I love good life. You know i just had a good taste for for good life and enjoyment and i can say, im becoming a minister. Thank you, Music. Today i am going to be testing the es7 and sorry guys. I didnt show you all through my getting ready, but here we are im later ready for the appointment, because something came up and um yeah. Now i am heading out, see you there guys lets go lets go test this new baby yeah. As usual. I got an invite to go test this new model and it was just an instant yes from me. I didnt have to consider because ive been waiting for a long time to do this. Lets go, do it so, as usual, whenever a new model comes up, we can be so busy people be test driving and i had to wait. There was so many people lined up to test drive this new motor, so i had to wait in the near house. Come in with me guys, theres another model on the display thats the same as my car, so i had to sit there and wait. Um drinks were offered, water was watered its so comfortable just sitting in your house. You know you just feel at home. You just feel at home. I didnt feel that much like i was waiting. You know yes, id wait. There were like three other people in front of me who wanted to test drive and each just last for like 20 minutes, so i didnt mind i didnt mind really so i waited and recorded this video for you guys and what im going to get so is It from the guy – actually, you didnt hear, because i think the quote.

He just told me that um this new one isnt it has more comfort, uh, comparing it with the 87, because we were thinking the 87 is the new age. You know its. The boss is the real deal. You know last time when we were hyping all those functions like um, the massagers and stuff like that. So i want to see what is really different with this one. So lets see lets so the guy is really busy right now. I cant really record the video with him, but im just gon na wait here and wait for my chance to test drive. Yes, im in your house, i dont know their display. Most of the cars are really gone. People put them because theyre paying away for new models to be on the display, so yeah see now its really empty. I can only see the e36 the same model of my car in here, but they do have other things outside, like the eci. Uh the to e60s and on the display is just the easy thing somebodys just relaxed in there. I dont know if they are relaxed. Just because they want to rest a lot as you see, this place is omg. Usually there are cars on display here, but the cars that were here two of them they were sold because they are feeling weird. So the car came back and the assistant wanted to take a short break before they take another driver for st driving.

So i took the opportunity to hop in and record the video where this car was too stationary. I knew i could have enough access to like record the parts that i wanted. You know without being australian, because when its during the test driving, i have to just rely on their um, you know salesman that so what is it was stationary i lala. Thank you. Look at the dashboard guys. I think it was a good opportunity for me to point out and focus on the things i wanted to talk about and with, as well as for me to have a closer look at the functions and the differences on this car that i wouldnt notice. When im driving, you know curious, look guys, look guys so yeah. I took that opportunity. I also realized that the seats were all leather covered and the screen was much bigger than my car and the rooftop. Oh, it was so good. It was a good. I i loved it. I just loved it, so yeah Music, i am going in the cafe to have a drink there. We go theyre, just things that just make it so special. You guys. I like this. So hey guys. I am just relaxed here so yeah. I dont want to lie guys. This is a cool place to relax and i am honored to be an owner of a neo car. You know this is something that we got to enjoy. You get to enjoy, having free space, quiet time come and relax here.

Have a drink, free drinks like last time. If you follow me, you may probably have seen that i had ketchup drinks last week. I came here and its always like that every festival every season there are things that are just giveaways. If you want to buy, they cost quite a lot, but we get them for free. You know its just delivered to us or you just come to new york house. You get them, oh by the way. I didnt ask you what you feel about my afro, guys im feeling it. I feel like yeah, its the new vibe and yeah. I just kind of enjoy this kind of lifestyle, guys so yeah, im waiting, im still waiting for my turn to test the driveway. I cant wait guys yeah, i just wan na show you and just now i just took a short video. I reviewed the car with this video stationery. You just see how it looks inside. Oh, the comfort is on another level, and so i think of the price, but its worth it most. People here will buy these cars on credit and uh yeah. Unlike me, i bought my case so yeah big screen a huge, huge dress. This is my house guys. I need a couch like this in my house. Yeah im gon na change just feel at home, im home guys, Music. This is the showroom. Yes, yes, okay! So now i am going now. I am going to have to drive there x ray whats wrong with me.

I just feel away pushing on my chest and they squeeze till i suffocate better change. My mindset meditate its pretty cool that im eleven that better days i can walk see here. I should celebrate think i can change my mind, maybe elevate every day, Music. Okay, you know him hi guys. Oh, this is impressive guys. This is, i think they eat. Okay, this is the eat wow, even the city adjusting is different. Okay, let me put you on there yeah. We are going on a test drive, so we are. We are going guys, so we are starting sam. There is some root: yeah, okay, so yeah there we go its so soft. You guys i like this. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it so tell me: nate whats different uh. You know the the last time you test drive. 87, you know, and this time you can es7, but you know this is suv, you know, and this is more comfortable and maybe no so fast, but you can see the many many functions yeah. So now, if we talk of the functions, i remember last time in the 87 there was one special function that i really loved, that is the seat. Massage now lets talk about that one. Do we have it on this car yeah, like for real yeah wow, lets activate that one lets see. Okay, okay, lets go! Oh guys. This is it. Can you see my face im having back massage okay, this is it.

This is great. Oh, my goodness, im driving in my getting a okay. I was so curious about this one, whether i would have it in here or not. You know so. Yeah massage check check. Okay, yes, massage okay, its in here again yeah, um yeah. What else uh? You know? The speakers – you know the 23 speakers and the same in this car. Okay, so you mean um. The et7 has uh to this 23 speakers, so this es7 also has 23 speakers. You know the 87. The many function, its all the same in this car, all right. Just the difference is this: one is an suv and that one is a sedan yeah right, but the functions are pretty much the same. Yes, all right, if its that the case like if im, given a choice for me, i like big cars. I really love big cars, so you really like big. Yes, i i dont like like uh, yes, im, not saying the 87 is not good. It is good and i think for business people the 87 will be better yeah. You know yeah, but for somebody like myself, im a family person and i love traveling, i like going distances and i love to travel with you. This car is better this front. This car will be a better option for me. Yeah i like big cars. I i need to see i need to see everywhere. Im going, you know, i need to stretch my eyes.

I didnt i dont want to squint my eyes to see. So in this case i will choose this option. Uh, as you can see, you can actually see clearly where youre going and now the massage thing, ah its just everything, youre ready. I love that function. You know and then, like last time, we remember we still. We talked about this this this this, this material, guys the wood, the wooden yeah, look. Last time we were in a white one. When i just dried the 87, we test it was white right. Yes, so it was kind of like gracious whitish and now this color, i dont, really know, can i say, brown yeah, bright brown, ish kind of right, its so nice guys. I just im just in love with this car im, just in love with this car, and now we talk about the price nature. How much is this 468 Music? Thousands, oh 468, 000, which i think is not that bad, i think its even cheaper than the 87. No, its 67 wasnt it like 87 is 458, thousands, oh just 10, that is with the basic basic uh functions without edit functions right yeah right, but in this case, like i told you guys, the only difference is 10 000 here at uh, 47 and uh between The 87 and the es7 this one im driving right now for me honestly, i will pick this one yeah its just me like right now, right now as im speaking guys im having a massage right now, because im driving im im, not stationary, you can see that Im driving im driving as you all can see, but i am having big massage right now.

Yes, im having big massage right now, i think this is the most amazing thing a person can enjoy while its youre driving a luxury car. So, like i said before, and i always say it, i think when you think of buying a car – and you are not sure you dont – need to think twice about buying a new brand. I think neo is just the brand on the market right now. You dont need to be convinced. I think you just walk in. If you are looking for a car, i think neil, is it yeah? I think neo models are the best, especially the new models. Now that comes with the basic functions of massaging you know yeah. I keep on talking about this nate because i think this is so lovely honestly. I love it and i always talk about that so guys. When youre thinking of buying a car, a car just dont think twice just go to neo yeah, you know yeah dont think twice just go to neo. You know me, you know, i love good things. I love good life. You know i just have a good taste for for good life and enjoyment and i can say, im becoming a minister. Thank you. So in this case i will not recommend you to buy something that im. I myself is not satisfying yeah. So this is the new car, the market. This is a new age. I think this is it.

You dont need to think twice honestly and, like i said ill, always say it again and um ill post this video on my social medias and um yeah. This is the guy nate, and i think this is the third time you guys you are seeing him in my channel okay, because he hes really good hes, really good and uh. When you think of buying these cars, i think for my chinese viewers, nato. What do you want to say to them? You can use chinese yeah to introduce this car a little bit of chinese.