First, with the outlook of this car two words: hella sexy check out how nice this is thats. The first impression i had when i laid my eyes upon this car. Now you definitely cant also avoid this whole eevee futuristic. Look because, after all, it is an eevee car, so im gon na start off. First, with what you see over here, crouching tiger, hidden dragon im, actually talking about the daytime running lights, its given the name of the digital tiger daytime running lights that you can see on the headlamps over here also have auto high beam, as well as the turning Indicators that you can see here, not forgetting also the front grille that you can see over here, also kind of opens up when youre on the air conditioning also works as a well air vent for you to uh cool down the components of the car and also The front radar over here moving up slightly to the top. We have the front camera and not forgetting that new kia logo, something i may have missed. Also the events at the side as well for the side profile were gon na start. First, with these side mirrors glossy black covers and also if you notice, theres some kind of curve at the end here, if you were to appreciate details like this, probably is also for the aerodynamic design. Camera, underneath here part of the 360 degree view lets move on to the door handles which is actually flush or well.

It lies flat when its locked, giving it again a more aerodynamic, feel and also something youll find in most ev cars, theres, also black accents that you can see at the bottom, even the b pillars and also the c pillars, as you can see slopes downwards here Again, creating that aerodynamic function, and last but not least, this massive 20 inch rims, as well as the continental tires that is specifically designed for ev cars like this now for the back vehicle inside of us with the roof spoiler. You can see over here also going down streamline to the rare spoiler that you can see, but what you will definitely notice is the back lamps now for the brake lights, its actually going all across the car from the top even to the sides, and here this Turning indicator light, if you actually put your hands on it, it has like a 3d feel over here, something really really nice something. You will also appreciate when youre into details like this and in the middle over here we have the charging port its a little push. You can see its a type 2 charging port with dc, as well as ac battery capacity of 77.4 kilowatt hour now for dc charging. It can take about 0 to 80 in about only 18 minutes. Pretty fancy and this car also comes with something special, which we call a d2l or vehicle to load, which means theres, actually a special adapter of which you get to charge your electronics, for example.

If you go on a camping trip, you can charge your fan. It can charge your grill and, aside from that, we also have the reverse lights that are actually located just down here. You see these bars over here. This will light up when you go into reverse and now for the boot space. This has auto tailgate function. You press it. It goes up where you can access 520 liters of space, also expandable up to 1 300 liters when you fold the back seats and now for the inside of the car. I am loving what i am seeing check out this curved screens over here. Again, housing both the instrument cluster, as well as the infotainment system. Each of this is 12.3 inches in size. Well, lets start, first with the instrument cluster that you can see again displaying all the important information that you need also what i really like also part of the safety feature to reduce your blind spots when you want to switch lanes. When you put your indicator, what will happen is yes, a camera will actually show using that side camera earlier, when i mentioned about again reducing blind spot thats, a very good feature. Okay, now lets move on to the steering wheel of which it also has these pedal. Shifters, but this is uh not for the gear, but its actually regenerative brake pedal. So if you want to take a sharper turn, you want to just somehow like drop gear.

Well, you can actually use these pedals over here. Theres. Also, a drive mode button that you can press and also other keys on the steering wheel for you to control your instrument cluster, as well as your infotainment system. Now lets move on to the infotainment system. 12.3 inches in size touch screen has a very like uh mobile phone kind of look with the app so to see, and even here you can actually control certain things in the car. Now, moving back to this center console over here, where this is where you can control your climate, but what is also cool is that you can switch between that and also to your navigation just by pressing one button. Now, moving on to this one over here, like i said, this is very uh driver centric because of how the screen is curved and also for me to control this part here, and here we have the dial of which you just need to twist to change between. Reverse or neutral or drive its also auto hold, and also for your view, for your 360 degree view is actually displayed on your infotainment system. The button is located over here, not to forget this is also pretty comfortable, of which you can actually recline almost to a horizontal state and just to mention, because an ev car wow, very eco friendly even this year, you feel its leather, its actually not leather. Its made of recyclable plastic very well done what i also like about this car.

It has a panoramic sunroof, which really gives that whole entire feel and elegancy of this beautiful car. What about the safety features? Now this car comes with those center safety features, isofix, seven airbags, the whole works, and it also has advanced safety features like lane, keep assist lane centering theres, also the earth. Well the auto cruise control. Like i mentioned, you saw the radar earlier in front, so it also has all these features that really gives value to this car. So it gives you more of a sense of security and safety when driving this car and for the backseat passengers, i would say they would feel really comfortable because it uses this new egmp platform. The wheelbase is longer, therefore, providing more space, not only for the front people front people and also for the back passengers. So you can see over here so you cannotice that the floor is actually flat. So, even if youre sitting in the middle here, you actually feel pretty comfortable. It actually has a three pin charging part over here. For you to charge your electronics, you can even be a laptop, even your mobile phone. So if you cant find a usb um port over here, you can actually charge it directly here now, because this car utilizes the new electric global modular platform or egmp now not only does it have better drivability, better handling. It also has a wider wheelbase, which means it gives more room space for the passengers itself, increasing comfort, and on top of that, it also has two motors thats right.

This car is an all wheel, drive where it has a combined horsepower of 320 horsepower maximum torque of 605 newton meters, 0, 100 in only 5.2 seconds, and a maximum speed of 185 kilometers an hour. This car is fast now. What about the battery capacity? As i mentioned earlier, 77.4 kilowatt hour of battery, which can give you a driving range of about 506 kilometers now, this is also very dependent on the driving habits of this car. Now you know the sexiness, you know about the safety safety features, as well as the performance of the car. What about the pricing now? This car is priced at about 300 and thousand ringgit, where it comes with five years warranty or 150 000 kilometers. Whichever comes first and also because its an ev car well, the battery has warranty as well for seven years or 150 000 kilometers. Whichever comes first to me, i think this car is just sexy. Safety features and it being an eevee car. With all these features, i think its actually pretty good 300 000 ringgit.