So why isnt everyone buying one? Well, i guess its our job to find out right before we pick apart the soul ev. There are a few things that you need to know its got the same powertrain hardware as the outgoing kia e nero, which means you get a 64 kilowatt hour battery and around 200 brake horsepower from the front mounted electric motor. It costs around 35 grand which isnt cheap, but theres only one trim level called the max and it is packed with kit. But look at all of this. This all comes as standard harman, kardon, stereo, heated leather seats, heated steering, thank you, lovely, lovely, 10 and a quarter inch infotainment touchscreen with apple carplay and android, auto fantastic, its all, actually really nice and easy to use by the way – and i quite like it because Its got a nice sort of shade of um purpley, pink, i quite like okay, its not the plushiest interior in the world. All these piano black trims are fingerprint magnets, and some of the plastics are a little bit low. Rent, but actual build quality is solid. Its also a logical interior, no fiddly touch buttons or climate control, sliders here lovely its roomy for a little pseudo suv as well, even though the volkswagen id3 is a bit more spacious inside and the 315 litre boot. Well, its not enormous. But aside from all of that, the best thing about this car is the range its got 280 miles.

That is more than an id3. That is more than a nissan leaf and look. You can charge this thing up to 80 in 54 minutes at a 100 kilowatt charger because it actually charges at 77 kilowatts. If you plug it into a 100 kilowatt, then it makes the most out of it. Do you know what i mean, so i mean yes, range is all well and good, but it becomes a little bit redundant if this car isnt nice to drive – and i can tell you it is nice to drive – i mean its got a good bit of umph Behind it, it will do not to 60 in 7.6 seconds and even when its up at motorway speeds, i mean the wind noise isnt that bad. I took it on the m25 to get here today and i was thoroughly enjoying it. It was very lovely. It cruised beautifully, and then i had a classic m25 moment where everything came to a standstill, which was very frustrating. However, theres a thing on here which genuinely really helped me right, so you click on media and its got sounds of nature right. Listen to this! This is what i was listening to while i was stuck in traffic on the m25 this morning, a lively forest or a snowy village. How nice is that, so i actually didnt mind getting stuck in traffic this morning. I did actually it added an hour to my journey, but it wasnt too horrendous.

While i was sitting here and it was happening, you know, hmm im still struggling to find the catch, maybe its sloppy on the bends. So you know when it comes to electric cars, they normally have like one pedal driving regen braking. What i quite like about this is you can choose the level of regen braking using the flappies behind the steering wheel. So if you dont know what regenerative braking is when youve got an electric car, when you turn up the regenerative braking, basically, when you lift off the accelerator, it slows the car down and puts charge back into the battery. So if you turn it all the way up to its highest, then youre gon na make the most out of it, and it works really nicely when it comes to country roads. I mean this isnt, the kind of car that youre going to be with and around a mountain, but its not bad around corners, you get a little bit of body roll, but of course you are with the height of the car, its not bad. At all i mean the steering is nice and light it makes driving. This super duper easy and super duper relaxing and also, i have to say i have gone over quite a few little potholes and bits and bobs and its handled it quite nicely. Music heres. The thing right its hard to find a floor with this car i mean every other electric car.

No, you less charge is for you, fantastic company car tax, cheaper road taxes, cheaper youll, save a whole bundle on fuel fantastic. So why is no one buying this car? Oh, i see it, you think its ugly dont, you, you think its ugly, no its its, not me saying its them saying its. Not me, you think it looks like a shoe. Dont you, okay, its not me ive got an absolutely. I totally agree with you its not the nicest looking car is. It youve got a wonderful personality, youre fantastic to drive, and i do genuinely think youre wonderful, but its not the best. Looking car, i dont think its going to turn many heads or it might turn heads, but not in a good way, but youre great and wonderful and fabulous but yeah right. Okay, that makes sense. You couldnt accuse the sole evie of being boring, but its a bit. Its a bit of a weird looking thing bless it as much as it pains me to say, boring cars tend to sell better than stuff like this. Nobody really wants to stand out in a car that looks a bit like a childrens drawing Music. Its a shame really because the soul ev does great things and its a worthy contender, but i completely understand why most people are choosing the nero over this, because i mean it offers everything that this does, but in a more conventional shape shall we say and its A bit more practical plus kia have just released a newer version of the nero so thats just going to push it even further forward but hold on a second, because theres still hope for the soul.

Kia has revealed an updated model for the us and were expecting a facelift to arrive in the uk this year.