. On the other hand, there is an answer to every predicament.. If you are interested in the MG4 EV and the Renault Megane E Tech Electric 2023, we might have the answer to all of your question.. Now you may be wondering which one is the superior option. Why should you consider the new possibilities, rather than the ones that have already been explored? Wan na know the answers? Stay, tuned., Hey folks, Welcome back to TECH ELECTRIC. In todays video. We are going to talk about the comparison between the MG4 EV and the Renault Megane e tech., So stay with us till the end of this video. So you dont miss out on any of this information., But before we proceed, dont forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell symbol so that you dont miss out on any of our wonderful videos in the future. Lets get started. The new MG4 is MGs entry into the market for reasonably priced fully. Electric family cars.. Now that the pricing and specifications have been made, public MG has stated that it is the new electric vehicle will be available. Beginning in September of this year., We were initially introduced to the zero emissions MG4 in its Chinese specification as the Mulan badged electric vehicle EV, and we now know that it will ride on the brands, new MSP Modular Scalable Platform architecture. The new platform that will form The backbone of the next generation of electric MG models will be based on the MG4, which highlights the MG4s place as a vital player in the continuous all electric assault that MG is launching in the UK, market.

Now lets take a look at specs prices and configurations. It should not come as a surprise that the MG4 Long Range SE has the longest range of all the available models clocking in at 281 miles.. This is because of the larger 64 kWh battery, which also has a charging capability of 135 kW.. This results in a charging period of 35 minutes when using a 150 kW, quick charger. Long Range. Se, vehicles are equipped with MGs grille shutter technology, which controls the amount of airflow through the grille, based on the needs of the vehicle. MG claims that this increases the vehicles EV range by as much as 10, and improves the vehicles aerodynamic efficiency by up to 30.. Long Range SE models start at 28495.. The MG4 EV Trophy is the most expensive model available with prices starting at 31495., When equipped with the larger 64 kWh battery MG asserts that the EV Trophy has a driving range of 270 miles.. In addition to that, it comes with an improved model of the MG Pilot System, as well as a number of new safety features like blind spot identification. Lane change, assists and rear cross traffic alert.. In addition to that, it comes standard with a two tone: roof rear privacy, glass, double aero, rear, spoiler, leather interior with electric drivers, seat heated front seats and steering wheel, satellite navigation, 360 degree, camera and wireless phone charging.. The exact performance data have not been disclosed, however. The model with 201 horsepower and 64 kWh of battery capacity will be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than eight seconds.

. The maximum allowed speed is 99 miles per hour.. The platform as well as the powertrain It has been established by MG that the MSP platform is capable of housing. All wheel, drive, electric powertrains and the company is working on a future development of the MG 4 that will include a dual motor system. MG. Further claims that its MSP will support battery swapping systems and that its Service Oriented Architecture will make it possible for vehicles to receive updates wirelessly over the air throughout their entire lifecycle.. We believe our new MG4 EV will be an intriguing option for customers wanting an affordable electric car without compromise, said Guy Pigounakis Commercial Director at MG Motor UK.. We expect our new MG4 EV to be available later. This year., The revolutionary Modular Scalable Platform, has a significant amount of untapped potential and is expected to produce a number of fascinating new MGs over the course of the next few years., The Head of Product and Planning at MG. Motor UK David Allison has been quoted as saying in the past that The MG4 EV is a critical part of the next phase of growth for MG.. Our outstanding reputation for outstanding design, market leading technology and excellent value for money will be strengthened by any choice. You make thanks to our outstanding new MSP architecture, which will enable us to offer multiple options for the rapidly expanding electric car market in the UK.. Lets. Take a look at the design Utilizing a new design language.

Its exterior design is completely distinct from that of any other model in the current MG lineup.. This is due to the fact that the car was designed using an entirely new design language. At the front. A rather pointed front end is denoted by slim and pointed looking LED headlights and at the back, a full width LED taillight bar lies beneath the screen.. Both of these features are LED.. The cladding that runs along the bottom of the doors has a more rugged appearance and the top of the hatch lid is crowned with a rear spoiler that has a split design.. These design elements are reminiscent of SUVs., The all new Megane E Tech. Electric crossover is Renault next Nissans, electric automobile step., Based on Renaults new CMF EV platform itself, based on the CMF C platform, but with a more compact nose flatter floor and reworked suspension. Previews technology well see on the groups: automobiles in the future.. The corporation may import a limited number of Megane E Techs as technological demonstrators. So What bout? Renaults E Tech Electric This cars exterior is easy to spot.. This carcrossoverSUV has an unusual profile with its large wheels, high waist and low roof. Senior management liked the new Megane so highly that it became the standard model.. The clean cut, nose 20 inch wheels and arrowhead embellishments on the chin. Look terrific. Go down the road in this and youll be noticed. Gold highlights or not. This front wheel, drive automobile employs, 40kWh or 60kWh pouch lithium ion batteries.

Wltp range of 450km combined. On the 60kWh model DC rapid charging can reach 130kW charging 70 75 percent. In 30, minutes. The 40kWh model charges slower, but can accept 22kW from an AC charger.. How does Renaults E Tech Electric drive Lets start with ride and handling? Where Renault thinks this car shines.? Yes, riding comfort is great.. We dont feel the weight of the battery, even as we stomp over Spains, less than perfect roads. Theres no looseness and despite the big wheels theres. No excessive unsprung mass. Big wheels tap tap over road ridges, but the lengthy wheelbase doesnt move. Much therefore, smaller wheels are better.. Megan E Tech is agile for its big wheelbase.. The car loves corners, responds enthusiastically to the steering, lock and feels tiny.. It rolls especially on switchbacks, but speeding out of a corner, disrupts the front suspension and produces vagueness. Renault engineers said theyll soon: remedy this. For a long car, its agile., A permanent magnet free 8 pole motor is used for performance. In Sports. Accelerating is smooth and effortless. Our cars 218hp electric motor can go 0 100kph in 7.4sec. Theres, no sudden shock when you hit the throttle. Acceleration feels linear, even when youre on and off the accelerator and even in Comfort, the car doesnt feel flat footed, while overtaking. The Megane is more efficient than older generation electric cars of its size since its lighter. Starting with 100 and 367km. We ended with 37 and 141km. Correlating with distance traveled.

It would suggest a range of around 345km, which is surprisingly impressive and seems to back up Renaults claim of having an efficient battery and motor set up. Inside the Renault Megane E Tech Electric. The instrument panel is curved glass with a tablet sized portrait screen running Google, Automotive Services. With Google Maps and voice assistant. You dont need to sync your phone to the car., The screen isnt as sharp as an iPad, but you dont need to tap it twice and you have physical air con controls., Top quality steering wheel and surfaces make the cabin feel premium. The chrome and piano black Pieces mood, lighting, chromed buttons and high grain materials make the cabin feel upscale.. The fake wood trim isnt spectacular, but I liked the smart use of moveable stoppers, which prevent your odds and ends from sliding around in the deep central tunnel, underneath the primary console. Spacious cottage.. Youre seated high in the back, which is helpful for visibility.. After a while, the high window line and low roofline make you feel caged in., Two tall adults can fit in the rear and the flat floor can fit a third.. Even a 440 liter boot is deep and practical. If you dont load heavy bags in. Splitting the seats creates greater space. And thats it for today guys, We sincerely hope you enjoy the video.. If so, please click on the like button and share it with your friends and family.. If you have any questions or comments, please share them with us.

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