. In addition, the Borns massive roof spoiler and unique side skirts, give it a more aggressive appearance than the MG4 EV.. The MG4s front. Fascia is noticeably more angular than the MG4 EVs and it features some attractive, copper, colored, highlights., The MG4 Electric will be available in more trim levels and with all wheel drive in the near future.. The maximum power transferred to the rear axle by the electric motor is 150 kW for the bigger battery and 125 kW. For the 51 kWh battery variant., The MG4 Electric can reach 100 kmh in less than 8 seconds and can go on to reach a maximum speed of 160 kmh.. Hey folks Welcome back to TECH ELECTRIC. A place where you can find every single update regarding the auto industry and in todays video. We are going to discuss the differences between The MG4, EV and Cupra Born., So stay with us till the end of this video. So you dont miss out on any of this information., But before we begin make sure you subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon, so you dont miss any of our amazing videos. And lets begin. Cupra Born was long overdue.. We originally saw it as the Seat el Born idea in March 2019., Since then its gone from concept to reality and gotten better and changed labels.. Why rebrand? If the Born been a Seat, VW group protocol would have required it to be cheaper than the MG4 EV.

As is the case with the Leon and the equivalent Golf., If youve sat in a lower spec, MG4 EV and dug about the cheap plastics youll know, the MG is cheap. For older manufacturers, migrating to EVs battery costs and profit margins are substantially narrower. As a Cupra. Vw can price the Born slightly more than an MG4 EV for sharper styling and increased sportiness. Apparently.. Since El Born whats changed Cupra devoted more time and money to Borns styling.. It has a considerably angrier face than the el Born and MG4 EV with a side skirt. Flicks, a taller rear, spoiler, dramatic 18 to 20 inch wheels and a chubby looking diffuser, which is exaggerated in the lighter grey exterior colour. Cupras palette, is sophisticated neutral. From the Formentor and its Leons. That signifies a blend of petrol, blue, grey and copper.. Despite all the styling work, the Born looks surprisingly like the ID.3. Boxy shape, comparable glass, small overhangs and C pillar is giveaways.. Personal preference will determine whether thats awful. Sportiness Correct. From launch. There will be four Born iterations, with the most powerful pair. Getting the e Boost performance pack, If you check that button, the rear mounted electric motor can drive the rear wheels with 228bhp for a brief time at full throttle.. The most powerful MG4 EV now available makes 201bhp, but we expect twin motor 4WD versions of both the MG4 and the Cupra soon.. You may combine e Boost with a 77kWh battery for max range 335 miles and 0 62mph in 7.

0secs, or a 58kWh battery for the Borns quickest 0 62mph, sprint 6.6secs and 260 miles of range.. The Born has bigger, tires and 15mm lower front and rear suspension than the MG4 EV Dynamic Chassis Control. Dcc is available for 790, regardless of powertrain and ESC. Sport can be used to loosen traction. Control., Hows everything, The VW ID.3 is better.. The driving manners are slightly better without compromising comfort and the screen menus are less annoying. Marginally. Its a good electric automobile., A safe choice that sets new criteria, but does little differently. Dont buy electric hot hatches. Drives quickly, but detachedly. Range, Not sure. If you mean battery or range., Both need attention., As always cut claims by a third., Summertime youll think were pessimistic. Wintertime enthusiastic. Under the two e Boosters is another 58kWh battery option, with a 201bhp motor for a few extra miles of range. Thats a best seller.. The base spec starts at 34715, no plug in car incentive from the government to cut the list price, but we expect an entry version with a 45kWh battery 148bhp motor 211 miles of range and a price below 30000., A competent electric hatchback, but not the Cupra hot Hatch Cupras Born electric car is predictable, but well executed. Dont expect a hot electric hatchback.. The fast one has enough power to convince, but its neither engaging nor exciting.. This looks and feels newer than the MG4 EV., The all electric MG4 EV hatchback was just made available for purchase in the United Kingdom by the British automaker MG Motor.

. According to the announcement made by the company, the electric vehicle will be constructed on the Modular Scalable Platform MSP.. This will make the vehicle the most technologically advanced electric vehicle EV product that the company has to offer. Arctic White Holborn, Blue, Black, Pearl and Dynamic Red will be joined by two new MG colors Camden Grey and Volcano Orange when the vehicle is introduced and the starting Price of the vehicle will be 25995. The following is an examination of the most important information pertaining to the MG4 EV Design of the MG4 EV. The MG4 EV deviates from the traditional design patterns of MG vehicles, in that it has more angular body lines, headlamps that resemble hawks and an aggressive bumper design.. The hatchback has a set of brake LED lights that are clean and slender and located in the back of the vehicle.. The sides each have a contrasting skirt that has a design that is smooth and flowy and works its way towards the back. MG4 EV Specs. The five door hatchback will initially be available in variants, with 164.7 horsepower and 198.2 bhp having a single motor rear, wheel. Propulsion.. These variants will be followed by a powerful model with 436.9 bhp that dons a 2 motor four wheel engine.. The manufacturer asserts that the conventional range can go from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8. Seconds. MG Motor has stated that the 164.7 horsepower version, which has a 51 kWh thin battery and measures just 110mm in height, has a range of 350 kilometers.

. This is despite the fact that the battery is only thin by 110mm.. The larger 64 kWh battery that comes standard with the 198.2 horsepower model allows it to achieve a maximum range of 450 kilometers.. The 64 kWh battery has the ability to charge up to 135 kW which results in a charge period of 35 minutes when using a 150 kW DC rapid charger to bring it from 10 to 80 capacity. Before we move further to MG EV4 features I just want To let you know guys that we are building a strong community where we give you every single update on the auto industry. So if you want to be part of this family then do hit the subscribe. Button. Now lets get back to our topic. Mg EV4 Features The interior of this. All electric hatchback is outfitted with high tech features such as a 10.25 inch floating infotainment screen and a 7 inch driver display that are both connected to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with adaptive cruise control. Automated climate control, adaptive LED headlights and rear lights, rear parking, sensors, 17 inch, alloy wheels, automatic climate control and connectivity for the MG smart app. MG Motor has just recently introduced its all electric ZS EV SUV and its Hector brand offers a variety of hybrid vehicle configurations.. The launch of the MG4 EV has fanned the hope that the firm will soon offer an all electric small car in various countries, and the company has plans to do so.

. According to Xinyu Liu, the Chief Executive Officer of MG Motor Europe, The MG4 Electric, sees MG Motor take another crucial step in its lengthy history.. The MG4 Electric is not only the first model on our technologically advanced and extremely flexible MSP platform, but it also represents the unrestricted youthful and cool spirit embodied by the brand, as it forges a path to the future.. This is because MG4 Electric is not only the first model on our technologically sophisticated and extremely flexible, MSP platform.. This is especially seen in the manner in which the MG4 Electric was designed. And thats it. For today, guys, We sincerely hope you enjoyed the video.. If so, please click on the like button and share it with your friends and family.. If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us. In the comment space below. Also dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see even more of our incredible videos.. You can also check out our other videos that have been specially selected for you..