Damn you look stupid. I feel like everyones, a stranger small talk with your narcissistic neighbor shes real hot, but they said to never date her. I agree, but you did and i hate it – you wan na get away. You better get in line well, go another day, ive wasted any time. Ive got a lot to say, cant hold it in this time got no filter. I got no filter, i got no hey man. Can i get a favor yeah sure i know see you later? Sometimes i just want to be a hater got ta wash down the top 40s with the chaser. Your voice starts feeling like a waiter day. Im wasting any time. Ive got a lot to say: cant hold it in this time got no filter. I got no filters. Filter you can see the riding on the pavement. Young kids are growing up in basements online, a whole new generation imma make mine, so you better go. Take it always they need a new replacement. Decentralized cant contain it were changing lives. Yeah make all the demons make all the demons nation. We control the airwaves, no negotiation. I refuse to think we need saving something good will come from creation and when we think that the world is too anxious, well adapt you up and now yeah make all the demons were calling them. I sometimes i feel like all is lost, but i know its not true. I wan na put up all my walls cause im, not in the mood, but then i cut myself off from the rest of the room.