an immersive map and then calm, which sort of gets rid of everything and leaves a blank screen, though arrows will pop up for turn by turn directions. If you have a destination set in the navigation system, and this sort of blank screen is very similar to what we experience when reviewing the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring hybrid not long ago, and we really didnt care for it there either.

So overall Volvos done a great job with the C40 recharges interior, though I do think the new genesis, gv60s cabin, is just a little bit nicer and a lot more interesting. Still this absolutely shames Tesla and it might even be better than what Audi is doing these days, but lets put this machine in motion and see how it performs whoops forgot. Theres no start button were already were ready to go. I guess Applause, the C40 recharge features a pair of electric motors one at each axle, and not only do these little dynamos provide standard all wheel drive. They also crank out a crushing 402 horsepower, along with 486 pound feet of torque, and that is enough to propel this vehicle from zero to 60 miles per hour in a legitimately quick 4.7 seconds. From stop light to stop light, you can annihilate sports cars. In this thing, if you want to and its like sorry bud, you just got your doors blown off by an innocuous. Looking little Swedish crossover, those numbers give the C40 recharge a 0 to 60 performance advantage over the Q4 e tron sportback and the gv60 advanced, though this Korean vehicles performance trim, has the edge in horsepower and torque with boost mode engaged. The C40 recharge should also be a whisker quicker than a 2022 model y long range rolling on 19s, and please note these output figures are only estimate since Tesla doesnt publish official figures, because you naturally the model y performance is a lot quicker anyway.

Another feather in its cap, this interior always remains super quiet with basically zero powertrain or tire noise. Now theres, just barely A Rush of wind around the a pillars here but thats it next lets talk driver AIDS. Now this is a Volvo, so there are way too many to list, but The Usual Suspects are standard Im talking about things like blind spot monitoring, Lane keeping assist uh 360 degree, camera system front and rear parking, sensors and a whole lot more. But if you somehow fail to avoid a collision, this puppy also earned a top safety pick plus rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and that is the highest score. They hand out the C40 recharges ride and handling are both extremely commendable and, despite rolling on large and undoubtedly very heavy 20 inch wheels. This vehicle always feels poised and under control. The ride is firm, but it is never bouncy, harsh or unsettled. Also, when youre snaking through corners body roll is basically nil, the steering is no different than what you get in other EVS, meaning its its perfectly fine. You can adjust the weighting, but there are only two different settings: theres normal and firm. Predictably, that makes the steering slightly heavier. It is my preference, but the difference isnt that big Additionally, you wont, find a range of selectable options or paddles on the steering wheel here to adjust the regenerative braking this Volvos one pedal mode is either on or its off, which, like the steering and instrument cluster, Is refreshingly simple and maybe its a little bit too simple? I happen to like this, but Others May want more granularity, in fact, which do you prefer having a whole bunch of different settings or just a couple.

Well, leave a comment down below, because I would be fascinated to see what you guys have to say and while youre there make sure to subscribe to EV pulse on YouTube and check us out on that groundbreaking up and coming video hosting site thats somewhat redundantly named Yourself, TV DOT TV really what were gon na call it. Maybe we could do better, unlike spurious YouTube, knockoffs theres plenty to love about the C40 recharge heres, a summary of our likets and lumpits. This Coop light crossovers design is clean yet interesting. The performance is borderline. Shocking youve got to love this Volvos beautiful interior, well, most of it at least, and that google based infotainment system plus its related Services, all work very well. Of course. There are some downsides here, but not that many the range could be better. 226 miles is fine, though Id really like to see at least 300. the batterys, 150 kilowatt charging rate is competitive, but for how long sloping roofline looks great but a touch more back seat? Headroom would be nice and finally, its not a big deal, but Id prefer a traditional push button ignition, instead of using my backside to start the vehicle if youre shopping for a premium electric vehicle there arent too many options available. Today, though, a throng is on the way, if you want something right now consider the Volvo C40 recharge, because it is quick, comfortable and oh so classy, but even better than all of that, this coupe, like crossover, is surprisingly affordable before any available tax incentives.

This example goes for 60 540, including 10.95 in destination fees. The only option padding that figure is a mere 695 dollars for the lovely Fjord blue paint job. It was Henry fjords favorite Volvo is pretty much offering this vehicle in a one and done configuration which keeps things simple and, as I mentioned earlier in this review, I like simple, which is also one of the many reasons why I like the C40 recharge on behalf Of everyone at EV pulse. Thank you. So much for watching our publisher is Jake Shoff Chad kirschner is Vice President of content. He is also the tie breaking vote in the EV call Senate. Jason Sue is not only a friend of me and you. He is our director of Commerce, I am Senior editor Craig Cole and that was executive. Producer Ben Sanders come back, bud come on, I didnt mean it Im.