The show dedicated to enthusiasts of the global automotive industry say: have you ordered a new car recently chances? Are you had to endure an agonizing time waiting to get it not a tesla, at least not in china? Thanks to plant upgrades tesla is ramping up production at its factory in shanghai, and it slashed wait times for delivery. It now takes only four to eight weeks to get a model y in china. Model 3 wait times are between 12 and 20 weeks. Previously it took 8 to 24 weeks. Tesla is targeting to build 22 000 model ys and threes. Combined a week in shanghai thats, a pretty big number most assembly plants from legacy. Automakers would build about 6 000 vehicles a week and that would include overtime. Speaking of evs chinese automaker gili says next year, half the vehicle it sells will be evs. Currently bevs and p heads account for about 30 percent of its sales. In the first half of the year, geelys ev sales were four times higher compared to a year ago, while sales of its ice vehicles fell 20 and thats a story line, we expect to hear from more and more legacy. Automakers, you know most automakers shut down their operations in russia after it invaded ukraine, but chinese automaker cherry hopes to start making cars there soon it wants to boost sales in russia to between 80 000 and 100 000 cars annually compared to 41 000 last year.

Cherrys main production base is in china, but it also builds vehicles in 15, other countries, mainly in the middle east, southeast asia and south america. Most of those factories outside of china are not owned by cherry and they manufacture vehicles made from complete or semi knock down. Kits and thats, probably how cherry is going to want to do it in russia, since sanctions are making it hard for russia to make things on its own with global reach across three continents, tajin automotive technologies make vehicles lighter safer and more eco, friendly, tajin automotive technologies. The formula for better mobility at scheffler we pioneer motion Music, electrifying mobility, manufacturing, smarter, reducing co2 emissions, making energy production clean, scheffler, pioneers motion to advance how the world moves Music. There are three iconic engines that earned their place in the hearts of muscle, car fanatics, fords, flathead, v8, the small block, chevy v8 and chryslers hemi. They represent the ice age in its glory, but heres the car thats relegating them to the history books, the all electric dodge charger, daytona srt for now dodge is saying that this is a concept car, but make no mistake. This car is going into production. You know the designers really nailed it with this car. The wide short grille is reminiscent of the 67 charger and note how the tail lights mimic the front end. The body sides are uncluttered and muscular, and the rear sail panel gives it a real fast back.

Look inside the charger, daytona looks purposeful and modern, but avoids looking too techy dodge did not release too many details. We do know that it comes with an 800 volt architecture that dodge actually branded with the banshee name, and it even gave it its own badge. We also know that this will be a gut wrenching, visceral muscle car, with an exhaust note that can hit 126 decibels yeah. You heard that right, an exhaust note dodge came up with a noise amplifier that it calls the fratzonic chambered exhaust system. Tim kniskes, the head of dodge brand, says the electric charger will be faster than todays hellcat charger and just as loud. Unfortunately, production does not start until 2024 and were probably not going to get a whole lot more details until then. But if youd like to get more info that dodge did release, then click on the link in todays show notes. If youre watching this on youtube, then scroll down below this screen to where it says, show more click on that and youll see the links, but before you do that, what do you think about this charger? Daytona srt are hardcore, gearheads really going to go for it, or is this going to bring in a whole new generation of muscle car fanatics? You know general motors is slowly but surely building up its defense business back in june, it announced plans to expand into canada and it created a new international unit to make defense vehicles for foreign countries.

Now its partnering with the german defense company reinmatal to compete for the us armys common tactical truck program, theyre going to make a modified version of rheinmetalls hx3 military vehicle. The army is expected to choose a winner for the program in december and it could buy up to five thousand seven hundred vehicles and a value of about five billion dollars by the end of the decade. General motors expects its defense unit to generate a billion dollars. A year in revenue, you know, despite all the safety equipment, stronger body structures and advanced driver assistance technology going into cars. These days, traffic accidents and fatalities are going up, not down nitsa says more people were killed in traffic accidents in the first quarter this year than in the last twenty years, nine thousand five hundred and sixty to be exact, thats up seven percent from last year. Now, with population growth and more cars on the road, it shouldnt come as a shock that fatalities are up thats. Why nitza always measures fatalities by deaths per 100 million miles driven, but even that went up? There were 1.27 people killed per 100 million miles, driven compared to 1.25 before so. The puzzling question is: why are fatalities going up when cars are demonstrably safer? Nitza didnt provide any answers, but it pointed to speeding driving, distracted and impaired drivers. We want to know what drives your testing ota connected car diagnostics. Remote testing, intrepid control systems is here to help you work from anywhere intrepid control systems driven by your data.

Active aerodynamics has a pedigreed history. Mercedes benz used an air brake on the back of its race cars at le mans in 1955, which significantly improved the braking of the car. A decade later, the chaparral 2e used a movable wing for downforce and braking more recently, weve seen rear spoilers that deploy at speeds over 50 miles an hour and grill shutters that close off the radiator opening all with the idea of making a vehicle more aerodynamic. And now the new porsche 911 gt3 rs has some notable active, aero applications. It uses continuously adjustable wings in the front and on the two part, rear wing that provide more than 900 pounds of down force at 124 miles an hour thats three times as much as the current 911 gt3 and at 177 miles an hour. Total downforce is 1008 pounds and thats the equivalent of a porsche 356a. Just like many of you may have seen in formula one. The new gt3 has a drs or drag reduction system. It uses a hydraulic ram to flatten out the rear wing elements to reduce, drag and increase speeds on the straights attracts during hard braking at high speeds. It functions as an air brake to maximize deceleration, just like mercedes did at le mans 67 years ago. Speaking of race, cars acura unveiled its new gtp race car that will run in imsas weathertech championship for the first time in the series the gtp cars will be hybrids.

Acura uses a twin turbo, 2.4 liter v6 that puts out 500 kilowatts of power, thats 670 horsepower, and it is mated to an electric motor from bosch thats powered by a battery pack from williams engineering that adds 67 horsepower of continuous power and 241 p horsepower. In fact, the indy car series is going to use a similar powertrain starting in 2024, and that could greatly reduce costs, for both racing series say: are autonomous cars ever going to make it into production, or is the technology impossible to perfect? And what about lidar? Do you really need that or not? Those are the topics on auto line after hours this afternoon, when mike ramsey from gartner research will join us, and i invite you to join us as well. That brings us to the end of todays report. Thanks for making auto line daily a part of your day, Music, auto line daily, is brought to you by bridgestone solutions for your journey. Intrepid control systems over the air engineering boost your game, scheffler.